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1. Burning Desires
Unlock: Girlfriends, More Sweet Missions
Reward: Denise Robinson as your girlfriend

Drive to thedonut shop and talk to the cops. After the cutscene, drive to the dot on your map to pick up some molotovs. Continue to the new dot on your map. Kill the gang members outside the house. A good way is to throw a molotov at the parked car there. Now thor a molotov though the window of the first house. It has to go through the window. Now do the same with the house to your right. Go round the back and do three more houses. Eatch out for gang members. After the cutscene you have to go into the first houst and save the girl. Find your way into the kitchen and get the fire extinguisher. Go up to the second floor and find the girl. Now put out the fires on your way back to the exit and make sure that the girl is following you. Ehen you get out, watch the cutscene then drive her back to her house to complete the mission.

2. Gray Imports
Unlock: Ammu-Nations
Reward: -

First get some weapons. Now drive to the dot on your map. After the cutscene, drive into the yard. Kill whoever is shooting at you and watch out for the forklifts. There is some armor up on container that will help. Now shoot the lock to the warehouse. When the door opens there will be three gang members shooting at you. kill them and head into the warehouse. Kill everyone that you meet, working your way through the warehouse. There is a health icon in one of the corners you might need. After a while you will meet the Russian arms dealer. Get after him and try to kill him. If he manages to get to his car, get on the parked bike and go after him. Destroy his car to complete the mission.

3. Badlands
Unlock: Catalina Missions
Reward: -

Go to the Ammu-Nation and grab some armor and guns. Now drive to the dot on your map. This is the cabin where the witness is being protected by a bunch of FBI agents. Move around the cabin without being detected so you can see the door to the cabin. Now just charge the cabin, kill the FBI agents that attack you and kill the witness coming out from the cabin. Use the camera to take a photo of his dead body. Drive back to Tenpenny to return the camera and complete the missions. You will get a phone call from Cesar in a while that unlocks the Catalina Missions.

4. 555 We Tip
Unlock: Valet Bonus Missions
Reward: -

After the cutscene, drive to the Vank Hoff Hotel. Stop in the red marker. Follow the valet into the underground parking garage and kill him. take his uniform and walk up to the other valets outside the hotel. You now have to wait for the DA's car to pull up, its the third car that shows up. Get into it and drive back to your garage, put the drugs in it and drive back before the timer runs out. You can not run into anything on the way then you have to get back to the garage and you dont have much time. Park the car in the underground garage and walk back up to the red marker. Watch the cutscene to complete the mission.

5. Snail Trail
Unlock: More Triad Missions
Reward: -

Go into the construction site and get the sniper rifle in one of the cement pipes. Now head down to the station to follow the reporter. When he gets on the train, grab the Sanchez by the wall and follow the train all the way to Los Santos. When the train stops, follow the reporter on a distance. He has a spook-o-meter that will go up if you get to close. Outside the station, the reporter will get into a cab. Find a vehicle and follow him. When he stops at the pier, get out and kill both the Target and the reporter to complete the mission.

6. Misappropriation
Unlock: -
Reward: -

First get armor and a sniper rifle. Then go see Tenpenny. After the cutscene you have to drive to the spot in the desert where the target with the dossier is. If you sneak up on the location you can kill him with the sniper firle. Then hurry down and pick up the dossier to end the mission. If he manages to get to the helicopter you have to get into the other helicopter and chase him. When he lands on the helipad, you land as well. If you dont kill him on the roof he will jump off with a parachute. Follow him and kill him when you land, then pick up the dossier.

You have to complete the Casino mission Freefall to unlock the following mission.

7. High Noon
Unlock: -
Reward: Respect +

A sniper rifle will come in handy on this mission. Get to the ghost town in the desert to meet Tenpenny and Pulaski. After the cutscene quickly shoot out as many tires as you can on Pulaski's car. You can not shoot him while he runs to the car so no use in trying that. He will drive very fast so you'll have a hard time catching up if you couldn't shoot out one or more of his tires. When you get to him, crash his car to make him get out of it, then kill him to complete the mission.


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