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Fighting Ring
Extras / Cheats


Chihuahua Races:
Beat Stage 2-1 and a new character (bartender) will show up on the right side of the shop. Talk to him to bet on racing chihuahuas.

Costume Change:
Beat Normal Mode and talk to the new character on the left beside the shop lady to change outfits.

Gene's Outfits Olivia's Outfits:
Original Original
Karate Bunny
Devil Hand

Extra 50,000 Gold:
Finish the first 40 fighting ring challenges.

Fighting Arena:
Beat Stage 1 in order to participate in the fighting arena battles.

Fighting Arenas 41-50:
Beat the game and finish fighting arenas 1-40 to make the final ten appear.

Fighting Arena 51:
Beat the game, and finish fighting arenas 1-50 to unlock a bonus arena battle.

Fighting the Casino Bouncer:
Hit any person in the casino that is standing out in the open and the casino bouncer will challenge you in a ring match. He will not give you anything for beating him except for a bit of gold the first time (stand over his body after you beat him or you'll miss it) and your health will be replenished fully after the fight if you win.

Hard Mode:
Beat Normal Mode to unlock Hard Mode.

Make Money Quick:
Enter the Chihuahua Races and bid on Lucky Clover (orange). If Lucky Clover is not in a specific race then press triangle to back out. The lineup of dogs will change each time. Viewtiful Pup and Leg Humper are two other good choices, in that order, but Lucky Clover hardly ever looses.

Music Disc A:
Beat Normal Mode and it will be available in a treasure chest inside of the shop on your next game.

Music Disc B:
Play any of the slot machines and get 3 prize icons to win a ticket. Walk down to the bouncer in the back of the first floor and open one of the chests to hopefully get this disc. The prizes are all randomly placed every time, so you could have two tickets and open one chest, get nothing, then open the same chest again and get the music disc. Talk to the lady next to the chests and she will tell you if you can win the prize from the chest or not. She will tell you that the items have been restocked and that you can now win a music disc.

Music Disc C:
Beat Hard Mode and it will be available in a treasure chest inside of the shop on your next game.

Music Disc D:
Beat the game with the "Kick Me" sign posted on Gene's back on any difficulty. Olivia will post the sign on his back on Stage 1-2. You must NOT use the God Hand or any roulette attacks at all or the "Kick Me" sign will disappear. So, you basically have to go through the whole game without the use of the God Hand or roulette attacks. The disc will be inside of a treasure chest in the shop on your next game.

Poke of God Special Attack:
This option will appear if you stun a demon while he is low in health. To easily see this, use a Ball Buster or Chain Yanker when the Demon's life is low then the option "Poke of God" will appear. Gene will lean toward the demon and poke him to finish it off for ultimate humiliation.

Olivia Pictures:
While taking a break or simply navigating the pause menu, you can take a look at some shots of Olivia in many different poses. Press R1 or L1 on the main menu to cycle through the different pictures. These pictures will appear within a certain time frame after you begin a new stage.

Picture Stage Unlocked
Reading a Book Default
A Comfy Pillow Default
He's Late Again Default
Nap Time Default
Waiting Around Stage 2
Exercise! Stage 2
Shooting Stars Stage 2
Bed Time Stage 2
Great Weather Stage 3
Get Away!! Stage 3
Olivia-Go-Round Stage 3
ZzzZZZZzzz Stage 3
I'm Bored... Stage 4
A Nice Chat Stage 4
How Ya Doin'? Stage 4
I'm So Sleepy Stage 4
A Fine Beach Stage 5
A Relaxing Bath Stage 5
Mmm... Juicy. Stage 5
Mmm... Comfy. Stage 5
Beautiful Night Stage 6
What's that!? Stage 6
Da GodHand Code Stage 6
*SNORE* Stage 6

Second Round:
Beat the game and save your game afterwards for a clear save (what I call the second round). On your next game you will be able to purchase ALL the moves and roulette attacks from the beginning except for the ones that you must get throughout the various stages. Please note that you must buy everything over, but it will all be available from the start this time.

Television Access:
Beat Normal Mode and the TV in the middle of the shop will be on. From here you can access God Cinema and view:

Trailer (JPN Ver 1)
Trailer (JPN Ver 2)
Trailer (E3 Ver)

To unlock the last three movies, you must finish all the challenges in the fighting ring. ALL of them, in one playthrough! A message will appear once you have finished the final battle that will tell you to check in the shop.

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