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STAGE 7-1 ~ The Tower Mirage

The following items are available at the shop:

Technique Gold Power Up Gold Roulette Gold
Left Hook 3 10,000 Fruit Smoothie 18,000 Shaolin Blast 30,000
Short Uppercut 3 8,000 Puppy Pizza 25,000 Crescent Kick 10,000
Elbow Spin 3 11,000        
Haymaker 2 14,000        
Forearm Smash 2 22,000        
Right Roundhouse 3 15,000        
High Side Kick 3 15,000        
Half Moon Kick 90,000        
Charged Punch 4 20,000        

Be sure to buy the Forearm Smash 2!

Up ahead the ground will start to move and some tunnelers will attack. One bomber will show up as well. Step back whenever the tunnelers start their spinning attack or you will suffer some major damage. Use combos to juggle them much like other small enemies. Run down the path ahead and destroy one of the pillars around the area. The one you have to destroy is random. The rest of the pillars will fade when you get next to them. Dr. Ion will appear and challenge you again after the first pillar is destroyed. He has not changed at all, so just use the same tactics as you did last time. He will still change his arms often. He'll leave you with a chest containing 3,000 gold. It's possible to bring an assassin sword into the fight with you. You will need to stay away from the sand whirlpools in this stage since they can suck you down and kill you instantly. Keep tapping the O button if you accidentally step in one to get out. You can also knock enemies into the whirlpools and watch them scramble to get out. Many bombers and tunnelers will keep appearing as long as you stay in this area. Several blade assassins and cannon fatties are spread throughout the area as well. Destroy the another pillar to make a stone pyramid hover above the stone piece with the circle. The light is actually a teleporter that will teleport you to the next stage. It actually doesn't matter which pillar you destroy first - you'll get the same results either way. Dr. Ion will always challenge you once you destroy the first pillar. Before you leave, run into the cave in the middle portion and open the treasure chest for an item. There are two tunnelers and a blade leader guarding the chest.

STAGE 7-2 ~ The Flying Pyramid

This stage is short, but it can get really tough. When you step out of the circle, a warrior gal, cannon fatty, and punk will appear to challenge you. A punk leader, another warrior gal, and a blade assassin will appear next. The third wave will be two warrior gals, a punk, punk leader, and another blade assassin. The final enemy will be a samurai demon. The main hard part about this stage is the third wave of enemies. I would advise you to save all of the weapons that you get from the prior enemies to use against the group of five enemies. A weapon will help you out extremely well. Try to have a full TP gauge while going into the third battle as well and use it take down the blade assassin quickly so he won't stand back and throw knives. Step into the portal that appears afterward to finish the stage.

STAGE 7-3 ~ Great Sensei's Revenge

You have to stay extremely aggressive against this boss if you want an easy fight here. Stay up on him and attack then guard break him as soon as he raises his arms. It takes a few blocked hits for him to parry, so you shouldn't have any problems guard breaking him. If he ever starts to swing his sword while coming toward you then back flip away very fast. When he does his constant sword poke combo, dodge to the side to avoid it and he will move right by you. His main attack that will cause problems is when he twirls his blade in front of him and makes separate images of himself. You will need to defeat the images before they all corner you. They can corner you extremely quick thanks to Sensei's aggressiveness with his sword. Save your TP gauge throughout the battle until he does his image attack then unleash the God Hand and defeat the clones quickly. If an image doesn't die within one combo string then you are hitting the real Sensei. Stay on top of him the whole battle and he will not have a chance to do his image attack much at all. You can actually counter the image attack if you hit him at the very beginning of the move. There are plenty of breakable objects around the area where you can find items. You can also pull out the parasol from near the chair - be sure to grab it when he is far away so he won't hit you after Gene pulls the parasol out of the ground.

STAGE 7-4 ~ The Mirage Town

Keep in mind that random enemies will spawn throughout this stage so the quicker you get it done, the easier it will be. Run over to the right side and save the innocent man behind the wall from the thug leader, blade leader, and two thugs. The leader will leave you with ROSARY 1. In the area behind the gate with the face in the middle portion, defeat the leader and warrior gal then run to the back area of the building and jump up the ladder to find a Little Devil.

Winning Condition: Destroy the car before time runs out.
Time Limit: 2 minutes

Once you start to pound on the car, two blade assassins and a tunneler will show up and attack. Try to have a full TP gauge or at least a few roulette orbs and you can defeat them quick. One more tunneler will enter the area after the first then they will stop. The car in the middle is much tougher than it was before so be sure to use the blade assassin's sword to help you destroy it faster.

Reward: Lv1 = 5000, Lv2 = 7500, Lv3 = 10000, LvDie = 30,000

To get ROSARY 2 defeat the two warrior gals in the middle building on the right. Open the door and take them down quickly! ROSARY 3 is in the hands of the thug leader near the sealed gate at the back of this area. Defeat him fast and the enemies will stop teleporting into the area. There are tons of pots in the areas on the right and left side of the door. If you do this fast, it will not be that hard, but if you stall around too long, it will be a nightmare. Don't be afraid to use roulette attacks a bunch and use the TP gauge

STAGE 7-5 ~ The Four Devas' Leader

Belze is fast! His moves are very hard to see coming and you will have to keep an extremely sharp eye on his front claws and back flip as he raises either of them to attack. This battle is much like the Shannon demon battle, but Belze will jump away from you sometimes. He will frequently shoot some green liquid toward you that will cake up the screen to where you cannot see anything. You
should always back flip away from Belze whenever Gene is blinded by the liquid. Like the other demon bosses, here is a list of his attacks:

Claw Strike: Belze will hold back his left claw and swipe you with it. This is a very fast move.

Claw Pound: (right claw) Belze will raise his right claw into the air then step forward and pound it into the ground.

Claw Pound: (left claw) Belze will raise his left claw into the air then step forward and pound it into the ground.

Claw Combo: Belze will raise his right claw into the air then stop forward and pound it into the ground, strike with his left claw, then clash both of them together. This has the exact same startup animation as the right claw pound.

Green Liquid: The middle portion of Belze face will start to spew liquid and he will quickly spit it at you.

Double Claw Strike: (mid-range attack) Belze will charge both of his claws with a pinkish flame then step forward and clash them both together. You can counter this move with an attack if you hit him fast enough.

Ram: (distant attack) Belze will pound both of his front claws together as a pinkish flame surrounds his front portion and he will dash toward you. You can counter this move as well if you hit him fast enough.

Jump Back: Belze will suddenly leap back a few steps.

The good thing about this fight is that Belze will not really chase after you as much as the other bosses would. He is very slow, so you can easily grab an item from one of the breakable objects lying around if you need it. The only distant attack you have to watch out for is his ram. He will usually only do this if you are facing him. To avoid his attacks you will either have to back flip the moment right before the attack hits you or dodge to the side right before he hits you. Dodging to the side will take better timing but it will help you avoid damage much better than back flipping. As long as you are not in front of Belze during any of the attacks then he cannot hit you. You will initiate a special "Pummel" command exclusive to this boss fight once you dizzy him. Be sure to tap the button as fast as you can as Gene spins his arm and he will take off more when he finally hits Belze. Belze has a little surprise for you once you have taken down half of his life. He will sprout wings and start to fly. While flying he will also have a brand new set of moves:

Energy Sword Strike: Belze will hold up two laser swords and try to hit you with both of them.

Double Claw Strike: Belze will lift up his bottom half and dash toward you while striking with both claws.

Glowing Ram: Belze will start to glow a pinkish color then will quickly roll into a ball and dash toward you. This is another very fast move.

Energy Swords Projectiles: (distant attack) Belze will hold up two laser swords and begin to fire them at you.

His flying stance is actually a little helpful since you can avoid his attacks easier. Just back flip to avoid all the attacks except for the projectiles and the ram - dodge to the right or left to avoid those. He will still spit the green liquid while flying so back flip whenever Gene is blinded. Once he starts to fly he will switch between flying and walking so you will have to watch out for both sets of attacks. Build up your TP gauge by constantly attacking him and unleash the God Hand or use some powerful roulette attacks and you should be able to take him down. Fighting him without any type of special attack is when the battle gets really hard, though not impossible, as long as you can avoid his attacks appropriately.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is one MAJOR key to dodging his attack. Look toward his insect eyes and notice that they will turn pink while he attacks. If you watch his eyes, you will know exactly when to dodge his attacks.

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