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STAGE 1-1 ~ The Beginning

When the opening cutscene ends, you will be forced into a battle with two grunts. Now is the time to get the feel of the controls. Tap the Square button for an attack combo. Pause the game and look at your current default technique settings under the "Techniques" menu to get a good idea of how to do Gene's moves. You can map any of those commands to an attack of your choice. I would recommend leaving it the way it is for now.

Run up to the grunts and hit them with combos. If they start to block then tap Left Analog Back + Square to break their guard. Perform an uppercut attack by pressing Left Analog Back + Triangle right after breaking their guard to pop them up in the air then attack with a Laughing Dragon Punch (Back + Triangle during a high knockup) and possibly a Mid-Air Roundhouse Kick (Forward + Triangle during a high knockup). If you don't hit them after breaking a guard then charge Back + Triangle to send them flying into the air. Juggling enemies with these combos will be your best bet for defeating enemies in the first few stages. This will take them out quickly and help to boost your TP gauge. Don't use a roulette attack just yet. Save it for now. When the enemies hit the ground, rush over to them and tap the O button to stomp on them while they're down. You can also tap Forward + Triangle to perform a Heel Drop on a grounded foe - this can be charged and you can also follow it up with a Launch Kick (Triangle after Heel Drop) to send them flying into the air. If you stun one with an attack you can Suplex or Pummel him with the O button while next to him. A very useful move for any type of grunt enemy is the Dashing Jump Kick (Triangle while dashing) and the Jumping Overhead Kick (Square while dashing). These will almost always launch a grunt away from you and will be very useful for crowds. Double tap the Left Analog forward twice to dash. There are some cardboard boxes to the side of the building that you can throw at them also. Breakable objects like these will sometimes leave behind helpful items.

Once the first two grunts have been defeated a fatty will pop through the door of the right building. You might want to try a roulette attack here. Press the R1 button to slow down time then quickly cycle through the different attacks by tapping R1. Use a close Roulette Attack such as the Ball Buster, La Bamba, Divine Smash, or God Stomp. Only use these during tough fights since you will use a Roulette Orb every time that a roulette attack is used. The orbs are above the difficulty meter skull icon. They can be replenished by finding cards but the cards are randomly placed in breakable objects, so you'll never know just when you might find one.

Walk over to TUTORIAL 1 for a message about dodging. In God Hand, you will need to dodge an enemy's attack by pressing the Right Analog stick. Press either Up (Duck), Down (Back Flip), Right (Dodge Right), or Left (Dodge Left) to dodge an incoming attack. It is vital to learn how to use this early since it will play a key role to your progression through later stages. Go around the right side of the buildings off to the right and beat up the lone enemy with the 2" x 4" then grab it. There is also an Explosive Barrel around the side of the building that can be picked up. Hurry to the back building off to the left to find three normal size enemies beating up on an innocent bystander. You'll find TUTORIAL 2 along the way - this will explain the roulette attacks (Roulette Wheel) to you. Tear through the enemies with the 2" x 4" and juggle attacks. Be sure to save your roulette attack if you still have one. A few more grunts will bust through the door to the side. Use a Barrel Roll Kick to knock away a whole crowd of them at once. If you saved the innocent man, he will run to one of the buildings where you just came from. He'll give you some fruit to replenish your health.

Enter the building up ahead to find a few more grunts. After you defeat the first enemy, he will fall and spawn a purple demon. These demons are much harder and aggressive than the normal enemies you have fought. Be sure to use some roulette attacks to take him out quickly. A Ball Buster works really well since you'll be able to Pummel him with the O button while he is stunned. You can counter his grab (he will teleport behind you and grab) by pressing O at the right moment as the button icon appears on the screen. Wait for him to teleport toward you then dodge out of the way as he swipes at you. If he stands far and starts to shoot fireball then dodge to the right or left. Back flip away from him when he parries after blocking or he will strike you with his claw - you can also duck this and sweep (Right Analog Up + Triangle) to knock him down. By now you should have built up your God Hand power as well, so press the R2 button for a short burst of speed, power, and invincibility while you attack the demon.

Another method that works well for taking out demons is to juggle them constantly with a Heel Drop followed by a Launch Kick from off the ground. Use a Ball Buster then hit them with a Charged Uppercut while they recover, juggle them with a Laughing Dragon Punch and combos but do not kick them away from you. As they hit the ground, perform another charged Heel Drop followed by a Launch Kick to send them back up into the air again. You can also start this up with the La Bamba roulette attack, but be ready to do the Heel Drop followed by a Launch Kick immediately. The demon may escape from this combination by rolling, but if you manage to trap him, he will be taken down quickly.

TUTORIAL 3 will explain the God Hand power to you. A fatty and a grunt will crash through the ceiling window after you defeat all of the grunts near the other door of the building. Exit the building to run into more grunts as they open the gate outside.

Fight off the grunts and check through all the buildings for any breakable objects before you enter through the gate to the next area. Some more grunts are lurking in the back if you backtrack. Walk through the open gate to continue. TUTORIAL 4 will be off to the side as you run down the small tunnel. When you reach the end, you can run inside the stable on the right side and jump up the ladder at the end to find some breakable objects on the rooftop. Move to a ledge and press the O button to jump down. One of the grunts up ahead has a Steel Pipe that you can use. The lone grunt on the far left side has a Hammer that you can use as well. Near the gate in the back you will run across a fatty beating on an innocent man. A few extra enemies will join the fight once you walk up to him. Fight off the grunts first since the fatty will fall to reveal another purple demon after being defeated. Use roulette attacks once again to quickly defeat the demon. Use Ball Busters followed by Pummels if he is the only enemy. Visit the innocent man in the house afterward and he will give you some fruit. Run to the gate and enter the next area.


The Map Screens will allow you to save your game, enter the shop, or enter the casino. There is also a practice arena that you should take full advantage of to learn your moves along with a fighting arena. The fighting arena cannot be accessed until stage 1 is complete. TUTORIAL 6, near the fighting arena will let you know that you can use any technique for sale in the shop while practicing and you will not take any damage while practicing. You will have an infinite amount of roulette orbs while inside as well. Everything will go back to normal once you exit. Don't forget to equip techniques if you buy an extra move or buy an extra attack slot.

The following items are available at the shop:

Technique Gold Power Up Gold    
Pimp Hand 5,000 Fruit Smoothie 9,000    
Long Straight 2,000 Puppy Pizza 10,000    
Right Hook 1 2,000 Samurai Sushi 5,000    
Short Uppercut 2,000 Shogun Sushi 10,000    
Pay Up 6,000        
Chop 4,000        
Elbow Spin 1 5,000        
Spinning Backfist 8,000        
Backfist Strike 1 4,000        
Knee Strike 5,000        
Charged Punch 2 8,000        

STAGE 1-2 ~ My Right Arm The God Hand

Immediately following the cutscene you'll have to fight the enemies that were torturing the innocent bystander. Gene will still have his "Kick Me" sign on his back from the cutscene during this entire battle. It will only leave your back when you use the God Hand or a roulette attack. There is actually a secret item available to those that can make it through the entire from here on without using a roulette attack or the God Hand. See the Extras section for details. Run off to the side and grab the explosive barrel to make this fight a bit easier. Try to defeat the weaker grunts then go for their leader. Dodge to the side when the leader does his dash attack. Only use one Roulette move if you have to use one. Walk around the right side of the building almost directly across from the one Olivia is in to find your first Little Devil. Destroy the wood fence to get around to her. Each of these devils will offer a challenge that will allow you to win gold. The winning item is always gold for each of these.

Winning Condition: Annihilate all of the enemies before time runs out.
Time Limit: 2 minutes

The first wave of enemies will be three grunts, the second wave will be two grunts with a fatty, and the final will be a warrior with a spiked club. Use normal combos mixed with plenty of uppercuts and juggles to take down the first two sets. You may actually want to use a roulette move on the fatty if you have it to spare. The warrior with the club will usually try to swing twice from side to side then hit you overhead. If you're close, then try to duck the first two swings then dodge to the right or left as he swings overhead. You can juggle him so you can take him down easily once you understand his attacks. He will sometimes mix up his attacks so be careful while dodging. If you knock his club out of his hand be sure to grab it before he does. Use the God Hand in the final fight if you have it powered up.

Reward: Lv1 = 5000, Lv2 = 7500, Lv3 = 10000, LvDie = 30,000

Access TUTORIAL 5 near the bridge to find out about the Running Dash. Tap forward twice on the Left Analog then hold forward to run across the bridge. On the other side two fatties and a grunt will attack. Try to Jump Kick the grunt with Triangle as you run across the bridge to get the drop on them. Two more enemies will join the battle once you defeat all but one of the first wave. One of them may demonize on you. The demons will mainly be random from now on. Walk toward the lift and get inside when all the enemies have been defeated to end this stage.

STAGE 1-3 ~ A Poison Chihuahua!?

Run up and jump kick one of the enemies in the background then grab the 2" x 4" before one of the enemies does and beat them both down with it. Inside of the building a few more grunts will be waiting. One of the enemies will turn into a demon eventually, so be ready to unleash the God Hand at any time. When you run into the space in between the buildings a cutscene will activate. A poison Chihuahua will bite a guy and you will need to chase down the small enemy with the serum. You are timed in doing this so you must chase after him quickly or the poisoned guy will die. Fight off the fatty and grunt after the cutscene then some more enemies will eventually race into the area through the gate in the back. Defeat them - one of them may turn into a demon - then rush through the gate and enter the first building to the right. If none of them turn into a demon then expect one later!

Fight off the grunt with the hammer inside the building - he'll take a swing at you as you walk through the door. Jump to the second floor near the ladder in the back. The enemy with the serum will jump off the outside portion of the second floor. Follow him back through the gate. He will run around the side of the buildings near the poisoned man. Chase after him and do battle with the leaders around the side of the building. The enemy with the serum will run inside of the first building. Enter the building and defeat him then grab the serum. It is possible to defeat the enemy with the serum without a chase if you catch up with him. Either way, rush back to the poisoned man and give him the serum (press O). He will give you the DRAGON KICK Roulette attack! Make sure you get this. Try the stage over again if you miss it since it will really help out for the next stage.

If you need some food then save the innocent man in the first building off to your left and he will give you some food. Check the buildings around the area for plenty of breakable objects and possible enemies. Rush to the back of the area past the gate to find several enemies inside of a hanging box. Fight them off along with the fatty guarding the blue door in the back. One of them may demonize on you, so be careful. Don't exit through that blue door just yet though. Go around the right side of all the buildings to find a Little Devil.

Winning Condition: Destroy the car before time runs out.
Time Limit: 1 minute

Tch, where's a good crowbar when you need one? Like another familiar Capcom game, you must now destroy a parked car. In order to destroy this car you will have to hit the right side, left side, front side, and back side until they are completely destroyed. In order to do this run up to the car and jump kick it then unleash a La Bamba roulette attack. La Bamba will pulverize one side of the car very badly and damage the other side a bit, so you will have an immediate head start on destroying it. Hit the car with constant combos and Barrel Roll Kicks. The Barrel Roll Kick will slow you down but it will hit other side of the car while you stand at your current side. Keep hammering away and you'll eventually get it. The fist icon will not show when a side is complete destroyed. Unleash Gene's God Hand if you have your TP gauge filled up. Show the Little Devil that this will not be your Final Fight...err, Little Devil Challenge.

Reward (all levels): 5,000

Enter the blue door afterward to exit the stage.

STAGE 1-4 ~ Secret Warehouse Carnival

This stage is nothing but one big battle. Don't bother any of the crates at the moment and only grab a special item if you need it! The first two waves of enemies will be four grunts then the second wave will be two fatties. Stand below one of the sides as the fatties drop down and start to combo one. Break his guard as soon as he starts to block and hit until you stun him. Perform a Stinger when the action icon appears as the current fatty gets stunned and you will defeat that one quickly. Defeat the other one the same way then the couple up above will jump down and a boss fight will begin.

Boss - Q (Silver) & A (Gold)

I sure hope you got that Dragon Kick from the last stage because if you did then you can take over half of their life with one Dragon Kick. Make sure that both of them are in front of you as you unleash the move - wait for them to attempt a double team. This is your key to an easy victory.

Concentrate on getting them both in front of you as you attack so the other will not have the advantage of attacking. Break their guard as soon as you see one of them block an attack. Make sure to keep your eye on the one that you are not attacking and dodge to the side appropriately if he starts to attack. Attack until you stun one of them then wait until the other comes near the stunned boss and unleash the pummel special attack on both of them - the attack will not always hit both though. Do a backflip when they try to jump in the air and dive kick you from a distance or when they try attack you any other way. When they go to perform one of their double attacks - they will always run away from you to do this - run toward them and perform a Barrel Roll Kick on both of them as they get in position. Don't try for charge attacks or juggles during this battle or the other boss will hit you. The main objective here is to attack until you stun one of them then follow up with a special attack as the icon appears or hit them with a Barrel Roll Kick as they approach you. Do NOT prepare a Barrel Roll Kick from up close or they will easily knock you out of it. Like any other battle, unleash the God Hand to help you out for a few seconds. Run and grab some items from the crates to the side or throw some of the crates at the bosses to help you out as well.

1) Q is immune to the Ball Buster roulette attack.
2) A will leave you with some bananas after you defeat him.

Exit the area through the door in the back. On the outside destroy the crates and barrels - look out for the enemy with the bomb in one of the barrels - and run up the stairs. Open the door at the top to end the stage.

STAGE 1-5 ~ Sneak Into Elvis's Crib!

Defeat the grunts near the statue. One of them has a hammer. Be sure to knock the book out of the statues hands and examine it for 1,000 gold. Enter the room off to the side and defeat the leader for ROSARY 1. Exit the room and move down the hall to your left. A leader and a fatty will be waiting at the end of the hall next to the staircase. Stay away from the grunts at the top of the stairs and you won't have to fight them along with the other two enemies. Enter the door across from the stairs.

In this room you will be confronted by four waves of enemies. Be sure to unleash the God Hand when the going gets tough. The first two waves will consist of five grunts total. The third wave will be a new enemy - the bombers. These enemies are very weak, but they will throw bombs around the room the whole time. You can kick back the bombs by getting near one and waiting for the kick icon. Be on the lookout for bombers that will run toward you with a lit bomb - attack them to knock the bomb out of their hands. You can also counter a bomber much like a demon if he rushes behind you. The final wave of enemies will be two leaders. ROSARY 2 will appear near the door once you defeat the final leader. Some of these enemies may turn into demons so have some Roulette Attacks ready. Break the glass on the displays and take both the bracelet and necklace, which are worth 200 Gold each and finally the mask, which is worth 1,000 Gold. Hey, wait, that hand display is flipping us off! Leave the room when you're ready.

Run up the stairs and defeat the grunts along the way. Go through the green curtains (yes, those are curtains) and run down the hallway ahead. Two leaders will be guarding the door at the end. Enter the small door to the right as you walk down the hall. You'll find a fatty along with two girls kneeling down next to him. The girls will rise up as you move around the side of the bed. Defeat the fatty as the girls leave to make him cough up ROSARY 3. Rush through the hall and jump to the bottom of the stairs to pick your rewards from the girls that the fatty was having his way with. Go all the way back to the guarded door and defeat the leaders. In order to break the shield around the door you will have to use all three rosaries on it.

STAGE 1-6 ~ Who's The Boss? Elvis!

As long as you are familiar with dodging this boss fight will not be all that bad. He will most likely start out with some type of ram attack so dodge to the right or left as he runs toward you. Always prepare to dodge to the side whenever you see him charging an attack. He will rush toward you with a ram after his arm glows and he will rush toward you with a torpedo when he gets in a crane-type stance. He will sometimes rush you with a slower ram - there is no warning for this but it's not too fast so just step to the side as he dashes. Dodge his fireball move by moving to the sides as he throws the fireball - this move is very rare. When he gets next to you hit him with your combo attacks and break his guard whenever he lifts up his arm to block. Continue to punch away until you see the "Pummel" action appear then go for a Pummel. It's going to take quite a few pummels and attack combos to finish him off. If he ever jumps while you are attacking then be sure to back flip IMMEDIATELY to avoid taking damage from his ground pound. He will sometimes breathe smoke in your face, but this won't damage you any, however, you should back flip since you won't be able to see him attacking. Whenever he steps toward you with his punching combo, duck and sweep him. As long as you dodge his moves appropriately and stay aggressive through the use of combos and guard breaks he will wear down eventually. The Dragon Kick Roulette attack will take away 25% of his life if you hit him with it. The main key to beating him is to stay aggressive and do not let up on your attacks. Unleash the God Hand whenever possible. Make sure to run behind his desk and open the treasure chest for the YES MAN KABLAAM technique. Make sure to get the technique during the battle since a cutscene will play afterward to end the stage. His desk and the vases can be destroyed for some possible items.

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