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Most of this is based on playing each fighting arena battle as it is available to you but I would NOT recommend doing that. You must finish ALL of the fights in one game to unlock the extra movies. Fights 41-50 will not be available until you beat the game and finish fight 1-40, so if you finish them on your first playthrough you will have to go through them again on your clear game save. Wait until the clear game before you start to go through these! You will have more moves and more powerups available to you from the beginning. Completing all 40 arenas your first time through will only give you 50,000 gold.

Full Fighting Ring List

No. Level Enemies Time Limit Prize Unlocked
01Lv23None1000Stage 2
02Lv24None1000Stage 2
03Lv23None1000Stage 2
04Lv2501:001500Stage 2
05Lv22None2000Stage 2
06Lv32None3000Stage 2
07Lv2300:502000Stage 3
08Lv23None1500Stage 3
09Lv23None1500Stage 3
10Lv2801:252000Stage 3
11Lv32None2000Stage 3
12Lv33None3000Stage 3
13Lv23None1500Stage 4
14Lv3802:452500Stage 4
15LvDie300:152500Stage 4
16Lv26None4000Stage 4
17Lv25002:003500Stage 4
18Lv31None4000Stage 4
19Lv25None4500Stage 4
20Lv33None3500Stage 5
21Lv22None2500Stage 5
22Lv2801:302500Stage 5
23Lv23None2000Stage 5
24Lv31None3500Stage 5
25Lv31None4000Stage 5
26Lv23None2500Stage 6
27Lv2802:003000Stage 6
28Lv2301:453000Stage 6
29Lv31None3500Stage 6
30Lv33None5000Stage 6
31Lv22None4000Stage 7
32Lv2301:003000Stage 7
33Lv31None10000Stage 7
34Lv35None5000Stage 7
35Lv3401:004000Stage 8
36Lv3801:253500Stage 8
37Lv3200:504000Stage 8
38Lv31None5000Stage 8
39Lv31None15000Stage 8
40Lv230None20000Stage 8
41Lv23None10000Second Round (beat game)
42LvDie4None10000Second Round (beat game)
43LvDie1None10000Second Round (beat game)
44LvDie1None10000Second Round (beat game)
45LvDie1None11000Second Round (beat game)
46LvDie1None12000Second Round (beat game)
47LvDie1None13000Second Round (beat game)
48LvDie1None14000Second Round (beat game)
49LvDie1None15000Second Round (beat game)
50LvDie1None50000Second Round (beat game)
51LvDie1None99000Beat every other fight

Fighting Ring Fights

The normal standard setup for fighting in the rings is that you will receive a full life bar and 25% TP gauge, if there is anything different in a ring challenge then it is noted beside "Status". Some of the ring challenges have time limits as well.

Fight 1

Enemy Types: 3 grunts

This should be easy if you stick with basic combos and use some powerful hits. Rush them with a jump kick often to keep them separated. As usual, don't let them surround you and avoid their attacks by dodging when you see an attack coming.

Fight 2

Enemy Types: 2 grunts, 2 fatties

Rush toward the grunt in the back with the hammer and jump kick him. Pick up the hammer and use it to finish off as many of the four enemies as you can until it breaks. Use combos mixed with guard breaks to quickly stun the fatties then perform a Stinger while they are dazed.

Fight 3

Enemy Types: 3 bombers, 1 leader

Thanks to the bombers, the leader will not attack you much at all at the beginning of this battle since he will be too busy dodging the bombs himself. You can actually kick some bombs toward him. Rush after the bombers and hit them with a jump kick then combo them. Be on the lookout for their behind grab and counter it appropriately. The leader shouldn't be much of a problem by himself if you combo him and break his guard when he starts to block.

Fight 4

Enemy Types: 4 grunts, 1 fatty
Time Limit: 1 minute

This one may take a few tries because of the time limit. Three of the five enemies will be dancing until you hit them. Rush toward the fatty right at the beginning and jump kick him then immediately start to combo him until he blocks. Break his guard then continuing comboing until you get a Stinger icon then unleash the Stinger move on him. Stomp him while he is on the ground to kill him. Only two grunts will be active while attacking the fatty - the other two will remain dancing. Now you only have the four grunts to worry about. Rush them with jump kicks to separate them (get a free hit on the dancers) then combo the ones that get close to you and break their guard appropriately. It's a good idea to have a fast hard-hitting move such as the Expert Sobat for this battle to separate them quicker.

Fight 5

Enemy Types: 1 fatty, 1 leader
Status: Only 25% health

Rush toward the fatty at the beginning and start to combo him, break his guard, combo, then Stinger him. Stomp on him to finish him off. Dodge the leaders hits if he tries to knock you away, but make sure to take out the fatty first since he will be the easiest to kill. The leader shouldn't be much of a problem by himself. Combo him and break his guard until you stun him then suplex him.

Fight 6

Enemy Types: Q and A
Status: 2 Roulette Orbs

This fight is really no different than the last time you fought these two, except this time you don't have any breakable objects for extra health and power-ups. You do have access to your roulette attacks however, and if you have the Dragon Kick this battle is not a problem. Wait for them to prepare a double team attack then rush toward them both and unleash a Dragon Kick roulette attack for maximum damage (75% of their life bar). After hitting them with this it is all of matter of comboing them, breaking their guard, then stunning them for a pummel. Have your Barrel Roll Kick equipped and use it every time they try to do a double team attack. You can hit them with it as they run toward you, but you might get hit a bit in doing this. Dodge their jump kicks by back flipping as usual.

Fight 7

Enemy Types: 1 grunt, 1 blade fatty, 1 wrestler gal
Time Limit: 50 minutes

You will definitely need some strong attacks here thanks to the time limit. Equip your main combo with your strongest fast attacks that you have and use constant attack combos and guard breaks on the blade fatty until he is stunned. Wear him down a bit while he is stunned until right before his dizziness wears off then Stinger him to finish him off and keep you shielded from the grunt's attacks. Keep kicking away the grunt with a jump kick or other powerful attack if he interrupts your attack on the blade fatty. Once the time limit reaches 30 minutes, the wrestler gal will enter the ring. Try to knock the grunt away from her then run and stomp on him quickly. When you go to fight the wrestler gal you will be nearing the end of the time limit so use constant combos and guard breaks. If you build up your TP gauge then be sure to unleash the God Hand and use constant punches to defeat her. This is a hard fight if you don't have some decent level attacking moves within your main combo.

Fight 8

Enemy Types: 3 whip gals
Status: Only 50% health

If you can keep these three separated with constant dash attacks then this won't be a problem. Run toward the two on your right when starting out and hit them both with a dash attack then dash attack the lone whip gal to the right and stomp on her until the others start to crowd around you. Interrupt the stomp by using a back flip then let them move into a row and perform a dash attack on all three. Wear them down with constant dashes to quickly get rid of them all.

Fight 9

Enemy Types: 2 punks, 1 warrior punk

Stay away from the bomb icons or they will explode as you touch one. Separate the punks away from the warrior punk then defeat them while they are by themselves. Use attacks and guard breaks to stun the warrior punk then suplex or pummel him.

Fight 10

Enemy Types: 8 whip gals
Time Limit: 1 minute 25 seconds
Status: No TP

This battle looks tough with so many enemies that you will have to beat within a time limit but it really isn't all that bad if you stay aggressive and do not use any special attacks when the enemies are stunned. Run toward the whip gal in the distance and start to combo her immediately. Break her guard as usual then combo her until she is stunned and keep hitting her afterward. Whip gals will start to enter the ring one by one in about a 10 second interval. The 10 second delay will allow you to defeat each whip gal solo before another one enters. By the time the three at the end enter all at once you should have a full TP bar, so just unleash your God Hand to easily take them out. If you don't have it by then, use dash attacks to knock them away and try your damndest to build it up.

Fight 11

Enemy Types: 1 blade leader, 1 warrior w/spiked club
Status: 1 Roulette Orb

The difficulty is the main thing that makes this fight outrageous. The fight starts at Lv3 and a half on the difficulty meter. The main goal here is to get the spiked club away from the warrior. Use a Daisy Cutter roulette attack right at the beginning to knock the club out of his hands. Grab the club and beat them with a few square attacks to stun them then use a powerful triangle attack to finish them off. The warrior will go crazy with the club if you let him keep it because of the difficulty.

Fight 12

Enemy Types: Bruce, Felix, Conchita
Status: 2 Roulette Orbs

Touch either of the three "!" icons to fight one of the three bosses. You can actually fight all three at one time if you feel you can handle it by touching all three one after another. Bruce is really the only boss that seems harder. He will send three shockwaves toward you this time since the difficulty is higher, so be ready to dodge to the side three times. He also seems to step back out of your attacks to counter with one of his own attacks more often. Felix and Conchita seem to be just about the same. Be sure to unleash your God Hand when it charges and Dragon Kick one of them since you start with two roulette orbs. You can actually Dragon Kick two of them or all of them if you have them all on the screen.

Fight 13

Enemy Types: 1 clown fatty, 1 blade gal, 1 top hat whip gal
Status: 1 Roulette Orb

Try to get all three of them in a Typhoon Kick roulette attack right from the beginning and you will kill the top hat whip gal and severely damage the other two. After that, just attack and guard break as usual.

Fight 14

Enemy Types: 8 clown fatties
Time Limit: 2 minutes 42 seconds
Status: No TP

You fight a total of 8 clown fatties for this battle, but each one will show up about ever 20 seconds, so you need to take the current one down as fast as you can. Use your most powerful combo sequence mixed with guard breaks whenever the clown fatties block. Unleash the God Hand to help you out when there are two in the ring at the same time. You will easily build up the TP meter at least twice. Try to hold out as long as possible before you unleash the God Hand for the second time because you will most likely need it for the final clown fatty that shows up during the last 20 seconds of the fight. Do not use a Stinger on the final clown fatty since that will take too long. Stick with constant combo attacks and guard breaks for the final one.

Fight 15

Enemy Types: 1 blade gal, 2 blade leaders
Time Limit: 15 seconds
Status: Only 1% health, no TP

This battle requires a bit of luck, some very well timed dodging, and a reverse hell kick. The enemies all have low life, but they are all on the highest difficulty level plus they can take you out in one hit. At the beginning of the round, run toward the middle of the area then QUICKLY dodge back as the enemies attack. Hit them with a reverse hell kick. Hopefully you will at least get 2 enemies with the kick. One reverse hell kick or any type of launcher attack will kill a blade leader if you counter one of their attacks.
With the amount of aggression caused by the difficulty of this fight, a counter is not too hard. You will have to continuously back flip or dodge to the side and wait for a chance at another reverse hell kick after the first. The blade gal has a tendency to grovel since her life is low - use this chance to hit her with a dashing jumping overhead kick. She is the only one that will take two powerful hits to kill. This may take man tries, but you'll get it sooner or later.

Fight 16

Enemy Types: 1 clown fatty, 1 masked leader w/spiked club, 1 top hat gal (actually 3 demons)
Status: 2 Roulette Orbs

This battle is not what it seems. Are you good at handling demons? How about three at a time? Any type? Well, as you hit each of the enemies they will transform into a random demon. Run up to each of them and hit them with a dashing attack to instantly kill them and prepare to face some demons. Since you have two roulette orbs you can take one of them out instantly with the 100 Fists roulette attack or you can try to get all three in a Dragon Kick to take about 75% of all their life bars. Be sure to grab the spiked club that the masked leader dropped. The club will be a big help here.

Fight 17

Enemy Types: clown fatties, grunts, masked leaders, top hat gals, blade gals
Time Limit: 2 minutes
Status: Only 50% health, no TP

This battle is insanity! All of the enemies in this mode will usually die with one hit from a powerful swing or about two hits from everything else. From the start, grab a weapon of your choice and run to one side. Depending on what the enemies are doing, take a swing at them with the triangle button. If one of them is throwing a projectile or doing any sort of dash attack, dodge to the right or left. The reverse hell kick will work extremely well in this battle and should be used often. Make sure to run a bunch and only stop for a single attack most of the time unless you have all of the enemies in your line of vision. For this battle, your thumb should never be far away from the right analog. You will need to dodge a bunch to survive! Dodge and reverse hell kick. The weapons found around the area will help you out but they break often so you will constantly be forced into hand-to-hand combat. Use the triangle swing for the best results with any weapon. Do not depend on jump kicks to knock enemies down since they will not kill enemies with one hit - go for reverse hell kicks as much as you can.

Fight 18

Enemy Types: The Champ
Status: 1 Roulette Orb

This fight is really no different than the last time you fought this boss on stage 3. There are no bananas this time though. You will have one roulette attack so use your most powerful one. While fighting him, your TP gauge is bound to go up, so unleash the God Hand toward the end of the battle. He doesn't lie on the ground for long at all now so stomping is basically useless. Attack and guard break as much as possible. Back flip and dodge to the left and right appropriately to dodge his attacks and you shouldn't have any
problems. Remember to duck and sweep during his lariat.

Fight 19

Enemy Types: Magnificent Five
Status: 2 Roulette Orb

These guys are much more aggressive and stronger than they were before. Use frequent dash attacks and use the reverse hell kick for quick hits. Try to get all five of them in front of you and do the 100 Fist roulette attack. One good thing about this roulette is that if any of them jump toward Gene while he is punching then they will get stuck in the attack. This can nearly kill any of them if you hit them with all of the punches in the move. For close range, a combo with all punches is good for interrupting their cloe attacks, but the
reverse hell kick will be your best bet for a successful attack while standing still. The roulette attack and the use of your God Hand toward the end of the battle will be the main determining factors for winning this battle. Use the God Hand right near all of them and keep attacking while you stand in place for the best results. Once you have them down to one just stand above him and keep punching. The lasers and roll attacks are easily the most annoying attack in this battle. Be sure to run out of the way of the lasers and dodge to the sides when you see them rolling.

Fight 20

Enemy Types: 3 bunny gals

There will only be one bunny gal at the beginning of the round so immediately start to attack her. These bunny gals like to back flip while you attack them so you'll have to follow them and watch out for their counters. The other two will eventually drop down after so many seconds, so be sure to take out the first one as fast as you can. By the time you finish with the first, you should have built up your TP gauge enough for a God Hand unleashing so just go to work on the last two with your God Hand to easily walk away with the gold.

Fight 21

Enemy Types: 2 whip gals
Status: Only 50% health

If you have been stocking up on Fruit and Tropical Smoothies then your life gauge should last you just fine for this battle, even at half. Avoid the bomb icons and fight the whip gals as you normally would. Try to kick one away from the other with a well-timed reverse hell kick and use the other to boost your TP gauge then unleash the God Hand.

Fight 22

Enemy Types: 8 whips gals (robots, wrestler, and normal)
Time Limit: 1 minute 30 seconds

There will be a rocket launcher lying in front of Gene at the start of this battle so be sure to grab it. Back flip a few times and let all the gals line up in front of you then shoot them with the X button. Hit them with the rocket launcher afterward until it breaks then start to dash around the area and knock down the gals with jump kicks and reverse hell kicks. The robot gals can always be hit with a reverse hell kick so go after them first to help build up your TP gauge. Once your TP gauge is full enough, unleash the God Hand then collect your gold. The time limit is very generous this time.

Fight 23

Enemy Types: 1 robot grunt, 1 robot blade leader, 1 robot leader

Use the reverse hell kick to get the robot grunt and blade leader into the corner then reverse hell kick them to death as they lay on the ground. Keep this up and you should be able to build up your TP gauge just about enough for a God Hand unleashing. All you really have to worry about is stepping to the side to avoid the robot leader's attacks.

Fight 24

Enemy Types: 1 masked wrestler

This fight isn't too bad if you keep a sharp eye on the masked wrestler while attacking him. His grab is extremely fast so it is hard to see it coming. If he ever starts to slightly dash forward with his arms outstretched then back flip away from him. When he lifts up his left hand be sure to step back as well to avoid his chop. His moves take a bunch of life, so you can't afford to get hit much at all. As long as you can wear him down with constant attacks then get a pummel off, your TP gauge should start to fill up enough where you
can unleash the God Hand - after that the fight is basically yours! He doesn't take too much damage from the God Hand, but you just might be able to finish him with one God Hand unleashing if you stay as aggressive as possible.

Fight 25

Enemy Types: Dr. Ion
Status: 1 Roulette Orb

This fight is basically just like it was in Stage 4, but Dr. Ion will take more hits this time and he will do his double electric attacks more often. He mainly likes to unleash his double electric attacks when he has his first arm so remember that and back flip away as soon as you see him readying both of his hands. He seems to hop away a bit more often as well, so you'll be chasing after him more than you did during the first battle. Unleash the God Hand whenever possible and be sure to hit him with your greatest roulette attack
that uses one orb.

Fight 26

Enemy Types: 2 thug leaders, 1 whip gal
Status: 20% TP, 1 Roulette Orb

Go after the whip gal first. Trap her in the corner and reverse hell kick her to death. You have one roulette orb to spare so use one of your single most powerful roulette attacks against the two leader thugs.

Fight 27

Enemy Types: 2 masters, 6 fighters
Status: 20% TP
Time Limit: 2 minutes

The setup of this fight is very beneficial since you will only fight one fighter and one master at the beginning. Run up to the fighter at the beginning, while trying not to touch any of the "!" icons, and jump kick him then reverse hell kick while in the corner until he is dead. Fight the lone master carefully with attack combos and guard breaks. Use him to build up your TP gauge. Your TP gauge should be near full by the time you finish with him. Use the Yes Man Kablaam technique while he is stunned for a real good TP boost. As long as you have enough to unleash the God Hand, run and touch all the "!" icons to activate all the other enemies. Let them pile up then use you God Hand and focus on the fighters. Try to kill them all if at all possible. Jump kick and reverse hell kick the rest of the fighters until you build up your TP gauge again then finish them off with one God Hand unleashing. The fighters go down very quickly to God Hand punches so it should only take one unleashing to get rid of them all.

Fight 28

Enemy Types: 1 master, 2 whip gals
Status: 20% TP
Time Limit: 1 minute 45 seconds

Time is really your only concern here, since all the enemies show up at different times. The master will be your first opponent, so just attack and combo break him to help build up your TP gauge. Try to have him finished off when the first whip gal shows up then start to attack her the same way. When the second whip gal shows, unleash your God Hand then kill at least one of them with it. The final whip gal may take most of the rest of your time, but just stay aggressive and you'll defeat her easily.

Fight 29

Enemy Types: 1 wrestler
Status: 20% TP, only 1% health

This fight is much more friendly compared to the last battle you had with 1% health. If you stay aggressive and guard break the wrestler at least once, you can stun him then pummel him to his death. Keep hitting him after he stuns and pummel him at the last possible second before he recovers for the best results. You may have to just throw out a guard break every now while hitting him instead of waiting for him to block since he parries after one blocked hit, but it doesn't take too many hits to stun him, so just keep trying. The main thing you have to watch out for is his sudden drop kick and four hit combo. His combo is long and slow so make sure to wait for all three punches and the kick before attacking him. Try using a reverse hell kick to counter his move if you think you can get it out before he starts. His attacks are slow so it's not that hard.

Fight 30

Enemy Types: Rock Band (Love Guitar, Double C, Rock Guitar)
Status: Two Roulette Orbs, Half TP

This fight is hard if you fight either of the first two along with Rock Guitar. These guys are much more aggressive than they were before, especially the guitar players. It is much easier if you can defeat the first two by pounding on them constantly and then deal with Rock alone. Rock will not show until after about the first 30 seconds of the fight. Pound on both Double C and Love Guitar until you get a full TP gauge then get them both down to about half life with God Hand attacks. You need to get both of them in a Home Run God roulette and that will take half of their life (maybe a little more). The best time I have found to do this is right after you get Double C in a stinger attack. Perform the roulette while Double C is getting up and while Love Guitar is near and you should be able to get Love Guitar in the move as well since he will most likely be right on top of you. You can also get them both in a roulette attack while recovering from an attack. Either way, you NEED to get both of them in a roulette attack. Rock is enough of a problem by himself, so try to have the first two out of the way so you can focus on him. Rock will parry after two blocked hits so he can be difficult to fight with combos and guard breaks. He will back flip constantly, so you will need to follow him throughout the battle. Do not ever give him the chance to perform one of his electric guitar moves - stay super aggressive so he doesn't have time to do
one. If you see him about to do one then rush up and attack. The main potential of how hard these guys can be is really shown in this battle.

Fight 31

Enemy Types: Punk Leader, Tiger Joe
Status: One Roulette Orb

Take out the punk leader as quick as possible. Try to get both him and Joe in your most powerful single orb roulette attack. Stay on top of the punk leader and break his guard often then attack and pummel right when you get the chance so you'll be invincible when Joe tries to attack from the side. For Joe, you need to concentrate on ducking one of his high kicks then sweep him. Stomp on him afterward if you get the chance. Joe makes this battle very unfriendly at the beginning, but if you take out the interference (punk leader) then it is just another average Joe fight.

Fight 32

Enemy Types: 2 warrior gals, 1 punk
Status: 20% TP, One Roulette Orb
Time Limit: 1 minute

This is a hard one thanks to the time limit. Try to get all of them in your most powerful single orb roulette attack at the beginning. For the remainder of the battle, reverse hell kick the punk away as you attack one of the warrior gals. Guard break the second she blocks an attack and try to raise your TP gauge as fast as you can. Do not spank - this takes too long and will not give you enough damage quick enough. You will need your most powerful quick hit combo string along with a good guard breaker to finish this one. Don't beat yourself up over this one if you can't get it just yet, wait till later when you have a more powerful attack string.

Fight 33

Enemy Types: Referee
Status: 20% TP, One Roulette Orb

Well, this is new. The referee has tons of moves and tons of life. He has both of Tiger Joe's kick combos and some very quick dash attacks. His main dash attacks are a sliding punch and rocket kick. Be sure to look out for his spinning uppercut and overhead punch as well. Use forearm smashes to hit him after any of those moves then move over to where he lands and try to do another forearm smash as he gets up - 60% of the time, you will hit him with a forearm smash as he gets up, but sometimes he will roll away or block the move. The forearm smash doesn't take much off, but it will hit him and knock him back every time it makes contact (unless he blocks). The Hand Plant Kick is another godsend for this battle, but it will not make you invincible from all of his moves. He can still hit you with the triple sweep and drunken kick while performing a Hand Plant Kick. Hit him with a Hand Plant Kick then juggle him as he falls back. You will have to spam the God Hand as much as possible during this fight. A good way to build up your TP gauge is to duck one of his kicks from either of his kick combos and sweep him or counter him with a Hand Plant Kick. Use your most powerful one orb roulette attack as well.

Fight 34

Enemy Types: Magnificent Five
Status: Two Roulette Orbs

Do you have the Crescent Kick? If not, go back and buy it NOW! Try to get as many of them in the Crescent Kick as possible and it will kill all of the ones that get hit by hit. If you are about to activate it and find that you are only about to get one then stop the roulette attack. These guys take off tons of damage this time so you can't afford too many hits at all. As usual, reverse hell kicks (especially as they get up) are priceless for this battle.

Fight 35

Enemy Types: 2 tunnelers, 1 blade assassin, 1 cannon fatty
Status: 20% TP, One Roulette Orb
Time Limit: 1 minute

All you really need is the Kung Fu Tango roulette attack for this battle. Try to get as many of the enemies as you can in one Kung Fu Tango then defeat the rest with normal attacks and guard breaks. Watch out for the bomb icons!

Fight 36

Enemy Types: 8 tunnelers
Status: No TP
Time Limit: 1 minute 25 seconds

All 8 tunnelers will drop one at a time and you only ever have two on the screen at the same time (if you take too long to defeat one). Use the reverse hell kick. Knock them down with a reverse hell kick then dash over to them and kick again. Hit them with a dashing jump kick if they try to get up a little early while you dash. Your TP gauge should be full enough for a God Hand unleashing by about the sixth tunneler, so use the God Hand to quickly defeat the remaining tunnelers.

Fight 37

Enemy Types: 1 blade assassin, 1 samurai demon
Status: 20% TP, One Roulette Orb
Time Limit: 50 seconds

Bring your Kung Fu Tango roulette into the battle with you and use the attack on both enemies as they walk toward you. This will kill the blade assassin and damage the samurai a bit. Grab the assassin's sword and use it to quickly defeat the samurai through triangle swings. The blade will be enough to nearly take the full health bar of the samurai, but you will most likely need to punch a bit toward the end.

Fight 38

Enemy Types: Dr. Ion
Status: 20% TP, One Roulette Orb

Use your Kung Fu Tango roulette attack and all the other techniques that you usually use to beat him. He is the exact same as when you fought him in stage 7-1, only he is on a fixed Lv3 difficulty.

Fight 39

Enemy Types: Sensei
Status: Half TP, Two Roulette Orbs

This is a very cheap battle thanks to Sensei's difficulty. At his current difficulty, he will make four extra images of himself, so you will have to deal with five Senseis that are extremely aggressive and take off tons of damage if you allow him to perform his image attack. The object to beating him is to spam the hand plant kick while right next to him. Use the hand plant kick to knock him into the air then juggle him with punches until he recovers in the air. Do another hand plant kick as he walks toward you and juggle some more. As long as you can keep hitting him with hand plant kicks followed by constant juggles he will not get much of a chance to do his image attack. The hand plant kick will keep you from getting hit most of the time so just do another if he tries to attack. When you stun him, hit him with a Yes Man Kablaam punch while he gets up to get some of your TP up then pummel him. Having a full TP gauge is of the utmost importance for dealing with the images of him. If he ever gets his image move off then unleash the God Hand and do constant reverse hell kicks to all of them. You will usually kill each image within one hit and will knock away the real Sensei. Use the two roulette orbs for a Zen Revival or use two Kung Fu Tangos. A Kung Fu Tango will take off quite a bit if you can get a bunch of his images in the attack along with Sensei.

Fight 40

Enemy Types: 21 fighters, 3 blade leaders, 3 whip gals, 3 masters
Status: Full TP, Three Roulette Orbs

The good aspect of this battle is that all the enemies except for the 3 masters fall prey to the reverse hell kick. All the enemies will come in a specific grouped order and once you have defeated that group, the next group will enter the ring. They will come in this order: 3 fighters, 2 fighters and a whip gal, 2 fighters and a blade leader, one master. Unleash your TP gauge on the first 3 sets of enemies then use the lone master in the fourth set to build your TP gauge. Stun him, hit him with a Yes Man Kablaam, cancel the move, hit him with another Yes Man Kablaam, cancel the move, pummel. Start to use your roulette moves if the enemies start to gang up on you when you don't have enough TP for a God Hand unleashing.

Fight 41

Enemy Types: Ninja Fatty, Afro Fist, 1 leader
Status: Two Roulette Orbs

You need to build up that tension gauge as quick as you can. Try to use a bunch of sweeps at the beginning to hopefully counter some of Afro Fist's moves then unleash the God Hand on whichever enemy you find the most annoying. Ninja Fatty takes some extreme damage from you so I would take him out first. You can nearly kill him with half of your tension gauge. Use sweeps to counter a bunch of Afro Fist's combos and use one or two of your roulette attacks on him and the leader. This is a hard battle with the combination of Afro Fist's speedy hits and Ninja Fatty's damage, but if you can defeat one of them the other isn't near as bad.

Fight 42

Enemy Types: 1 purple demon, 1 orange demon, 1 red demon, 1 trident demon
Status: Two Roulette Orb

The first three normal demons can be taken out very quickly if you hit them with a guard break and attack afterward. Fight the purple demon normally to help boost your TP gauge. The orange demon will appear in front of you immediately after the purple demon starts to vanish so be ready. Try to fight him as much as you can until he starts to hit you a bunch then unleash the God Hand when he is close. Attack him until he dies and keep attacking so you will hit the red demon as he appears in front of you. Depending on how full your TP gauge is, you might be able to defeat both of them. When the trident demon appears, race right toward him and start attacking and you will be able to get him in a pattern. As he leans his trident back to attack, duck and sweep to counter his trident hit then keep attacking. Duck and sweep every time you see him lean his trident back and you will be able to defeat him without the need of the God Hand or roulette attacks.

Fight 43

Enemy Types: The Champ
Status: 20% TP, Two Roulette Orbs

The Champ's moves are extremely quick now, so it is hard to see them coming. Sweep him whenever he does his lariat (which he likes to start up right next to you now). Use the two roulette orbs you have and try to build up your TP gauge as fast as you can. Use frequent taunts to boost your TP. If you can get him in a guard break, the moves afterward will take a big chunk of his life and it
will give you a good TP boost.

Fight 44

Enemy Types: Elvis
Status: 20% TP, Two Roulette Orbs

There is no trick to beating this battle. Elvis' moves are super fast now and you will have to have an immediate dodging response to them all. He will now follow up with a second torpedo after his first torpedo so you will have to dodge twice to the side after he does his crane stance. His earthquake move is extremely quick so you will have to back flip immediately as he jumps. Make sure to duck and sweep him as he races toward you with his punching combo or back flip away. He will sometimes chain into the earthquake move directly after one of his moves to counter whatever you are doing. You need to build up your TP gauge and you need to build it up FAST, by taunting, countering, or just normal attacking. All of his moves can be dodged just like in the normal fight with him, but you have to have some quick responses. If you can manage to guard break hit his block then that will help out very well - he will usually guard after about the second attack. Use the Chain Yanker along with the Yes Man Kablaam to build up your TP gauge quickly if you don't use a level 2 roulette attack - Chain Yanker, Yes Man Kablaam, cancel, Yes Man Kablamm, cancel, pummel. The Chain Yanker mixed with the Yes Man Kablaam doesn't work extremely well however, since you are only given two roulette orbs, though you can take about half of his life this way.

Fight 45

Enemy Types: Elvis
Status: 20% TP, Two Roulette Orbs

This battle is just as tough as Fight 45, only this time Elvis has the same moves that he had in the second battle of the main game.

Fight 46

Enemy Types: Shannon
Status: 20% TP, Two Roulette Orbs

This battle is not too much harder than it was before. If you can stay close to Shannon most of the time and back flip to avoid her baton sparkle attacks then you will not have too much of a problem. The main hard part is the fact that she will take off tons of damage with the slightest hit. Her grabs and sparkle attacks will take off about half of your life from a full life gauge. She will now fire out three hearts that can each turn you into a Chihuahua, so make sure to stay as close as you can to keep her from doing this. Use your God Hand and roulette attacks as you see fit and you should take her down eventually. Check back for in the walkthrough (Stage 3) for some more advice on this boss.

Fight 47

Enemy Types: Elvis (Demon Form)
Status: 20% TP, Three Roulette Orbs

This battle is hard, though far from impossible thanks to your saving grace of three roulette orbs. Use your Shaolin Fist once to take nearly 50% of his life bar. You will ultimately have to fight him like you did in the normal game. He takes off tons of life so you cannot get hit much at all. Basically, you will need to back flip anytime Elvis flinches the slightest. His attacks are so fast now that you must take immediate action. Watch his arms, leg, chest mouth, and watch for him to leap into the air then back flip. The good aspect
of this battle is that many of his moves only require you to back flip to dodge them. His distant attacks are the only moves that you will have dodge by moving to the left or right. Elvis' human form is much much harder than this form.

Fight 48

Enemy Types: Shannon (Demon Form)
Status: 20% TP, Three Roulette Orbs

To make this battle easier, I would suggest back flipping all of her close range attacks, even the head slap that gives you the "Avoid" icon. Her moves have gotten way too fast to be able to distinguish between tapping a button or pulling back on the right analog. Her bite attack alone must be dodged the instant you see her lean her dog head back. Be very careful while approaching her at the beginning. She will sometimes shoot out projectiles then go straight into a close range attack if you are close enough. The fireballs will still be traveling toward you as she attacks. Much like the demon Elvis fight, you just have to back flip very quickly and attack her while she recovers. If she backs you into a wall, you must run away because she can easily attack you with her head slap if you back flip into a surrounding wall. Shaolin Blast will not take off as much as it did with Elvis, but it will help out a bunch. The God Hand as usual will be a saving grace as well.

Fight 49

Enemy Types: Belze (Demon Form)
Status: 20% TP, Three Roulette Orbs

This battle sure hasn't gotten any easier from last time as expected. You will have to keep your eyes on his insect eyes and dodge to the side each time he attacks (when the insect eyes turn pink). Don't back flip during this fight since his attacks have gotten extremely fast and you will probably not escape from all of them that way. Dodge to the side and attack and you will be able to knock him out of any combination attack that he will do. You can actually run and taunt Belze a bunch to boost your TP since he is so slow. Spam your God Hand and roulette attacks as much a possible and watch those eyes.

Fight 50

Enemy Types: Azel (Devil Hand)
Status: 20% TP, Four Roulette Orbs

Devil Hand is incredibly quick for this battle, especially when he uses his God Hand. You will have to dodge to the right to avoid his Shaolin Blast roulette attack this time. Be sure that you dodge to the right as the hand comes toward you so you can avoid the thumb. Look out for his fire wave also (duck it or dodge to the side the moment it is about to touch you). To hit Devil Hand, use your Chane Yanker roulette attack to bring him toward you then hit him with one Yes Man Kablaam, cancel it by dodging to the left or right, hit him with another Yes Man Kablaam, cancel it, then pummel him. If you keep this up then you will build your TP gauge very fast while you damage Devil Hand. Do the same Yes Man Kablaam combination if you stun him normally as well. Unleash the God Hand often and use your most powerful combo available to you. It is best to simply run around the arena with the dash whenever he activates his God Hand. He is way too fast when he has his God Hand activated and even though you can still dodge him, you will probably take some hits if you stand still. Wait until you hear him deactivate his God Hand, then stop and get ready to dodge his long range attack that he will do afterward.

Fight 51

Enemy Types: Gene (w/both God Hand)
Status: 20% TP, Five Roulette Orbs

This is the most intense fight in the game! Between this and the DMC3 chess board with Dante on DMD mode, I don't know what to say... At least this battle has a slight pattern though.

Your opponent is a clone of Gene armed with both God Hands. He will unleash both of them throughout the battle much like Devil Hand did with his single God Hand and will chase after you while they are activated. Whenever he does this, run around the area just like you did with Devil Hand. He will unleash a Double Shaolin Blast for one of his far off attacks. In order to dodge it you will have to dodge to the side (while extremely far since the hands will come together as they get closer) the second the hands reach you or simply run around the arena on one of its sides. Gene will use many of your own roulette attacks during this battle.

In order to beat Gene, make sure that you have purchased the Invincible Fist from the shop and that you have your Chain Yanker roulette attack with you. Use the Chain Yanker roulette attack along with the Yes Man Kablaam combination that I told you to use on Devil Hand (Chain Yanker, Yes Man Kablaam, cancel, Yes Man Kablaam, cancel, pummel). This will take off a good bit of damage from him while you charge your TP gauge. Hit him with your most powerful combo set each time you activate the God Hand and try to get him into another Yes Man Kablaam combination as the God Hand dies if he dizzies near the end.

The only trick that I have found that will get him every time is with the Invincible Fist. Whenever he unleashes his God Hands, run around the arena and wait for it to wear off. When it finally wears off, he will do one of his far off attacks. If he does the fire shockwave (learn to tell what it is by the sound), then turn around and face him after dodging his attack. Ready an invincible fist as he charges toward you. Let go of the button as he gets right next to you to knock him back then wait just a second (wait for him to
get up) and charge another. Let him run toward you again then unleash a second invincible fist. Charge another as he gets up and then hit him one more time (total of three) as he runs toward you. Don't do another one - dash to the side to avoid his next move! He will always try to hit you with one of his far off attacks then unleash the God Hands directly after the third hit. Run around again and repeat the same pattern. You will always be able to hit him three times after the first fire shockwave when he deactivates his God Hands. The only hard part about this is making sure that he throws the shockwave instead of his two hands from the Double Shaolin Blast. You can actually hit him as he unleashes the God Hands during the pattern above but it is a bit risky.

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