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1. Photo Opportunity
Unlock: -
Reward: Respect +

Get into a car and drive to Cesar. Get into Cesar's car and drive to the new dot on your map. Once there, get out of the car and go up on the roof of the building to your left. Walk into the red marker. You now have to take pictures of the four guys that show up to the meeting. The first two guys will park at the back of the house and the other two will park out in the street. The mission is complete after the next cutscene.

2. Jizzy
Unlock: Triad Missions move to the Pleasure Domes club.
Reward: $5000, Respect +

Drive to Jizzy's club marked with a dot on the map. After the cutscene, get into Jizzy's car (The Pimpmobile) and drive the girl to her hotel. Park in the red marker to drop her off. Now drive to the new dot on the map. When you get there you will have to kill a pimp, you can do that with a driveby. Continue to the next dot where you will find two guys messing with one of Jizzy's girls. They are under the highway. Kill them both and get back into The Pimpmobile. Drive back to the hotel where you left the first girl. Now you have to destroy the preacher's limo and his bodyguard's car to complete the mission.

3. T-Bone Mendez
Unlock: -
Reward: $5000, Respect +

This mission is found at the Pleasure Domes Club. Drive to the ambushed van marked by a dot on your map. When you get there you will see four bikes taking off with packages on their back. Get on the bike and follow them. When you get close to the packages, grab them by using the L1 button. Collect all four pacjages and get back to the club.

4. Mike Toreno
Unlock: Triad Missions move back to the garage.
Reward: $7000, Respect +

This mission is found at the Pleasure Domes Club. Get into the car. Find Mike before his cellphone battery runs out. First go to the construction site. Then go to the docks. Then go to the airport. Now drive in the direction where the signal is strongest. Its out by the airstrips by the controll tower. Shoot at the van and the two bikes. When they stop, kill them all. Now shoot the van until it explodes. You will get a wanted level on your way out of the airport so drive to the closest Pay'n'Spray to get rid of it. Then drive back to the club.

5. Outrider
Unlock: The Snail Trail Tenpenny Mission
Reward: $9000, Respect +

Talk to Jizzy. Drive to pick up the car you need. When you get there a cutscene will start. After the cutscene, drive to the van's location. Pick up the sniper rifle and the rocket launcher then get on the bike. You now have to drive ahead and clear four roadblocks for the van. Use the rocket launcher to blow up the cars then the sniper rifle to get the rest. At the second and fourth roadblock there are snipers in the windows of the building to the left of the road as well. Get the van to safety to complete the mission.

6. Ice Cold Killa
Unlock: -
Reward: $12.000, Respect +

Go to Juzzy's club. The gueard will stop you at the front door so you will have to find another way inside. Get up on the construction ramp by the bridge and jump down on the roof of the club. Sneak inside, down to the bottom floor and into the red marker. Jizzy will see you and try to escape. Kill all the guards and folloe Jizzy. Kill him and grab his phone to complete the mission.

7. Pier 69
Unlock: Boat School
Reward: $15.000, Respect +

Go to the dot on your map to see Cesar. Get up on the roof with him. Now take out all the Ballas on the roofs. After the cutscene, get Cesar to follow you down from the roof and out to the pier. Kill the Ballas that gets in your way and find and kill T-Bone. When Ryder jumps in the water, jump after him and swim to the boats. Get in a boat and go after Ryder. Do a drive-by to kill Ryder and complete the mission.

8. Toreno's Last Flight
Unlock: -
Reward: $18.000, Respect +

Get to the helipad to stop Toreno from boarding. Shoot all his guards when you get there and get up on the helipad. After the chopper takes off, kill the two guards and grab the rocket launcher. Now run back down and get on the bike that is parked on the street. Now you have to follow the choppe on the freeway and try to shoot it down at the same time as you have a wanted level and police cars chasing you. Drive past the chopper, jump off and try to hit it. The chopper will crash once the damage meter goes down.

You have to complete the Woozie mission The Da Nang Thang and the Triad mission Toreno's Last Flight to unlock this mission.

9. Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
Unlock: You can buy the Wang Cars showroom, More Cesar Missions, Access to the Las Venturas Island, Mystery Missions
Reward: $25.000, Respect +

Go to the garage to get the wired car. Now go get armor and guns at the Ammu-Nation. Drive to the crack lab. Stop outside and kill the guards to get them to open the gate. Drive inside and find the ramp to get inside the crack lab. Park the car in the red marker, activate the bomb and get out of the house. Shoot your way to the front gate. When they close it, kill them and get into the car. Drive back to get good speed, turn around then jump the wall using the ramp to the left of the gate. Drive back to the garage to complete the mission.


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