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STAGE 8-1 ~ Death Shudder

The following items are available at the shop:

Technique Gold Power Up Gold Roulette Gold
Uppercut 3 12,000 God Smoothie 70,000 Kung Fu Tango 15,000
Stinging Bee 18,000        
Mach Speed Jab 2 22,000        
Palm Smash 32,000        
Double Spin Kick 12,000        

Pick up the Palm Smash from the shop!

You won't get a cutscene as you start this stage like you did on the first part of the other stages. Run up and grab the 2" x 4" then use it to defeat the fighter and master in the back. Two leaders will pop up behind you. Don't let either of the leaders get that 2" x 4". There is also a samurai sword on the left side of where you first started. Three more leaders will burst through the door of the building off to the right as you start to defeat some of the enemies. Use your God Hand a bunch and use the roulette attacks if you have to. There are plenty of breakable objects so you can always regain your life and possibly some roulette orbs. Be sure to enter the building on the right for some extra breakable objects. The gate in the middle will open once all the enemies have been defeated.

Jump up the ladder for quite an overwhelming showcase of enemies that will be waiting to challenge you. Three warrior gals and three leaders will jump from the top areas and a masked leader and tiger joe will run at you from the very back. A little overwhelming, huh? Oh, and I forgot to mention, one of them will turn into a trident demon upon death! Don't be afraid to play chicken on this fight. Use all of the breakable objects found around this area to your advantage for additional health and roulette orbs. Dizzy enemies as quick as you can through combos and guard breaks and use their special attacks to shield you from the other enemy attacks. I would advise you to have roundhouse move set for this battle for a bit of crowd control. Use Kung Fu Tango roulette
attacks if you find the group too overwhelming at any time. Unleash the God Hand any time you have a chance to! Give them hell! A cutscene will play once you defeat them all. Break any extra objects after the cutscene that you may have left behind and run down the stairs past the newly opened gate. Don't enter the door just yet. Check around the left side to find a treasure chest with an item inside and check around the right side to find a Little Devil along with breakable pots. Of all the places to put a Little Devil Challenge
worth only gold, why here!? Well, I would advise you to do this one if you have a low TP gauge. The fight will help to boost it a bunch since the enemy is basically a punching bag if you can guard break his block well.

Winning Condition: Annihilate all of the enemies before time runs out. Time Limit: 2 minutes 30 seconds

Ah, the casino bouncer! You might remember him from the casino if you happened to punch anybody in there. If you can attack him before he starts up any attack this battle will be simple. All you have to do is stay aggressive with constant attacks and guard break him whenever he blocks. You can guard break him very easily! The only attacks that you will really have to watch out for are his spinning lariat (duck and sweep him out of it) and his grab (shake the left analog to escape it). You can easily hit him before he has a chance to do his punch combo and jump kick.

Reward: Lv1 = 5000, Lv2 = 7500, Lv3 = 10000, LvDie = 30,000

Enter the door of the building to finish this stage.

STAGE 8-2 ~ Tribulation: The Three Trials

The voice in that cutscene didn't sound too good. Run up the stairs and enter the door to finish the stage. That was a short stage, too short!

STAGE 8-3 ~ Give It Up For The Champ

Make sure to have the Palm Smash or Forearm Smash 2 before starting this fight.

The Champ is back! This time, however, he has some very strong attacks that you will have to look out for and dodge very carefully. The main attacks that you will need to look out for are his splash attack (he will jump toward you and land with his back turned) and his dashing punch (he will stand in place and shake then dash toward you). You will need to back flip to avoid the splash and dodge to either the right or left to avoid the dashing punch. If you can master dodging those two moves then you should be able to gain the upper hand for this fight. Hit him with the Palm Smash or Forearms Smash every time he recovers from any of his moves. You can mix this attack up with some combos, but be warned that he will parry immediately after the first blocked hit. Try to hit him from the side or from the front since he will kick you if you try to hit him from behind - the kick animation will make him invincible. Be on the lookout for his dive attack, lariat, and the usual grab as well. You can still escape from both of his grabs just like in the last battle. Never let him back you into a corner since you won't be able to escape from his splash attack while your back is to a wall. Use the God Hand and roulette attacks if you need to. Try to save your roulettes orbs if at all possible.

Go through the door and head up the stairs. Break the pots for some extra items then enter the door at the top to finish the stage.

STAGE 8-4 ~ Japan's Elite Obese Ninja

This boss is basically just an overpowered normal blade fatty. He will start the battle along with two blade fatties. If you have enough TP to unleash the God Hand then do so and try to take out both blade fatties as soon as possible; if not, then try to attack them and break their guard then get them in a Stinger to shield you from the other enemies' attacks. The Ninja Fatty has his own set of moves, but they are very similar to a blade fatty. The main moves to watch out for are his torpedo (watch for him to step back) and his jump kick (he will spin toward you). Dodge to the right or left to avoid the torpedo and back flip to avoid the jump kick. Attacking him normally works well, but he will parry immediately after the first blocked hit. His blade attacks are very slow so you can easily back flip away from his close range attacks. When you knock him down, stand over him and try to hit him with a Palm Smash or Forearm
Smash. You can get a few free hits by doing either of these sometimes as he gets up. Use a palm smash or forearm smash whenever he recovers from any attack as well. His life will drain fast from normal attacks so you shouldn't have to worry about using roulette attacks here. Be warned that this fatty takes off much more life per hit than other bosses. He can kill you in about 3 hits (maybe 2) depending on what attacks he hits you with. His jump kick will take over half your life.

Leave the room and go up the stairs to find some more breakable vases waiting for you afterward. Enter the door at the top to proceed to the next stage.

STAGE 8-5 ~ Afro Fist

At the start of this fight, you will have to deal with a whip gal that has the same moves as Conchita had in the fights long past and you will also have to deal with a wrestler gal. The wrestler gal can be killed off quickly, but I would strongly recommend that you go after the Conchita clone first. Her distant attacks make her very annoying. Use normal attacks and guard breaks while keeping an eye on the wrestler gal's movements. Unleash the God Hand and take her down quickly if you have enough TP. Afro Fist will get up as soon as the first female falls. Take out the other female as quick as you can then turn your attention on Afro Fist. His attacks mainly consist of combos, but he has a very deadly stepping punch attack where he will continually step toward you while punching much like Sensei's sword step - duck and sweep him out of this or back flip rapidly about three times when you see him do this since it is sometimes quite long. You can combo him and break his guard, but his guarding is pretty random compared to a normal enemy and he will instantly counter if you miss a guard break so be prepared to back flip. Use a palm smash or forearm smash on him when he recovers from his combos to take off some heavy damage. He's not all that hard by himself, but he still takes quite a bit of life per attack.

Leave the room and use the elevator outside to finish this entire group of stages.

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