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STAGE 6-1 ~ A Night On Bald Mountain

The following items are available at the shop:

Technique Gold Power Up Gold Roulette Gold
Straight 3 10,000 Tropical Smoothie 30,000 Discombobulator 10,000
Right Hook 3 8,000 Gold Plate 30,000 Home Run God 13,000
Floating Butterfly 14,000        
Dashing Sobat 12,000        
One-Two Punch 20,000        
Flying Knee 13,000        
Rolling Sobat 10,000        
Stomping Fist 11,000        
Rocking Uppercut 20,000        
Left Twister 12,000        

At the start of this stage you will acquire the LA BAMBA 2 roulette attack that Olivia gave to Gene in the prior cutscene. Jump down to the area below up the path ahead and run across the bridge. Some punks will attack as you walk over to the area on the left followed by two gals, then a whip gal and wrestler gal. Reverse hell kick them off the side of the cliff to easily dispose of them all. Walk up to the two guys in the space ahead to collect your reward for fighting off the baddies. Go back the way you came and jump down to the area off to the left. Two punks, a blade midget, a whip gal, and a punk leader will attack. Do not activate all of them at once! Four of them are on the walls surrounding you. You can reverse hell kick most of them to death. The final enemy is a samurai demon. He has some very quick dash attacks and a four hit combo. Make sure you wait for the whole combo to end before attacking him. The final hit will be an overhead sword swing. If you have the God Hand then use it or any powerful roulette attack or just use the usual attack and guard break technique. Grab his sword afterwards then jump up the ladder ahead. Open the treasure chest off to the side for a new technique then continue up the path and approach the gate up ahead. A person on the other side will open the peephole then several punks, whip gals and punk leaders will ambush you. Several more will show up after the first wave. Use the red barrels to the side along with the torches to limit their number then use some powerful attacks to knock them off the side of the cliff. The man on the other side will unlock the door once all the enemies have been defeated when you check it again. Go through the door to finish the stage.

STAGE 6-2 ~ Visiting Tiger Joe

The man from the last stage will give you a reward as you start out. Run up the path ahead and pull out the pole that is blocking the way through the iron gate off to the left. The door is locked at the moment. A few punks and a whip gal will attack. If you do not need any of the items that you get from the enemies or crates then leave them here. Leave all weapons here also if you don't need them. Get the reward from the innocent man and jump down the ladder. Defeat both warrior gals in front of the gate and they'll cough up a KEY. Try not to activate them both at once and be sure to watch for their axe swing combo - they will perform several axe swings as they step toward you. Pull out the pole of the cage door ahead and walk up to the guys in the back. A whip gal and two punks will fall down from a space inside the cell. Try not to hurt the innocents while fighting off these enemies. If a demon spawns then run out of the cell. Also, do not use reverse hell kicks or you might hit one of the innocents. The guys will reward you as usual afterwards. Jump back up the ladder and you will meet a new enemy in the back. This is Tiger Joe.

This boss does not like missed guard breaks at all. If you ever miss a guard break then he will perform a dragon uppercut immediately afterwards so you better be ready to back flip instantly. He will duck a bunch of your moves and will parry after one guard. His combos are very long and will chip away at your life fast if he gets you in the corner. If you have any weapons lying around then take full advantage of them by hitting him with the square attack to stun him then swing with a triangle hit. Unleash the God Hand if your TP gauge is full and use roulette attacks if you have them. Leaving weapons lying around this area is the main key to beating him if you don't want to use the God Hand or roulettes. If you die leave some weapons that the enemies carry in this area your next time through. You should be able to leave behind a hammer, 2" x 4", and at least one pipe. He is a very hard opponent if you take him on normally with his constant ducking. The main key to beating him without the use of weapons is to sweep him after ducking one of his high attacks (Right analog up + Triangle). Stomp on him afterwards.

Unlock the gate all the way back at the beginning of the tunnel and enter the new area. Defeat the punk leader up ahead then jump up the ladder. After dealing with the whip gals at the top, jump off the other side and defeat the blade punk then open the gate to enter the next stage.

STAGE 6-3 ~ Revered By Demons

Immediately defeat the fighter to your right as you start out. Punks with torches will jump off to the top part of the area to the left. Wait at the bottom and let them come to you instead of going up after them. Defeat them and jump up one of the ladders. A master will be waiting at the top. Leave any extra item in its place because you will definitely need them in just a minute. The door ahead is sealed and will require you to light up the pots below the mouth of each of the three demon head statues. When the coast is clear, grab a torch and light all three of the torches below the demon statues with the "Ignite" command whenever you get close to one. The demon heads' eyes will glow above the door for each one you light up. When the doors open, a whole group of punks, gals, blade punks, and wrestler gals will rush you. A roulette attack or God Hand unleashing will definitely come in handy here. Try as much as you can to not let them surround you. Use any leftover torches to smack the whole crowd of them at once. In the room ahead, you can drop down on the right side to engage in a Little Devil challenge.

Winning Condition: Annihilate all of the enemies before time runs out.
Time Limit: 2 minutes 45 seconds

Thankfully, you will have plenty of time to complete this mission. You have to fight three opponents and they will come one at a time. The first will be a samurai demon followed by a warrior gal then another samurai demon. As long as you stay aggressive with attacks and guard breaks you shouldn't have any problems here. Use the first samurai's sword to severely damage the warrior gal as she enters the ring. Do not be afraid to unleash the God Hand at any part of the battle. You will most likely build it up at least twice.

Reward: Lv1 = 5000, Lv2 = 7500, Lv3 = 10000, LvDie = 30,000

Open the door at the end of the path after jumping out of the hole to finish this stage.

STAGE 6-4 ~ Shannon's Pet

Run up the path ahead and use the "Jump" command to jump across the gap. Attack the face of the gate and dodge the maces to open it as usual. Stand at the edge and line Gene up with the first floating platform ahead then use the "Jump" command to hop over to it. You can actually die by missing a jump in this area so time your jumps well. It's best to wait until they stop before jumping to each. On the other side a cutscene will show a fatty next to a switch and Shannon's pet up ahead. Grab a bone from the dog dish and toss it over to the Chihuahua. He will eat the bone and have a heart over his head as he stares back at Gene. Lead him all the way over to the fatty next to the bridge switch by throwing bones near him. Don't throw the bones too far from him or he won't go after them. Once he makes it over to the fatty, he will bark at him and scare the fatty. The fatty will jump up and hit his head on the switch raising the bridge. Grab another bone for a weapon and run across the bridge. Through the tunnel ahead one of every type of fatty you have ran into so far will be waiting. A fatty, blade fatty, cannon fatty, and a sumo will be guarding the door. Stand near the entrance and taunt the first three to make them come to you. This way you can take on the first three without having to worry about the sumo. Try to stun one of them and get him in a Stinger so you will remain invincible to the rest of them. Use the God Hand or roulette moves if you have problems, especially while fighting the sumo. Enter the door up ahead to exit this stage.

STAGE 6-5 ~ A Killer Hand!?

Well, they're back again. They are basically the same this time except they have some new team attacks. They will sometimes stand on top of each other and spin toward you making a whirlwind come up around them. This move last quite a while, but if you manage to avoid it by back flipping and dodging to the side, the top one will be stunned afterward. They also have a new laser sword attack that they will do individually. Every other attack is the same. Use hand plant kicks to juggle them along with reverse hell kicks to get them away from you. Arm some of your quickest attacks in your main combo and you can juggle them easily. If you can catch any of them (or all) in a Home Run God roulette attack then that will instantly kill them. Use the Stake Driver special attack whenever they are stunned to take tons of damage then stomp them afterward. They will give you a KEY once you defeat them.

Use the key to open the gate afterward. The door will fall. Run toward the area in the back for a cutscene that will end this stage.

STAGE 6-6 ~ Whip It!

Run down the tunnel ahead for a cutscene. The gal and punk in the back will attack right after the cutscene. Another punk will attack as well. Defeat them and two gals will charge through the gate ahead. Let them come out of the tunnel so you won't have to fight the other enemies in the back with them. Defeat the two punks near the gate in the back to open it. Jump down the ledge and prepare for a big battle. Altogether, three punks (one with a spiked club), two gals, a blade punk, and a warrior gal will attack. They will attack in groups of three. Try to use the God Hand unleashing or a roulette attack to defeat the blade punk. The innocents will leave you with a treasure chest each as they depart. Walk into the tunnel ahead and the entrance will seal behind you. Get up in the space where the whip gal is standing since a boulder is about to roll down the center. Run to each space and defeat the enemy inside while waiting for the boulder to pass. The second space contains a punk leader while the third space has a whip gal and a punk on the other side. Open the gate at the top to exit this stage.

STAGE 6-7 ~ Stop Before You Hurt Yourself

This is a very annoying boss since he basically runs from you the entire battle. His primary attack is standing on a stone platform and gathering boulders to drop on you. The boulders will hover around him then group together up above your head. The boulders will drop one by one from above until they have all fallen. He will sometimes shoot them at you while they hover around him as well. Run, dodge to the sides, or back flip to get away from the boulders - running is actually the best approach. The geomancer will become tired after this heavy attack and drop down from his stone platform. The moment he drops to the ground is the moment you should attack him with your normal combo. It will juggle him much like the Magnificent Five from earlier. The worst part of this battle is the fact that will summon a thug and a thug leader to join in on the battle while you try to attack him. Try to kick the thugs away with reverse hell kicks or forearm smashes and then concentrate on hitting the boss. When you stun him, you can Stake Drive him just like the Magnificent Five. Use your God Hand whenever you can and use the Home Run God roulette attack as well. Whenever he hovers above you, you can knock him down instantly by throwing something at him such as a crate or hammer. One of the crates will have a pipe inside and another will have a 2" x 4". Throwing objects will help out a bunch! Get in the elevator afterwards to finish the

STAGE 6-8 ~ Elvis's Wish

Defeat the warrior gals ahead by fighting them one at a time (throw a crate at one to lure her away). Carry some type of weapon with you as you venture into the tunnel ahead. A samurai demon will come through a portal and attack once you near the intersection. Turn left after defeating him and open the treasure chests at the end of the ledge. As you go up the other path, a cutscene will show you a giant statue of Elvis along with a switch at the top. Run up the path and hit the blue face to the side to make the top of the stone block open to reveal a lighter. Pull the switch up ahead to make the statue of Elvis lay its cigar down into the lighter. A punk, punk leader and a gal will come down the path after you. Jump up the ladder in the back after you defeat them to find another punk and gal. Jump up the next ladder and pull the switch at the top after you fight off the whip gal. Elvis will smoke his cigar and a bridge will be revealed through the smoke. Run across the bridge and prepare for another Tiger Joe battle. He will jump down from above. This time you have no access to weapons except for crates. He isn't too bad if you back flip a bunch to dodge his moves and use the Home Run God at least once. Sweeping him after ducking will be the main key to hitting him without the use of special attacks. Wait for him to start his long kick combo then duck one of his kicks and sweep him then stomp. After the battle, run up the stairs and enter the door past the blue flaming hallway to finish the stage.

STAGE 6-9 ~ Shannon Revealed

This battle seems pretty overwhelming at first, but most of Shannon's attacks can be avoided by simply back flipping or dodging to the side. You will spend most of the battle right up next to her. Stay close to her and hit her with combos until you see any of the following attacks:

Stepping Attack: Shannon will step toward you and try to smash you with her left foot.

Paw Strike: Shannon will lean her right front paw back and try to slap you with it.

Bite Attack: Shannon will lean her dog head back and lunge forward with a bite attack.

Jumping Ground Pound: Shannon will jump into the air and try to land on you.

Head Slap: Shannon's dog head will lean to the side and try to strike you. An "Avoid" icon will appear shortly before the attack. Press the O button to make Gene dash up under her and wind up at her backside. This can be dodgeed by back flipping, but you will need to time it more precisely than the other attacks because of the delay of the attack.

Swing Around Head Slap: (behind attack) While you are attacking Shannon's backside, she will suddenly swing around and try to slap you with her dog head.

Head Pound: (side attack) Shannon will turn and drive her dog head into the ground.

Ram: (distant attack) Shannon will start to run toward you and try to ram you. Wait until she gets close before dodging to the side.

Pink Fireballs: (distant attack) Shannon will twirl her baton and unleash a stream of pink energy balls at you. Keep dodging to the right or left to avoid it.

Shockwave: (distant attack) Shannon will leap into the air and pound the ground sending a shockwave toward you.

Most of her close attacks can be avoided by simply dodging to either the right or left or back flipping. The main attack that you have to watch for is her head slap. The "Avoid" icon will appear as she prepares to attack during this move and you should always use the special avoid with the O button instead of back flipping or dodging to the side. You will get behind Shannon after performing the special avoid and can pretty much attack her without the fear of her attacking you. She might try to swing around and head slap you, but she usually does this rarely, and will only do it if she hasn't started to turn around in quite a while. The main way to beat her is to attack her and avoid her attacks until she is stunned. You will get a special "Pummel" command exclusive to this boss fight when she is stunned. Once the O button is pressed, Gene will leap on top of Shannon's body and punch her demon form in the middle of the body. As usual, unleash the God Hand and use any roulette attacks that you have available to you. Break the vases around the area for some extra items and life. Learn her attacks and this battle is total blast!

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