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STAGE 2-1 ~ Demons Playing With Fire

The Fighting Arena is now open! 6 fights are available at the moment.

The following items are available at the shop:

Technique Gold Power Up Gold Roulette Gold
Left Jab 2 6,000 Tropical Smoothie 18,000 Dragon Kick 5,000
Straight 2 6,000 Gold Plate 15,000 Kung Fu Samba 6,000
Chin Music 5,000        
High Kick 6,000        
Reverse Sweep 9,000        
Expert Sobat 8,000        
Drunken Fist 1 6,500        
Mule Kick 9,000        

The catapult in the back will take shots at you directly after the catapult cutscene in this stage. Dodge to the side to escape from the oncoming fireballs. Dash straight ahead until you run into some enemies then make a break for the area off to the right. The fireballs from the catapult cannot hit you as long as you stay in this area. Fight off the two grunts and the new gal enemy. You can knock them into the flames to the side and watch them run around while on fire. The gals have a new special command known as "Spank" if you manage to stun them. Do it. The gal will drop KEY 1 after being defeated. Rush down the path ahead while avoiding the fireballs and run up the steps to the right. A lone grunt will attack plus you'll find a few crates to break open.

Continue down the path ahead and grab the red barrel off to the right side. Throw the barrel at the enemies up the stairs to the left then start attacking. The catapult will not fire anymore, so you're free to attack out in the open. The punks that you will run into are similar to grunts except they are more aggressive. Defeat the leader with them to get KEY 2. A demon may appear here if it didn't earlier. Head up the stairs and break the crates to the left for some items. To the right you will find a blade fatty that was firing fireballs at you. Be sure to Stinger him for all the mess he has caused you. He is really not too much different from the normal fatty, other than his added blade attacks. There is also a punk behind him and some breakable crates to the side. Enter the door at the top of the stairs in the middle portion when you're ready for the next area. You'll need to use both keys to unlock the door.

Up the path ahead you will see a phrase painted on the sidewall saying "Please Come In!" Well, we don't want to be rude, so hurry up the steps to the left. Look out for fireballs on your way. A gal, a grunt, and a whip gal will be waiting at the top. Don't grab the explosive barrel just yet! Defeat the whip gal to reveal KEY 1. Up the next set of stairs you will find a grunt and a warrior. The warrior has a spike club so be sure to rush him and attack aggressively in order to knock it out of his hands. He will leave you with KEY 2. You will also find two girls dancing for a grunt and a leader will attack you eventually. Be sure to follow the two innocent girls down the steps and they will reward you with food. They will duck into the area off to the left side down the stairs. Go back down the stairs and fight off the grunt down the path. Once he is defeated, run back and get the red barrel then hurry down the path. Throw the barrel at the gal and the leader as they come toward you. These two can make a bad combination so take down the gal as quickly as you can with heavy attacks that will separate her from the leader. The leader will leave you with KEY 3 once defeated. Be sure to collect all the items from the area then unlock the door down the right side with the three keys and enter to exit this stage.

STAGE 2-2 ~ Human Fireworks = PARTY!

After the cutscene you will have to help the innocent guy that is tied up to the fountain. To help him, you must stomp out both fuses connected to the dynamite at each end. Stand next to the lit portion of the fuse and you will get the "Stomp" command. The grunts with torches will try to relite the fuses so you must defeat them quickly while keeping an eye out for any that try to relite them. Make use of the red barrels near the entrance to this area to help you take down the first few grunts. Use dashing Jump Kicks or any strong attack to knock down the grunts quickly then grab their torches and beat the other enemies down with them. A blade fatty will enter the area after you have defeated his buddies. Defeat him to get the KEY to the gate up ahead. The innocent guy will automatically be saved if both fuses are unlit after you take out the blade fatty. Hey wait, didn't he just run into the, not that way! He will leave you with a chest containing the DAISY CUTTER roulette attack. Make sure to save him! Unlock the gate with the key you got from the blade fatty to enter the next area.

In the area behind the gate, run up the stairs to find plenty of breakable crates (look inside the building too) and a Little Devil on the right side.

Winning Condition: Annihilate all of the enemies before time runs out.
Time Limit: 2 minutes

The first wave of enemies will consist of two whip gals and a blade fatty and the second will consist of a blade leader, a masked leader, and a whip gal. Wait for the two whip gals and blade fatty to line up next to you then unleash a Daisy Cutter roulette attack on them to get rid of the two whip gals and severely damage the blade fatty. A Wild Pitch will instantly take them all out if they are all in a row! Fight off the remainders. When the second wave shows up concentrate on the whip gal. Separate her from the trio by performing a dashing jump kick or other heavy hit to knock her away from the group. Run up to her and punch her then break her guard and hit her until she dizzies. Give her a spanking immediately when the command pops up and she will be defeated. For the two leaders, you can unleash a Daisy Cutter on them both or jump kick one away from the other and stomp on him. Be sure to look out for their attacks while stomping. The blade leader has a distant attack where he will jump into the air and throw knives.

Reward: Lv1 = 5000, Lv2 = 7500, Lv3 = 10000, LvDie = 30,000

Continue up the path after the battle. Defeat the three grunts and the leader and go through the gate to end this stage (no key this time).

STAGE 2-3 ~ Giant Enemy Crane

Two blade leaders will be showcased in the distance as you walk across the bridge. They will both start to throw knives at you from on top of the pillars as you get close to them so you will need some cover. DO NOT jump on top of the platform ahead of them or they will throw knives and hit you as soon as you land on the platform. There are two sets of columns holding up the platform up ahead, so run for the second set of columns and hide behind them as the two blade leaders start to throw knives. Immediately afterwards, run over to one of the pillars that one of them is standing on and hit it until it falls. Dodge the knives from the second blade leaders as the first pillar falls then start attacking the second column. Now that both of them are down it is all a matter of keeping them separated while you take on one. Dashing jump kicks work incredibly well here since they will always knock one of them down. You can jump kick one to death then take the other down easily. Make sure to watch for their knife throws. The last blade leader you defeat will leave you with the KEY for the gate. Make sure to break the barrel on top of the platform with the ladder before leaving.

Hurry down the street ahead and a cutscene involving a crane will play. Defeat the two grunts that run toward you after the cutscene. More will follow along with some bombers. In order to defeat this boss, you will have to attack the crane hands as they try to hit you. The crane hands will hover above you and try to smash you. Run out of the way as their shadow appears over Gene then turn around and attack. There are plenty of objects that can assist you during this battle. The red barrel near the entrance corridor will nearly destroy one of the cranes. You can also tear out the lampposts found around the crane by getting near them and pressing the O button when the "Pull Out" option appears. There are plenty of barrels found around the area (check up the stairs also) so you will have plenty of items. Bombs from the bombers can damage the crane if you kick one next to it. The only hard part of this battle is when an enemy turns into a demon. Focus all of your energy on defeating the demon when this happens since he will constantly mess up your timing when attacking the crane hands.

When the crane is defeated a gate will open. The exit door is visible in this area, but it is locked at the moment. Go through the gate that just opened and run all the way to the entrance up ahead. A gate will fall down in front of you. You must attack this gate to open it, but there is a catch - the face on the gate will start to turn angry as you take more damage from it. Punch until the gate face mouth opens then duck or back flip as the spiked maces swing out to you. Keep punching the gate and dodging the maces to get it open. One blade punk will be waiting for you in the back of the next room. Run up to him and attack then break his guard and attack some more until you get the "Cobra Twist" command. Unleash a cobra twist to really put the hurt on this enemy and make him cough up the KEY to the exit gate for this area. These enemies are a pain when fought in a group, but you will not see one again for quite a while. Rush back down the steps and unlock the exit gate to finish this stage.

STAGE 2-4 ~ Beware The Arrow Bridge

A gal and a punk will stand near the sidewalls as you start out. Defeat them and run to the switch on the left wall and use it to open the middle space. Two gals will be bothering a girl at the bottom of the pit, so rush down there and help her out. A punk will also be standing to the side as you jump down into the pit. If any of these enemies demonize then jump back up to the floor above and defeat the demon while he is by himself. The innocent girl will reward you with a treasure chest containing the CHAIN YANKER roulette attack. Jump back out of the pit and get ready to go across the bridge.

There are arrow guns on the other side of the bridge that will fire a set of two arrows per gun. In order to get across, you will need to stand so that you are in between two of the guns then run across the bridge. On the other side you can destroy the guns from the back. A punk and a warrior will jump down from the bridge up above. Knock the spiked club out of the warrior's hand and use it to beat them both down. The punk will drop a KEY and the warrior will drop a KEY as well. Jump up where the ladders are along the sides to find some extra breakable crates. Run under the bridge and jump to the area below to find two whip gals blocking the exit gate. Defeat them and unlock the gate (with the poster on it) to end the stage. A cutscene will activate.

STAGE 2-5 ~ The Three Evil Stooges

Thankfully, you will fight all three bosses one by one, so you can easily get the feel of their moves while sparring with them. To beat all three of these bosses, remain close and combo them until they block, break their guard when they block, attack them some more until their special attack icon appears, then let the special attack loose on each of them.

Bruce will be the first boss that will challenge you. Dodge his first distant attack by dodging to the sides as he performs it. Stay close to him and perform the usual comboing and guard breaking until he is stunned then unleash a Stinger on him. You can also stomp on him directly after the Stinger. If he ever parries your attack, he will usually step forward and pound both of his spiked hands at you. To dodge this, dash forward as he does it and the move will miss you completely. You can also dodge his combo the same way. Another way that I have found to dodge it is to back flip as his hands are about to close around you. You must wait just a bit before performing the back flip or he will hit you. The latter way will keep you from having to turn around. All of his moves (the shockwave and the ram) can be avoided by dodging to either the right or left. You can knock him out of his charge, but make sure that you perform a heavy hit.

Once Bruce is defeated, Felix will drop down and challenge you. Felix can be the hardest of the three bosses thanks to his boomerang and constant back flipping. He will throw his boomerang if you stay at a distance. It can hit you while it flies at you and while it returns to him, so you must dodge it twice. In order to keep him from doing this move a bunch, stay close and stay aggressive with your attacks. He will still back flip and do this move eventually however. When he parries after a blocked hit, he will either blow green smoke in your face or step forward with a blade combo. Back flip to avoid each of the moves as he parries your attack. As long as you stay close to him and stay aggressive by stunning him and performing Cobra Twists, then he will not be much of a problem. He likes to back flip and attack with a sweep or blade swipe quite a bit so be ready to back flip when he does this or step to the side.

Conchita will drop down last. She is really the easiest of the three bosses, but she will constantly back flip and try to hit you with her whip when you attack her, so you are going to have to back flip to avoid her attacks more than the others. Stay close and stun her then proceed with a Spanking to finish her off. She has a dash move that she will do from long range so be sure to look out for it and dodge to the right or left to avoid it. She also has a nasty whip grab where she will swing you from side to side if you she manages to catch you. If she ever grovels at your feet, run and jump kick her - it's a trick!

Be sure to unleash the God Hand often, since you will most likely build up the gauge twice while fighting all three bosses. The Dragon Kick roulette attack will take off half of one boss' health bar, so use it on the boss that you have the most problems with. There are plenty of barrels and crates around the area so you can get some health back and possibly some more roulette orbs. All three of them will drop some extra gold for you once they are defeated. You can get Conchita's after the cutscene that ends the boss fight. Go through the hole in the gate after the battle to end the stage.

STAGE 2-6 ~ The Cliff Ahead

Travel down the path ahead to find two giant boulders. The phrase "It's Hard" is wrote on the top of each of the boulders so I guess we can't break them, but we can punch them to move each one! Punch each of the boulders toward the stone circles on each of the sides to open the gate ahead. The stronger the attack, the further the rock will go. The gate will open to reveal two punks and a blade fatty. Knock away at least one of the punks with a jump kick then try to stun and Stinger the blade fatty. Two more punks will be waiting around the right side. Jump up the ladder and a whip gal will jump down and attack from above followed by a punk. One more whip gal will attack as you jump up the next ladder then finally a blade leader will step out. As long as you take the blade leader on by himself he shouldn't be too much a problem. Stun him and Cobra Twist him!

Once you enter the buildings two more punks will attack. The door in the back is closed off. Punch the gate with the face on it and dodge the maces (back flip as they shake) to find a treasure chest containing a food item and the switch for the sealed door that the punks were guarding. Proceed through the outside gates to end this stage.

STAGE 2-7 ~~ The Return Of Fat Elvis

Elvis will jump up to the gate surrounding the graveyard and two blade leaders will be standing on the side of the graveyard. Run to either of the blade leaders and defeat him. As long as you keep to one side, you can fight them one at a time.

Elvis will jump down after the two blade leaders have been taken care of. Elvis retains most of his old moves, but he has a few new ones. He still has his fireball, ram, and torpedo, but this time he also has a dash combo and a cigar fire ring. The dash combo is very tricky since he will start out by dashing toward you then end stop in front of you and try to attack with a combo. He has a new cigar fire ring that will float toward you and actually start to follow you, so it is best to stay as far away from the fire ring as you can while keeping an eye on Elvis. Running is your best option once you see him start this move. His new close range attacks include a cigar flame and a drop kick. The drop kick is very sudden so make sure to watch for it and dodge to the sides.

Hitting Elvis is much harder this time since he has a bit of super armor allowing him to take more hits before he is actually stunned. He will start to turn a dark blue color much like Mech-Zangief from the Capcom VS games, though he isn't totally unstoppable while standing still. He will also dodge some of your attacks by ducking, much like Gene can do. You can still take him down the same way as last time by punching and breaking his guard and then punching some more until you get his special attack icon when he is dazed, but you MUST watch out for some of his moves that he will try to do in retaliation. He will still perform the cannonball move that he did last time. While you are close, keep in mind that he is totally unstoppable as he does his cigar flame attack - sure, you can hit him and take damage, but he will not budge and will continue the attack. He may also do an unstoppable punch at close range. You are going to have to keep your thumb on that right analog the entire time you attack so you can back flip from these unexpected unstoppable attacks. Toward the end of the battle he will turn dark blue and will remain that way, which means that your attacks have little effect on stopping his moves. As always, unleashing the God Hand and using a Dragon Kick roulette attack will help out a bunch. The gravestones around the area can be broken for some extra items. A cutscene will end the boss fight and stage once he is defeated.


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