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Q: How do I unlock the other Islands?
A: You unlock the other islands efter you do a certain amount of missions. You will notice when you can access the other parts.

Q: Can't I just swim to the other Islands?
A: Yes, you can but you will get a 3 star wanted level when you get there which can not be turned off with the cheat codes either.

Q: How do I do Burglary Missions? I can find the truck.
A: You have to complete the Home Invasion mission first. Then you can find the truck west of the gym, by the blue houses.

Q: How do I do a gang drive-by?
A: Once you get enough respect you can get your gang members to get in a car with you. Target them with the R1 button and press Up on the D-Pad to get them to follow you.

Q: How can I take over the other gang's territories?
A: You cant not do this until you've done the Doberman mission. Then you can look at your map what color a territory is. The green areas are yours. Just head into the other areas and shoot gang members to provoke a gang war.

Q: Where are the flying/driving/boat/bike schools?
A: These will get unlocked after you have completed certain missions. Then you will see where they are. You can not enter them before that anyway so there is no need to look for them.

Q: Where are the two player icons?
A: There is one located at the doorstep of Denise's house. To find another one, start at the Johnson House and drive west. Just after the fourth road to the right are some houses. The icon is located between those houses. There are more icons across all the maps, these will be added to the downloadable maps as soon as I find them.

Q: I cant find any health icons! Where are they?
A: The health icons only show up during gang wars and on some missions. You have to eat food instead to get your health bar up.

Q: Why cant I get into the Ammu-Nations?
A: You have to complete the Doberman mission to gain access to them.

Q: Is there Export/Import missions in San Andreas?
A: Yes there is but you have to complete the Cesar mission Customs Fast Track to unlock it.

Q: How do I get access to the airports?
A: You have to complete Pilot School first. It will be available after you bought the abandoned airstrip which can not be done until you complete a mission. You will notice when you get there.

Q: Is there a way to turn off the swearing?
A: No there is no cheat code or any other way to turn it off.

Q: What do I need to do to get 100%?
A: You need to complete the following missions/challenges to get 100%

  •  All main missions
  •  All four vehicle schools
  •  R3 missions (Vigilante, Paramedic, Taxi, Fire Truck, Pimpin', Freight Train)
  •  BMX Challenge
  •  Chiliad Challenges
  •  NRG-500 Challenge
  •  Export/Import lists
  •  Ammu-Nation Shooting Range Challenges
  •  All 4 Arena Races
  •  All 3 Courier Challenges (Assets)
  •  Trucking Missions (RS Haul Asset)
  •  Zero RC Missions (Zero shop Asset)
  •  Airstrip Missions (Airstrip Asset)
  •  Valet Challenges (Vank Hoff Hotel Asset)
  •  Quarry Challenges (Hunter Quarry Asset)
  •  All Racing Tournaments
  •  Find 50 Oysters
  •  Find 50 Horseshoes
  •  Find 100 graffiti tags
  •  Take 50 snapshots
  •  Buy all safehouses (11 in Los Santos, 8 in San Fierro, 8 in Las Venturas)

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