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STAGE 4-1 ~ The Kilo-Crab

The following items are available at the shop:

Technique Gold Power Up Gold Roulette Gold
Uppercut 2 8,000 Tropical Smoothie 24,000 Divine Smash 2 10,000
Really Pay Up 10,000 Gold Plate 30,000 God Stomp 2 8,000
Elbow Spin 2 8,000     100 Fists 7,000
Sugar Gene Combo 10,000        
Haymaker 1 11,000        
Elbow Vortex 13,000        
Low Kick 2 6,000        
Right Roundhouse 2 10,000        
High Side Kick 2 10,000        
Hand Plant Kick 11,000        
Double Snap Kick 9,500        
High Snap Kick 8,000        
Triple Side Kick 10,000        
Step Back Kick 9,000        
Charged Punch 3 12,000        

Be sure to buy the Hand Plant Kick. This move will give you a few seconds of invulnerability as you juggle an enemy. For some enemies, you can actually attack with this followed by a few juggles and repeat. This move is priceless for some fights.

At the beginning of this stage you will fight quite a few gals and whip gals. Grab the red barrels to the side to help you out a bit as you start to take them down. Do not fight too many at one time! Try to knock one of them away with a launcher if you cause more than one to come after you so you can quickly defeat the other. Get on the elevator to finish the stage.

STAGE 4-2 ~ Robots on Parade!

A robot grunt will be right next to you on your left side as you start this stage so start attacking him right away. Up ahead two robot gals and two robot grunts await your entry. Stand back and taunt one of the robot gals to get her to come to you so you can fight her alone. Go ahead and rush out into the middle of the area if all four of them attack. Once you defeated all but one, two more robot grunts and a robot leader will enter the area. Grab the electric rod that one of the enemies will drop before one of the others gets ahold of it. You can't save any of the innocent people in the room. Head through the door when finished to end the stage.

STAGE 4-3 ~ Kissing A Hot Chick

Don't start smashing the objects yet. There are no immediate enemies in the area, but there are two gals in the very back. Run over to the middle of this area and an innocent girl will run through the door on the left side. A total of four robot grunts will chase after her, but they will come one at a time. The object here is to grab one of the barrels or crates and toss it at each robot grunt. One hit will kill them instantly and the girl will get one step closer to the bridge control on the other side. Gene will automatically auto-aim toward the grunt if you face them. Don't get near the gals near the door in the back and they will leave you alone while doing this. Walk over to the girl once the bridge is lowered and she will give Gene a kiss that will be worth 1,000 Gold. Aren't all kisses that way? Anyway, go across the bridge to pick up any goodies that might be over there then head over to the door that the gals are guarding. Defeat them and exit the room to finish yet another stage.

STAGE 4-4 ~ Seriously, We Want The God Hand

It's real quiet huh? Too quiet. Move to the middle of the room to change all of that with a cutscene.

Well, well, if it isn't our old friends from Stage 2-5 once again. Did you have problems with them then? Well, now you have to fight the first two together. Felix and Bruno will jump down from the area above to start the battle off. They both still have the same attacks that they had last time. Be sure to keep both of them in your field of view if at all possible so you can dodge their attacks accordingly. Even though Felix has the worst attacks, I would recommend defeating Bruno first since Felix will jump around constantly while you try to attack him and will throw his boomerang more often. Felix doesn't seem to throw his boomerang if you attack Bruno, but you will have to watch for his kick attacks from the side. Bruno will stay in place and block to which you can guard break. To add to the tension of this battle, Conchita will sometimes jump down and try to attack then jump back to her platform up above. At times, you will be forced to fight all three bosses at once. Once you defeat either Felix or Bruno, Conchita will jump down and join the other. Do not let up for a second during this fight - jump right over to Felix or Bruno, whichever is still alive, and start to pound on them before Conchita jumps down. Use the God Hand constantly when the TP gauge fills up, attack with the 100 fist roulette attack, and be sure to activate the special attack for each boss when the icon appear on the screen after they dizzy for the sake of being invincible during the animation. This fight is hard and Conchita will make you want to backhand a nun with her constant stepping in and out, but the fight is totally doable with the number of breakable objects and possible powerups within. You know you enjoy it!

STAGE 4-5 ~ You, Me, Pattycake

Two robot grunts and a robot leader will be standing in this area. Try to take them on one by one then check the controls that the robot leader was guarding to find a switch. Pull the switch to open the gate to the red ladder on the side. Destroy the mashers in this area by attacking them when they fall. Two of them will move toward you, but just back flip away or dodge to the side. Press all three switches on the control panels to open the sealed door off to the side. A trio of robot grunts will attack after the first two switches are pressed. Inside the area beyond the doorway you'll find a Little Devil.

Time Limit: 2 minutes
Winning Condition: Destroy the car before time runs out.

Another car trashing, only this time when you start to attack the car a grunt, a gal, and a wrestler will show up. If you have a roulette attack then perform a Typhoon Kick right by the car so that you hit all three of the enemies and the car. This will kill the grunt and the gal but the wrestler will be still be left with just a little life. Use some reverse hell kicks or forearm smashes to easily get rid of him but watch for his grabs. Trash the car just like before. You can grab either hammer that the enemies dropped or unleash the God Hand to speed up the process.

Reward: 5000

Jump down the ladder through the doorway ahead to find two robot gals. Defeat them and enter the door to exit this stage.

STAGE 4-6 ~ Iron Bridge Fashion Show

Break the crates to the side of the red barrel to find a rocket launcher. Don't get the rocket launcher just yet though - grab the red barrel instead. Run over to the switch on the right side of the bridge ahead and pull it to drop the first metal piece up above the bridge. Two robot gals and a gal will be dancing on the metal piece and will eventually attack. Throw the red barrel at them to damage them a bit. Use reverse hell kicks on them to keep them from ganging up on you. Go back and grab the rocket launcher and ontinue onward. Pull the second switch to bring the second metal piece down. A robot leader along with plenty of gals will be dancing on the metal. Fire off the rocket launcher to take out a few of the enemies on the metal piece then finish off the rest one by one. Five more gals will enter the area through the door on the other side of the bridge once the others are defeated. Run to the other side and grab the red barrel then chunk it at them. Use some roulette attacks or use the God Hand if they start to overwhelm you or if a demon pops up. Open the door down the corridor to finish the stage and activate a cutscene.

STAGE 4-7 ~ Electric Deathmatch

Run to the area ahead and a cage will fall around you. Four robot gals will jump into the cage with you. Finish them off with reverse hell kicks quickly. One of them will turn into a very big demon with a trident. Use the 100 Fists roulette attack if you have enough orbs to take a mighty big chunk of his life. Be sure to back flip if he starts to swing his trident from mid-range. Stay close to him and attack until he swings the trident (he will swing it three times in a row) then duck the trident swing and sweep him with Triangle to counter his swing - you can also back flip away. Back flip away from him when he does his laser attack and dodge to the side if he tries to hit you overhead with the trident. His laser attack will take some extreme damage from you if it hits. If you stun him, you will get the "Pummel" special attack icon just like with the other demons. He will leave you with his trident and the usual blue treasure chest. Two blade robots will attack afterward. Defeat them just as you would a blade leader. The cage will rise after the battle.

Run to the ladder up ahead and jump to the next floor. Jump up the next ladder and run straight ahead until another cage falls around you. A wrestler and a wrestler gal will drop into the cage. The cage's walls are electric so kick both enemies into the bars to fry them. Use forearms smashes against the heavier enemies. They can do the same to you so be sure to dodge their attacks. A masked wrestler will jump into the ring next. Your hits don't phase him too well so you will have to constantly back flip if you see him
about to do a chop or grab you. It almost looks like he is staggering when he goes to do his chop so keep your eyes on him if you attack him up close. Forearm smash him to send him flying into the cage bars in the back. He will leave you with the GRANNY SMACKER technique. Jump up the ladder ahead and open the door to exit the stage.

STAGE 4-8 ~ Another God Hand

Just like in the battle with Shannon, you're going to have to do some well- timed dodging to get away from Devil Hand's attacks while you attack him. He will always flame up and have fire coming from his god hand right before a big attack. Most of his attacks can be dodged by stepping to the right or left with the right analog. For his big attack he will either fire a red shockwave toward you, dash as you and punch, or perform a spinning punch combo and end it with an explosion. He will do the latter move usually when you are close to him - back flip when his hands start to glow from close range to avoid it. He also has a normal punch and kick combo. The main move that he will surprise you with is his dash attack where he will run directly toward you and start to pummel either with a punch or kick. You will need to fight back by tapping the buttons just like as if you were doing a special attack. The move will drain your life until you retaliate by tapping the O button. Gene will knock him back and take off a bit of life if successful.

Now, about attacking him, most of the time, if you do a normal combo he is going to duck many of your hits then back flip and counter with a move of his own. You will sometimes get him to guard to which you can break his guard then go directly into a combo, but it is hard to get him to do this. Most of the time, you can get a few hits when you dodge one of his moves by sidestepping. If you see a normal move (not the flame moves) coming you can counter with a reverse hell kick or forearm smash. The forearm smash catches him off guard a bunch, but it takes Gene a while to do it. The forearm smash will always knock him back though unlike the reverse hell kick, which requires a counter to knock him back. You don't take much damage at all from him no matter what you hit with in your normal move arsenal. If you have some roulette attacks then you might want to unleash your most powerful roulette (100 Fist, etc.), though it feels like more of a waste since it still doesn't take much off of him. If your TP gauge is full then the God Hand will help out for a fairly good amount of damage. Since you hardly take any damage at all, you may want to try to use the Yes Man Kablam punch to build your TP quickly. Do this whenever he taunts you to easily hit him with it. Dodge to the side to cancel the animation at the end of the move. Dodging and surviving while chipping away at his life bit by bit through combos and heavy hits (mainly counters) are the goals here. The battle ends once you have taken half of his life.

Run up the stairs and open the door at the top to end the stage.

STAGE 4-9 ~ The Fat Bazooka Trap

Defeat the robot blade leader ahead then turn your attention to the left to see a new type of enemy. These cannon fatties lie down from a distance and fire purple fireballs from their cannons. Step to the sides with the right analog to avoid the shots. The number fired is random. Lure the fatty down the ramp and take him down like you would any other fatty. He seems to roll out of your attacks a bit more than other fatties so be prepared to dodge his counter attack. A whip gal along with two normal gals will be waiting at the top of the ramp. After one of the gals is defeated, another cannon fatty will enter the area. This is a good time to use the God Hand if you have your TP gauge filled up. Get in the elevator to finish the stage.

STAGE 4-10 ~ The Fifth Deva? Dr. Ion

Jump down the ladder up ahead and walk up to the person in the back to trigger a cutscene.

Dr. Ion will start the battle with his normal arm. He has a total of three arms that he will switch to throughout the course of the battle. The main attack you will have to watch out for with his first arm (default arm) is a move where will aim toward you and shoot his arm at you. You can dodge to the right or left to avoid this. He will sometimes hold up his leg and dash at you with a kick also - this can be countered easily if you manage to hit him before he dashes. For his main close attack, he will hold up his left hand and try to shock you. You can back flip or dodge to the right or left to avoid this. Another big attack that you will have to watch out for is his double electric attacks where he will hold up both arms and shoot out electricity. This comes in three different varieties of attack. Sometimes he will shock the area in front of him, sometimes he will rotate while holding out both of his arms, and sometimes he will walk toward you and punch out his hand three times while shocking whatever is in front of him. He will eventually switch to his drill arm. He will mainly go for physical attacks while he has this arm equipped. From close range he will try to hit you with a drill punch and from far off he will charge then come toward you with a drilling dash attack. Step to the right or left to avoid either of those moves. His third rocket launcher arm is the most dangerous arm from a distance. He will fire off four rockets that will home in on Gene. Dodging will sometimes get you away from these, but it is best to dash around the room to avoid them if he fires them. Wait for them to explode then stop running. It is best to stay as close as you can to him during this phase and hit him if tries to fire off a rocket. He will fire a total of four before switching back to his default arm. He will fire off electricity from his left arm no matter what arm he switches to so always be on the lookout for this move.

To hit Dr. Ion, you should stay close to him and hit him with your normal combo attacks until you see his left arm start to glow then quickly dodge to the right or left as he raises his arm to shock you. The shock will miss you completely and you will be able to go back to attacking until his next attack. You can easily keep this up until he is stunned if you can dodge his attacks effectively. A pummel icon will appear on the screen when he dizzies. The only hard part about attacking him this way is that you will have to watch for his other close range attacks (the drill arm and double shock). Most of his close range attacks can be dodged by stepping to the side but you will have to pay close attention to his movements. He will do the double shock more often with his first arm, so just look out for it around that time and back flip since you never know how he will attack with his double shock. A roulette attack (100 Fists) and the usual God Hand unleashing will prove worthy as usual for the battle. Every time you hit him with a powerful attack such as a roulette attack or special pummel, Dr. Ion will explode and reform behind you.

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