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This walkthrough was written while playing through normal mode and I was usually around Lv2 - Lv3 difficulty on the difficulty meter in the game. If you have a higher difficulty at certain parts then you will fight extra enemies. For instance, while fighting the mid-boss on Stage 1-4 you will activate an extra group of leader enemies after the two fatties if you are around Lv3 or LvDie. Enemies will be much more aggressive on LvDie as well.

Please note that for the first part of each stage the items or moves available in the shop are listed - the actual walkthrough for the stage starts afterward. Stage 1-2 is the only exception since you can't access the shop until after Stage 1-1.

Here a few tips that will help you throughout the game:

General Tips

- If you don't need a food item or card then leave it while you stay in that area. Come back to it later and it will still be there.

- Be sure to double check through an area for items or extra enemies before leaving it. The extra defeated enemies will help to boost your gold at the end of each stage.

- Grab food items or cards even if you don't need them before exiting a stage. They will give you a certain amount of gold depending on the item if you don't currently need them.

- Always have a guard breaking move and one heavy hitting move equipped at all times. A guard breaker is the most important!

- That Practice Arena is there for a reason. Be sure to use it to brush up on your skills or try out new ones.

- If a normal enemy starts to give you problems, be sure to unleash the God Hand. The God Hand will recharge as you battle other enemies, and it doesn't take it long. Spam it since you will always be able to recharge it.

- Try to save roulette moves as much as you can. It is best to keep at least one roulette orb with you at all times just in case.

Combat Tips

- Juggling will help you incredibly well for taking out single enemies. Use a knockup mixed with a Laughing Dragon Punch and a Mid Air Roundhouse Kick for some really powerful juggle attacks. The Heel Drop (charge it) followed by a Launcher Kick is a very effective launcher combination.

- For a crowd of enemies, try to have some sort of roundhouse (left or right) equipped and you will be able to hit more than one opponent if they start to attack.

- You are invincible while performing any special attack on an enemy except for a stomp. Take advantage of this invincibility when several opponents are around. Be sure to cancel out of stomp if you see an enemy about to hit you - dodge to the side or back flip.

- Cancel out of moves often by stepping to the side or performing other moves if you are surrounded.

- Some of the most useful techniques are the Reverse Hell Kick (#63), Hand Plant Kick (#81), Forearm Smashes (#43 & #44), and Yes Man Kablaam (#101). Make sure to buy/find these when they are available. The Reverse Hell Kick will knock away any normal size enemy (blade leader, grunts, punks, most gals, etc.) with one hit and you can juggle them on the ground with it. The Hand Plant Kick will give you a certain time frame of invincibility when Gene puts his hand on the ground and kicks. The Forearm Smashes will launch just about any enemy. The Yes Man Kablaam technique will give you about a 10% increase to your TP gauge per hit and can be canceled out of - as long as Gene hits the opponent your TP meter will go up.

- The Chain Yanker mixed with the Yes Man Kablaam can make for the ultimate TP booster when fighting a single opponent. Use the Chain Yanker to stun an enemy then hit him with a Yes Man Kablaam, cancel the move by stepping to the side, do another Yes Man Kablaam, cancel the move again by stepping to the side, finish with whatever special attack is on the icon above the enemy.

- Learn to use sweeps, mainly the Duck + Triangle button sweep to get many counter hits on your opponents.

Demon Tips

Demons seem overwhelming at first, but you should really spar with one for a while to understand his moves. They will all do basically the same thing once you have studied one for a while. Most of their attacks are done from a teleport. They will teleport toward you and land either behind you or in front of you then attack. If they teleport behind you either get ready to counter (Purple and Red) or dodge to the side (orange); if they teleport in front of you then hit them and guard break as they block. The most important aspect of fighting a demon is to let them come to you! They will either teleport toward you, shoot a fireball (dodge to the sides), or do their dashing attack toward you (dodge to the sides). Any time that a demon EVER parries your attack by blocking ALWAYS back flip to avoid its attack, or you can sometimes duck and sweep its counterattack. A demon is not that bad at all once you learn how they attack. Taking advantage of their counter times is one of the best methods of knocking down a purple or red one. Juggling demons will really help you out in the earlier stages. See the first demon fight for a description of this. While fighting a demon with other enemies, you should defeat the demon first. The demon will always follow while the other enemies will not.

When fighting a trident demon, wait for him to lean back to swing his trident while in close range then duck and sweep him to instantly counter. You can stay right up on a trident demon and simply attack and counter him constantly this way.

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