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FINAL STAGE ~ The Last Crusade

Break the vases to the side and head up the stairs. You'll find plenty more breakable vases on your way to the top. Step outside upon reaching the top of the stairs to trigger a cutscene.

Devil Hand will use many of the same techniques that he had before, but this time he will dodge just about every part of any combo that you throw at him. This is why you need to the palm smash or forearm smash. If you have either move, all you have to do is dodge his moves then hit him with either attack while he recovers. All of his moves can be dodged by dodging to the right or left except for his roulette attack and other flame moves. He will clench his hands together and charge a reddish fireball in his hand then unleash a fire hand much like Gene's Shaolin Blast roulette attack. To avoid this, run directly behind him as he begins the attack. You can actually hit him with a palm smash as he finishes the move. It is possible to sidestep the fire hand as it moves toward you, but make sure to dodge to the right to avoid the thumb. His roulette attack will take quite a bit of health if it catches you. Back flip to avoid his flame moves (both the combo and the explosion punch) and be careful if you go to hit him afterward since he will sometimes go right into another move. You will really only have to watch out for his dashing grab where he will start to pummel you like in the last battle once you get good at dodging his other moves. Like before, you must pummel back by pressing the O button to keep him from hitting you if he catches you in his running grab. This move should be avoided by backstepping since you need to conserve life for this battle since it will be rather long. You can hit him after just about any of his moves, but you may want to wait until after his ram, flying kick, or roulette attack to be on the safe side. Run up and hit him as he taunts as well. Use your God Hand when your TP gauge is built up enough. The Zen Revival roulette will be your best roulette for this battle since you will need the life! Break the pots around the area before you start to use roulettes however.

Once you've taken him down to half life, a cutscene will play and he will start to use his God Hand afterward. He will unleash his God Hand from now on much like Gene. It is very hard to hit him during while he has his God Hand activated, but he can be hit if you catch him directly after one of his moves. Most of the time he will dodge to the side to avoid your attacks during this phase, which is still good - his God Hand power will diminish faster if he dodges one of your attacks so it is advisable that you try to hit him. He will
move much faster and will recover quicker during this phase so try to stick with hitting him after his bigger attacks instead of minor attacks. He will not gain any new attacks while he has his God Hand out. Do not try to use your God Hand when he unleashes his or it will just be a waste since he will dodge every attack you throw at him during that time.

The DOUBLE SHAOLIN roulette attack will be given to you at the very beginning of this battle. For the beginning of this battle, you should spam your God Hands. Press R2 to unleash both (ah, yes both!) God Hands when you are right next to Angra's face. Hit him continuously and you should be able to dizzy him before your God Hands wear off. Pummel him afterward to take another fair chunk of his life. You may want to wait until he moves before you unleash the second half of your TP gauge. One good thing about this battle is that your TP gauge will be constantly rising from avoiding his moves. Use the Double Shaolin roulette that you just got (it should already be equipped) to take 25% of the big guy's health. You'll be stuck with only two orbs. I would suggest saving it for a Zen Revival.

Alright, now about dodging his attacks, here is a list of everything:

Eye Lasers - Angra's eyes will start to glow and will fire two laser shots at you. To avoid this, you need to duck or dodge to the side the second right after he fires them. Dodging this move is a major timing issue. I would suggest ducking if you are close and dodging to the left or right if you are far. You can actually just keep tapping up on the right analog without any sort of timing whatsoever to duck his lasers while up close.

Thump - (close range) Angra will move his right hand in front of you and try to thump you. Back flip to avoid this.

Ground Pound - (close range) Angra will raise his right hand and try to smash you into the concrete. Back flip or dodge to the sides to dodge it. He seems to disappear shortly before doing this move. Listen for the phrase "Death becomes you!" then get ready to dodge. He will not say the phrase all the time though.

Punch - (close range) Angra will lean his right arm back then swipe the area in front of him. Try to start back flipping as he begins to lean his arm back and back flip about three times. If you are too close when you see this move coming then unleash your God Hand if you have it build up to avoid taking damage.

Ground Spikes - (distant attack) Angra will put both hands on the ground then pound the ground with his chin. Spikes will come toward you in a sort of shockwave. Dodge to the right or left about three times to avoid this.

Flame Currents - (distant attack) Angra will make a fireball in front of him that will shoot three pairs of flame currents. Dodge to the right or left right before they touch Gene to avoid getting hit. You should really stay close to him so you don't have to worry about this move.

Demon Spawn - Angra will make a fireball in front of him that will spawn a demon then he will send the demon out into the middle to challenge you. Angra will usually stand back and watch as you defeat the demon though he will sometimes attack you with fireballs while you fight the demon. The demon is practically helpless if you just guard break him at least once when you start to attack. With two God Hands, you'll take tons of damage from it. The demon will leave behind some type of item for you.

Angra is not hard at all if you spam the hell out of the God Hands (R2) when available. Your TP gauge will be going up constantly, so you can afford to use them often. He will usually send out a demon when you are at about half life - defeat the demon and it will leave behind some type of item. Never ever stand at a distance from him - always stand right next to him since you can avoid his close range attacks much easier. Follow him whenever he moves from area to area and stay aggressive. He actually has two life bars and his moves will slightly change once he gets on his second life bar. He will start to shoot out his lasers faster, and will summon two demons instead of one. That is not all however, he will gain the following on his second life bar:

Double Ground Pound - Angra will go up into the air and pound the ground in front of him with both fists. Back flip away when he suddenly disappears just in case he does this.

Fireball - Angra will plant both of his hands upon the concrete and charge a fireball in his mouth. Look for the "Counter" icon shortly before he does this and you can get the upper hand before he even starts by pressing the O button. The icon will appear while you're at mid-range. Gene will jump and kick him in the jaw.

After the battle, the ending cutscene will play. Be sure to save your clear game and you will have all of the moves available to you in the shop on that playthough. Keep in mind that you will not keep any moves - you must buy them again.

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