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1. Fender Ketchup
Unlock: -
Reward: $5000, Respect +

Get into the car with the mafia guy on the hood. You now have to drive around until his scare-o-meter fills up. If a cop spots you you will get a three star wanted level making this mission harder to complete. Drive on the opposite side of the road to scare him. A quick way to fill the meter is to do handbrake 180-turns. When the meter is full he will talk, then drive back to the casino garage.

2. Explosive Situation
Unlock: Heist Missions, Quarry Challenges
Reward: $7000, Respect

Get into a vehicle and drive to the quarry. When the timer start, you'll have 2.30 minutes to get four sticks of dynamite. Get into the Dumper that is parked at the bottom of the querry, then run over the crates and get out and pick up the dynamite. After you have all four, get on the bike and follow the arrows through a couple of jumps to get out of the quarry. Drive to the drop-off location to complete the mission.

3. You've Had Your Chips
Unlock: -
Reward: $10.000, Respect +

First get to an Ammu-Nation and get armor and guns. Then drive to the factory. You can jump the wall and sneak in from the back (where the chainsaw is) or you can enter through the main gate and fight your way in. Once inside, kill all the guards. Then destroy the 10 machines inside. Fight your way out again and drive back to the hotel garage to complete the mission.

4. Don Peyote
Unlock: -
Reward: Respect +

After the cutscene, get a car and head out into the desert. When you reach the dot on your map, you will find two of the band members. Get them into your car and drive to the Snake Farm. You'll have to stop on the way since one of the band members will get sick. Once at the Snake Farm, you will be attacked by a couple of hicks. Kill them and get the band members back into the car. Now drive back to their hotel.

5. Intensive Care (marked with a White Square on the map, at Caligula's Palace.)
Unlock: The Tenpenny Misson Misappropriation
Reward: $5000, Respect +

Drive to the hospital to pick up Johnny. When you get there you are being told that an ambulance just picked him up. Get into a vehivle and drive to one ot the ambulances marked with a red dot on your map. Hit it to see if its the right one. If its not, go find the next one. When you found the right ambulance, run itno it until it stops and the driver gets out. Kill the two mafia guys and get into the ambulance. Now drive the ambulance to the meat factory to complete the mission.

6. The Meat Business (marked with a White Square on the map, at Caligula's Palace.)
Unlock: The Madd Dogg Mission
Reward: $8000, Respect +

Before you start this mission, make sure you have armor and guns. Pick up Rosie and head to the meat factory. Once inside, after the cutscene, you have to fight your way out of there. At some point Rosie is going into a frezzer room to hide. If you follow him one of the mafia guys will close the door and you will fail the mission. Just keep killing mafia guys, making your way to the exit. When you get out, drive Rosie back to the Casino to complete the mission.

7. Madd Dogg (marked with a D on the map)
Unlock: -
Reward: Respect +

When you start the mission you are being told that there is a rapper on the roof ready to jump. Get the truck nearby and drive it into the red marker. Now you have to catch Madd Dogg when he jumps. Just move the truck with the X and Square buttons to catch him. When he lands you have to take him to the hospital without letting his health meter drop so dont hit anything on your way there.

8. Fish in a Barrel
Unlock: -
Reward: -

Just watch the short cutscene to complete the mission.

9. Freefall
Unlock: -
Reward: $15.000, Respect +

Drive to the airfield. Once you get there go to the blue dot on your map and steal the plane. Now take off and head for the yellow dot on your map. When you reach the airplane you have to fly into the red corona behind it. After the cutscene, be ready to take cover. You must kill the four guys inside the plane. Take cover using the L2 and R2 buttons and take them out. Then take out the pilot and fly the plane back to the airfield to complete the mission.

You have to complete the Airstrip mission Green Goo and the Madd Dogg mission to unlock the following mission.

10. Saint Mark's Bistro (marked with a White Square on the map, at Caligula's Palace.)
Unlock: -
Reward: $20.000, Respect

Get armor and guns before starting this mission. After the cutscene, drive to the airport and get to the jetplane. You are going to Liberty City! When you reach the end of the map a cutscene will start. Now kill everyone inside Saint Mark's Bistro. Get down through the bistro and keep killing everyone you meet. Get outside and kill the guards out here as well. You are now back on the jet. Fly back to the airport and land the plane to complete the mission.

11. A Home in the Hills
Unlock: More CJ Missions, Madd Dogg's Mansion as a safehouse
Reward: Respect +

Get armor and guns before starting this mission. Watch a long cutscene. When you've jumped out of the plane do not freefall too long, you need the time to guide your parachute. Land on the roof of the mansion together with the triad members. Now shoot all the members of Big Poppa's crew that attacks you. When all the ones on the roof are dead, get inside the mansion and work your way through to Big Poppa. Big Poppa will try to escape, run after him and try to kill him. When he gets in the car and takes off, get in the other car parked here and go after him. Now drive him off the road or do a drive-by until his car blows up. Once he is killed the mission will be complete.


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