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STAGE 5-1 ~ Oh no! Human Horseshoes

The following items are available at the shop:

Technique Gold Power Up Gold Roulette Gold
Left Jab 3 10,000 Fruit Smoothie 15,000 Face Runner 8,000
Long Straight 3 12,000 Puppy Pizza 20,000 Shockwave 2 12,000
Short Uppercut 2 5,000        
Backfist Strike 2 7,000        
Right High Knee 11,000        
Back Roundhouse 13,000        
Drunken Fist 2 10,000        
Side Swipe 10,000        
Drunken Twist 6,500        
Overhead Blow 10,000        
Drunken Sweep 7,500        
Drunken Fall 7,500        
Toe Touch Kick 10,000        
Heel Drop 10,000        

You'll receive an extra 10,000 gold upon entering this stage thanks to the money that Gene received from Olivia in the prior cutscene. Up ahead, a thug, thug leader, and a clown fatty will be waiting. The thugs are much like the other enemies you fought in the prior stages, but they are a little more aggressive. Destroy all the objects to the left (food baskets) for some extra items then continue onward. Halfway across the bridge up ahead a cutscene will play with some enemies torturing an innocent man. Run down the steps past the bridge and defeat the thug, thug leader, and fatty by knocking them into the water. Another cutscene will play after you defeat all the enemies. Grab the HOME RUN GOD roulette attack from the treasure chest afterward. Be sure to equip it. Run up the stairs and open the gray door to exit the stage.

STAGE 5-2 ~ Dangerous Alleyways

A fighter will be down the alley ahead as you start this area. The fighters are just as weak as thugs, but they should not be taken for granted. They can perform four attacks in a row and will take off a good chunk of your health with each attack. Back flip or duck and sweep whenever they start their attack string. Launchers (especially the reverse hell kick) work extremely well on them. Enter the building to the right. Two more fighters will enter the building as you walk toward the back. Check the alleyways on your way around the building. A wrestler, a whip gal, two blade fan gals, and a blade leader will be up the steps ahead. Go under the bridge and enter the building further down to the left to find some extra crates to break open. There are some more down the alley to the right. Run to the open area on the left side to find two fighters and a master. This is quite a team since they all have long attacks strings so unleash the God Hand or have some roulette attacks handy. Open the door down the street ahead to finish the stage.

STAGE 5-3 ~ Long Walk. Short Pier.

Don't grab the red barrel just yet. Take care of the blade fan gal and whip gal near the bridge at the top of the stairs. Punch the bridge to make it fall then go back and grab the red barrel. Toss it at the clown fatty across the bridge then prepare to do battle with him and the group of thugs and punks on the other side. A blade fan gal and a punk will be waiting down the street ahead. Get on the boat to end the stage.

STAGE 5-4 ~ Rock Star Tour Boat

Don't break any of the crates just yet unless you are dangerously low in life. Pull the switch next to the cannon on the front of the ship. You'll start a minigame where you need to shoot as many ships as you can. Press the X button to fire the cannon and aim for the boats and spaceships. The spaceships are worth the most points so be sure to get all of them if they appear. You'll have to aim near the front of the boats since the cannonball will take a while to reach them. A boat will pull up beside yours after the minigame and a whip gal and thug will jump over to your boat and attack. Now you can start to destroy the crates if you need any extra life or powerups. Lure the enemies to the front of the boat and kick them off with a reverse hell kick. A thug, thug leader, and another whip gal will attack next. Do the same to them. You can actually kick off a demon as well if one of them turns. Make sure to keep all the enemies away from the innocent man or they will kill him. The final wave of enemies will be a whip gal, a warrior with a spiked club, and a thug leader. A cutscene will play after you defeat the final enemy.

This boss is pretty weak once you get rid of the thugs that are on the boat. Lure the thugs to the front of the boat and kick them off with reverse hell kicks. No, you can't kick Love Guitar off the boat! He has several guitar moves, but they are not all that damaging. He will play his guitar and launch several shockwaves of electricity at you sometimes to which you can avoid by staying in between the shockwaves. He sometimes fires out electric fireballs or will dash toward you and slide with his guitar while playing. Sidestep these moves with the right analog. His slide is very fast so watch for him to dash then get ready to sidestep. He is most dangerous at a distance. Most of his close range moves are guitar hits. He does attack quite a few times in a row at time with his guitar so keep your distance by back flipping whenever he attacks. If you have a roundhouse equipped then that will usually counter his guitar combo very well. Watch out for his grab also. Attack him as you would any normal enemy. He will raise his guard and will keep it up long enough for you to easily guard break. Attack and pummel away at him when he staggers. You'll have this boss beat in no time if you use some powerful roulette attacks and use the God Hand.

STAGE 5-5 ~ The Floating Bazaar

The innocent man from the last stage will reward you as you exit the boat. Run up the stairs and two blade fan gals will attack. Defeat them and run toward the area to the right of the gate in the back (the gate's locked for the moment). If you don't need the items in the crates then save them for later. A blade fan gal, a blade leader, and a whip gal will attack on your way up the stairs. Grab the KEY in the top area and talk to the little devil for another Little Devil challenge.

Winning Condition: Annihilate all of the enemies before time runs out.
Time Limit: 2 minutes 30 seconds

At the start of the battle, a master and two fighters will appear in front of you but there are also two fighters to your left side, two more fighters to your right and a sumo behind you. For this fight, you really need some roulette attacks or a full TP gauge to start things out since all the enemies surrounding you will attack at once. Daisy Cutters work very well for quickly defeating the fighters. You can also kick all of the enemies off the side of the platform that you are standing on. Use reverse hell kicks or forearms smash or some other heavy attacks to get to knock them off quickly. The sumo can actually knock the other enemies off himself if he tries to ram you and one of them is in his path. Remember that you can knock them off by punching them to the edge and actually pushing them off with punches - it doesn't have to be launcher attack. A roulette attack that launches such as Divine Smash will send off several enemies at a time.

Reward: Lv1 = 5000, Lv2 = 7500, Lv3 = 10000, LvDie = 30,000

On your way back to the gate, two fighters and a master will jump from the rooftop and attack. Unlock the gate as usual and open it to end this stage.

STAGE 5-6 ~ Knife Sniper

Up ahead you'll notice a thug and a thug leader hitting an innocent man. Rush toward them and defeat the two enemies then collect your reward from the man. A gate with a face you can attack is up ahead, but there are two blade leaders on the bridge to the right that will throw knives at you. Run to the right and head up the stairs to stop this nuisance. Two thugs and a blade fan gal will pop out from the sides as you run under the bridge. Try to stay directly under the bridge so the blade leaders can't hit you with their knives. A thug, blade fan gal, a wrestler, and the two blade leaders will be waiting at the top. If you have a roulette attack or enough TP for a God Hand unleashing then use them. Otherwise, use reverse hell kicks on the smaller enemies to knock them away from the group then finish them off. Be sure to break the crates past the bridge then jump down. Punch and dodge the maces on the gate as usual to open it. A whip gal and a thug are all that stand between you and the exit gate on the other side. Be sure to jump up the area with the ladder for some extra item pickups. Open the gate to finish the stage.

STAGE 5-7 ~ Encore?

Love Guitar is the exact same as he was last time, but this time he has a companion drummer. Double C will stand back and constantly shoot fireballs at you by hitting his drums. Either he will shoot two fireballs at you, or he will charge one big fireball and shoot it toward you. The big fireball is slow so you can easily get by it by dodging to the right or left. You can get away from the two fireballs the same also, but be warned that they are faster. The main objective here is to try to get Love Guitar away from Double C so you can quickly defeat Double C. Use a forearm smash to get a guaranteed launcher on Love Guitar - dash into him and attack then use a forearm smash as he recovers - then attack Double C. He acts much like a normal fatty, but he will parry you much quicker. Roll back every time he parries or ducks a hit to avoid damage. He has a triple sweep combo that you need to look out. If you work up your TP gauge or use the Home Run God you will heavily damage either one of them. Their life gauges fall fast so this battle shouldn't be too hard. Sometimes you can attack Love Guitar and Double C will just stand back and watch - you may want to try this if you have problems knocking Love Guitar away from Double C.

The final boss that you defeat will leave you with the KEY to unlock the exit door. If you check Lover Guitar's body afterward, you will trigger an optional boss. You can easily just exit the level without fighting him if you don't examine Love Guitar's body.

This boss is really the exact same as Lover Guitar, though he seems to stand back and shoot electricity from his guitar more often if you give him some distance. Stay on top of him with attacks and break his guard just like you would Lover Guitar's to easily take him down. The only thing really different about him, other than his more aggressive fireball nature, is that he can take slightly more damage than Love Guitar.

STAGE 5-8 ~ It's A Trap!!

Run straight ahead and the ramp up ahead will turn on. A large ball will be blocking the ramp. The ramp will electrify every few seconds. The object here is to attack the ball and move it up the ramp as you follow behind. There are sections of the ramp that will not electrify and that is where you must stop to rest. Use reverse hell kicks and dashing jump kicks to move the ball forward. Reverse hell kick, dashing jump kick, reverse hell kick, dashing jump kick - use this to get you to the top. Any other powerful attack should, but make sure to use an attack with very little delay while starting and ending it. Stand on the unelectrified pieces and use reverse hell kicks to keep the ball from pushing you away. Kick the ball on the circular space at the very top and it will open to reveal a clown fatty. Defeat the clown fatty and check around the side of the building up ahead for plenty of crates. Enter the building to finish this stage.

STAGE 5-9 ~ Elvis's Graced Land

Jump down to the area below and walk toward the altar to activate a cutscene.

Did he just say Henshin? And Viewtiful Elvis? Let's rock baby, yeah! Anyway, this boss will truly test your dodging skill like none before. He has tons of attacks and you must know how to dodge each one. For all of his close attack, you will need to back flip to escape from getting hit and for all of his long distance attack you will have to do a well timed dodge to the right or left to avoid his attack. The hardest part about this fight is the fact that you will have to watch him like a hawk to see when his next attack is coming. When you are close, watch his arms, his mouth (chest mouth), his foot, or watch for him to jump then back flip accordingly.

To better help you out, here is a list of his attacks:

Three hit combo: Elvis will raise his left arm into the air and come toward you with a series of three punches.

Punch: Elvis will raise his right arm into the air and punch one time.

Flames: Elvis will raise both arms into the air (they will glow) and spew flames in the area in front of him. You must back flip VERY quickly to escape this attack! Back flip twice.

Ground Stomp: Elvis will raise his left leg and stomp the area in front of him.

Ground Pound: Elvis will raise both hands into the air and punch the ground in front of him.

Jumping Stomp: Elvis will jump into the air and come down with an earth-shattering stomp. This is much like the attack he had in human form.

Bite: Elvis' chest will open its mouth and Elvis will lunge toward you and try to grab you with his chest teeth. This is a VERY fast move and he will do it twice in a row if it misses the first time. Shake the analog immediately if he grabs you with this. He can actually eat you and end the battle right then if you don't get away quick enough.

Fireball: (distant attack) Elvis will charge both arms and shoot a fireball.

Ram: (distant attack) Elvis will get into a crane pose then dash forward with fire around him. You must wait until right before he hits you to dodge to the side.

To beat him, you will need to attack him up close and dodge away from his attacks each time you see him about to perform one. One good aspect of this battle is that you will not have to worry about performing guard breaks - he never guards! That doesn't make the battle any easier though. Keep attacking him until you get the "Pummel" icon then press the O button to get a pummel exclusive to this boss fight. He will lie on the ground when the icon appears. Take advantage of when he taunts you. He has two taunts: one where he will motion to you and one where his chest mouth will open. As always, unleash the God Hand when the TP gauge is full and use your most powerful roulette attack (Home Run God) to help chip away at his life faster. He's really not that bad if you use the God Hand or roulette's on him, but if you still have that "Kick Me" sign on Gene's back then you better be prepared to do a bunch of dodging if you want to keep it!

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