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STAGE 3-1 ~ An Adult Playground

The following items are available at the shop:

Technique Gold Power Up Gold Roulette Gold
Left Hook 2 6,000 Fruit Smoothie 12,000 Daisy Cutter 6,000
Pimp Smack 9,000 Puppy Pizza 15,000 Chain Yanker 6,000
Long Straight 2 8,000     Zen Revival 15,000
Right Hook 2 5,000     Head Slicer 8,000
Mach Speed Jab 1 15,000     One Inch Punch 7,000
Forearm Smash 1 10,000     Typhoon Kick 9,000
Reverse Hell Kick 12,000        
High Cross Kick 10,000        
Spinning Sobat 9,000        
Somersault 8,500        
Guard Breaker 2 8,000        
Fist of Justice 14,000        

Be sure to buy the Reverse Hell Kick in the shop. This move will allow you to knock away any grunt-type enemy as long as the difficulty is not on LvDie. The Forearm Smash is another good investment that will allow you to knock away any enemies regardless of their status. The Forearm Smash will take a bit longer to charge when compared to the instant Reverse Hell Kick however.

As you rush down the street, a blade gal and a grunt will open the doors on the buildings to the side and attack. Knock the grunt away with a dash attack then attack the blade gal with attacks and guard breaks then spank her. She will throw her bladed hat at you from a distance and it will return to her much like the Felix's boomerang from earlier. The house on the left has an innocent man being tortured by a clown fatty inside. Bust through the door and defeat him along with the grunt inside. The clown fatty has some very strange distant attacks (bouncy ball) so be sure to stay close and stay aggressive with attacks and guard breaks. Step to the side to avoid his bouncy ball attack. The innocent man will run down the alley to the right of the street you were on. The alley to the left has a top hat gal and a grunt standing around. Rush to the middle area to find a masked leader on the right and a grunt sitting down with a top hat gal on the left side. If you don't have your TP gauge filled up then you should take on the top hat girl and blade leader first to build up your TP so you can unleash the God Hand on the masked leader. You can pull the parasol (umbrella) out of the ground and use it to attack the enemies. Gene pokes it at enemies much like a spear. A top hat whip gal and a grunt will come racing through the gates ahead as you defeat the masked leader.

Defeat the remaining enemies and be sure to take advantage of all the breakable objects for some extra powerups (the stand can be broken) then head through the open gate. Grab the parasol and use it to defeat the blade leader and grunt by the entrance to the next area. You'll most likely hear enemies getting attacked in the distance which is great - they are actually damaging some traps for you...I mean the traps are damaging them, yes. Defeat the enemies in front of the entrance and look down either side and locate the rotating spike pillar. The pillar will head along the tracks and spin then will eventually stop and the spikes will go back inside. When it stops, run over to it and attack it until you see it start to spin again - back flip immediately when you see it spin. You can destroy all of these pillars for some extra items. The way ahead is a maze of enemies and spiked pillars. Take the path on the far right side to find a Little Devil at the end after fighting through the grunt and blade gal.

Winning Condition: Annihilate all of the enemies before time runs out.
Time Limit: 2 minutes

The first wave of enemies in this challenge will consist of a clown fatty and two top hat whip gals. You can easily take on the two whip gals by themselves since the clown fatty will usually keep his distance unless you venture toward him, so take advantage of this and defeat them first. Defeat the clown fatty with the usual combo mixed with a guard break then Stinger. The second wave of enemies will be two top hat whip gals and a blade gal. Try to knock the whip gals away from the blade gal and take her on solo. A Daisy Cutter Roulette will instantly defeat the whip gals if you line up all three enemies. The final opponent will be a robot leader. Watch out for his rocket kicks where he will fly toward you with his foot out. If you have been saving your God Hand gauge then be sure to unleash the God Hand now and you won't have any problems. A Dragon Kick will damage him considerably as well. You can still take him down by using the usual attack followed by a guard break then special attack, but watch out for his dodging and countering. These robot leaders will be normal enemies in the later stages.

Reward: Lv1 = 5000, Lv2 = 7500, Lv3 = 10000, LvDie = 30,000

The left path will lead you to a top hat gal with a breakable box. Travel down the middle path to find the exit door. Take the right path to find a blade leader along with an explosive barrel. Grab the explosive barrel and carry it all the way to the exit door and throw it at the clown fatty and top hat gal. Defeat them both and a masked leader will hop down and challenge you. Unleash your God Hand if you have it built up to take him out easily or use a roulette attack. He will leave you with the KEY to the exit door for this level.

You now have access to the Chihuahua races back at the shop. Talk to the man behind the right counter when you enter to bet on a dog. The Lucky Clover dog will be your best bet at winning the races. See the Extra section for more details.

STAGE 3-2 ~ The Masked Man's Riddle

The gorilla will stand in place until you walk up to him so take this chance to work your way over to that sign behind him. Tear the sign out of the ground and hit him with it until it breaks. This boss is unlike any boss you have fought thus far mainly because you can't just combo him constantly and break his guard. He will try to grab you during an attack or try to attack himself. The beginning animation for his attacks make him unstoppable so you must avoid the attack by dodging to the right or left for a drop kick or back flipping when he tries to grab. You can sweep him out of his lariat attack. If he grabs you and starts to swing you around, be sure to shake the left analog to break free and Gene will hit the gorilla in his itty bits and stun him allowing you to perform a Gorilla Suplex on him. The Gorilla Suplex will take quite a bit of his life. If he ever grabs you and tosses you down then jumps on the middle pedestal be sure to press the button that appears on the screen to have Gene roll out of the way of the Gorilla's incoming splash. This will take damage from him as he hits the ground and will allow you to get a free stomp in on him. Whenever he starts to yell, a bomber will bring some bananas to him. Rush the bomber and hit him with a dash attack and grab the bananas for yourself before the gorilla gets them. If you are good at breaking guards, you can probably attack him then break his guard and attack some more to wear him down, but keep in mind that he will parry your attack the first time you hit his arms while guarding. If you have the forearm smash then attack him with it while he recovers from a move. The best damage for this fight will come from retaliating after he grabs you or after he attacks or the use of roulette attacks or the God Hand. If you are good at dodging, you can actually take quite a bit of life from him by stomping him after you dodge his drop kick or when you sweep him out of a lariat. Use roulette attacks that will stun him to take off the most damage or just use the Dragon Kick. He will leave you with a KEY after defeating him that will unlock the exit gate for this stage.

STAGE 3-3 ~ Shannon's Dance School

Whole groups of enemies (8 total) will be dancing or messing around up the street ahead. There are altogether four grunts, two top hat gals, one clown fatty, and a masked leader. Don't activate them all at once. Keep a few of them busy while the others continue to dance in the distance. There is rocket launcher in one of the boxes to the side. Gene can fire it at the enemies by pressing the X button. Use the parasol to the side for some big damage as well and use the God Hand if you must. Save the innocent man and he will escape by stepping into the area to the side. After you defeat all of them a top hat gal and a blade gal will come through the gate closest to you and a masked leader will busts through the gate up the hill.

Fight through the two gals and enter the area where they came from to find the innocent guy that you saved along with another and a few breakable objects as well. You might want to grab that red barrel because when you try to go up the hill to confront the masked leader two top hat gals and a clown fatty will run toward you from the bottom. Throw the barrel at them to get the drop on them. The gate past the masked leader and the gate back near the parasol on the left side both lead the same way. You will fight a blade whip gal, a blade leader, and a grunt on the other side. Press the switch at the stand to activate the face on the middle gate that is sealed. Run back outside and hit the gate's face like normal and back flip when the maces clash until you have opened it. Grab the parasol and defeat the clown fatty and blade leader next to the gate on the right. The gate straight ahead is locked so go through the one that the enemies were guarding to finish the level.

STAGE 3-4 ~ The Not So Fun House

Run further into the tunnel and enter the area with all the barrels ahead. The gate will seal off behind you and a cutscene will begin.

This battle seems extremely overwhelming at first with the number of enemies you must fight and once and how agile they all are. This battle can be over extremely quick though. If you can manage to line all of them up and perform a Wild Pitch roulette this will take nearly 75% of their life. You can actually get all five of them in this if you line them up properly. A Dragon Kick will instantly kill any of them that you manage to catch as well, but you will most likely only catch a few. The best time to do this is right after one of their team attacks. The have two team attacks. For one of the team attacks they will all line up and shoot laser shots at you - this is probably the best time to get ready for a Wild Pitch. For the other team attack they will group up and grab each other's hands and roll after you in teams of two. You can knock them out of the roll if you perform a dash attack with the proper timing. Dash attacks (Jump Kick or Jumping Overhead Kick) will be your best bet for hitting them since you will have to run constantly to stay away from them. If you have the Reverse Hell Kick then you easily hit them with this move whenever they stand still. These guys can corner you very quickly then attack all at once and stun you very easily. Stay running and keep up the dash attacks to defeat them. Break the barrels around the area in hopes of finding some orb replenisher cards. Wild Pitch and Daisy Cutter roulette attacks should be enough to finish them all off if you can line them up properly.

If you manage to stun one you will get the "Stake Driver" special attack in which Gene will hit one overhead and plow him into the ground. You can proceed to stomp on him for quite awhile while he is planted in the ground. If you stop to attack them with punches you will most likely start a juggle since they are constantly hopping around. This will allow you to stun them very easily. Finish one of them off with a Stake Driver and he will remain planted in the ground for the rest of the battle. Hilarious!

A cutscene will play after you defeat the final member. Run down the tunnel ahead and the door will seal off. The treasure chests down the path don't contain anything. Run up to the switch and pull it. You will trigger a minigame upon pulling the switch. In order to complete this minigame press the corresponding button as labeled near each cannon on the ship whenever a cannonball gets close to Gene. It will turn red when it is about to hit Gene and that is when you should press the button labeled on the corresponding cannon that the cannonball came from. I have found it best to call out the name of each button as the cannon fires then press those buttons as the cannonballs gets near Gene. A piece of the boat will fall down next to you after you've kicked back enough. Use the wooden piece as a bridge to get on the ship. Defeat the warrior with the club on the other side then grab the KEY from the first chest and the 100 FIST roulette attack from the treasure chest up the stairs. The gate across the bridge will open back up for you after getting the key. Be careful while hitting the barrels and crates since some blade midgets are hiding in some of them. They almost fight like demons with their aggressiveness but they are much weaker. Be sure to knock the hell out of them with the spiked club for scaring you.

Go back across the wooden piece and back into the area where you fought the Magnificent Five. Blade fatties will drop from the ceiling and the entrances will seal off. This can be a very dangerous duo, so I would recommend using a powerful roulette or kick it up a notch with Gene's God Hand. Exit the tunnel after you defeat them to finish the stage.

STAGE 3-4 (continued) ~ (A Return to) Shannon's Dance School

This is not exactly a stage, but you can save in between the areas giving it that stage feel. Grab the parasol off to the side and use it to help defeat the blade leaders blocking the door. Unlock the door afterward to finish the stage.

STAGE 3-5 ~ Puppy Kingdom

Awwwww, look at the cute poison puppies! Don't worry, they can't poison you nor can they hit you. They will actually follow Gene around though. Break the stand for a possible item and run toward the circus tent ahead. Break the boxes and balls around the side for some extra powerups and money. There is an innocent guy behind the objects on the left side. It turns out that he is afraid to move because of all the poison Chihuahuas. Run into the tent after collecting everything to, surprisingly, end the stage!

STAGE 3-6 ~ Shannon's Show

It's about time we ran into another boss, eh Gene? Well, this boss fight is much harder than all the others you have faced and will truly test your dodging and guard breaking skills. First of all, you need to have Guard Break 2 with you to make this battle a bit easier. When you start out, Shannon will either taunt (dash up and jump kick her if she does this) or fire her pink heart projectiles at you. She will fire out these projectiles in two different ways. Either they will come toward you vertically or horizontally. You can dodge the vertical group by dodging to either the right or left, but you must duck under the horizontal group of projectiles (keep tapping up on the right analog as they fly overhead). These projectiles will actually stun Gene very quickly if they hit him. She has one more long distance attack where she will fire out a large pink heart that will home in on you. Whenever you see this move, I would advise running since she will usually do this a few times in a row if it misses the first time. If this hits Gene, it will turn him into a Chihuahua. Whenever you get turned into a Chihuahua, you better turn and run the opposite direction since Shannon will run over to you and smack you around pretty bad if you don't.

Now, about hitting her - you must run in close (jump kick her to start) then start attacking. If you see her guard then break her guard immediately and attack her some more until you get the Spank special attack. Look out for her attack where she will wave her baton around her. As soon as she does this, back flip away from her. DO NOT try to hit her during this move! She can hit you with the waving of the baton, but the main part that will hit you is the explosion of sparkles at the end of her baton twirling. The second after the explosion ends run back toward her and jump kick her then start attacking again. As long as you can time the guard breaks right you should be able to hit her quite a bit. The baton waving attack of hers are very random so make sure to look out for them and back flip appropriately. She will sometimes try to strike you with a baton normally, perform a kick combo, or try to grab you with her lunge grab. You can wiggle the left analog to break free from her grab. You can also knock her out of her grab animation and the kick combo if timed correctly. Run after her and jump kick her when she tries to back flip away from you to keep her from performing any distant attacks. The forearm smash may work well for this fight if you have it.

You can run into the cage in the middle of the area for some extra items, but Shannon will trap you inside of the cage and will force you to fight a blade gal and a masked leader, so you will have some extra worries on your hand while attempting to restock. Be sure to use the 100 Fist roulette attack on her at least once to take about 25% of her life. Unleash the God Hand whenever possible as usual. This fight will take a bit of practice, but once you get the feel of her attacks and can back flip, dodge to the side, or duck as soon as you see them coming you will take her down eventually. Stay aggressive and guard break as soon as you see her block. Feel free to spank away on her when you see the icon. If you feel comfortable enough after dodging her baton wave, you can actually taunt her at that moment since her attack will take a while to end anyway. She looks so cute when she's angry.

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