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Fighting Ring
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Controls and Basics

X Attack/Throw Item/Confirm
Square Combo Attack
Triangle Attack/Cancel
Circle Attack/Confirm
L1 180 Degree Turn
L2 Taunt
R1 Open Roulette Menu
R2 Unleash God Hand
Left Analog Move Character
Right Analog Dodge (See Dodging Controls)
Start Display Pause Menu
Select Brings up Area Map if Acquired

Right Analog (Up): Duck
Right Analog (Down): Backflip
Right Analog (Right): Dodge Right
Right Analog (Left): Dodge Left

The game will actually keep track of how well you are doing throughout gameplay. The Difficulty Meter will fill up depending on how you attack and dodge. A more skilled player will have a harder game while a less skilled player will have a game set at the difficulty level chosen. The difficulty meter will go up as you attack, dodge, reverse attacks (break guard then attack), and perform special attacks while opponents are dazed. The meter will decrease every time you get hit. The more enemies you defeat with a higher difficulty level the greater your bonus gold will be at the end of each stage.

Here is a summary of the way your gold amount is calculated after each stage.

Continues > Gold

Slain Villagers > Gold

Lv 1 - number of kills x 100 Lv 2 - number of kills x 150
Lv 3 - number of kills x 200 Lv Die - number of kills x 300 > Gold

Stage Total > Gold

Notice that enemies killed under a higher difficulty will yield more gold.

The orbs, found above the life gauge, will allow Gene to unleash roulette moves during gameplay. Tap the R1 button and cycle through the different moves by
pressing either R1 or the left analog followed by a tap of the X button when the desired roulette move is chosen. When the R1 button is pressed, gameplay
will slow down considerably to allow you to choose from the different moves. A meter will display on the right hand side of the screen along with the different moves. Quickly choose the desired move before time runs out or the currently selected move will be performed. Tap the triangle button to cancel this sequence.

Different Roulette Moves will require different numbers of Roulette Orbs.

Yellow - 1 orb
Blue - 2 orbs
Red - 3 orbs

This will show how much health Gene has. Collect food found throughout each level to replenish lost health. Whenever the life gauge is low, the bottom right half of the screen will flash a red color to let you know that you are low in life. Buy items at the shop (Smoothies) to raise your maximum HP.

Attack, taunt, get hit, or dodge an enemy's attack to raise the Tension Gauge. Once it is at full power, press the R2 button to unleash the power of the God Hand on your foes. Buy Pizzas at the shop to raise your maximum TP gauge.

Whenever an opponents is stunned from hitting him enough times, an icon will appear above him with the a specific action along with the O button. Press the O button to have Gene perform whatever action is labeled above the opponent's head. Every action is exclusive to a specific character type. They range from Suplexes, Pummels (Kick and Punch), Cobra Twists, Stake Drivers, Pokes of God, and Spanking. Sometimes you will be given the option to counter a move by pressing the O button when "Counter" appears on the screen. Certain boss fights, demon battles, and bomber battles will have counter options. You can also kick back bombs from the bombers by pressing the O button near the bombs.

Advanced Combat

While Gene is in the middle any type of move press the right analog any direction to end that move's animation. This is an extremely effective technique for tons of Gene's moves since it will stop the extra animation and allow you to stay aggressive or dodge an oncoming enemy attack. For instance, with the Yes Man Kablaam technique, you can perform the normal punch of the attack then step to the right or left as Gene starts to do his appealing animation afterward. This can help to reduce the recovery time for several moves.

A few moves will also let you cancel the few bits of ending animation with an attack of your choice. These will vary depending on the move. For instance, the final bit of animation for a forearm smash can be interrupted with any

There are two ways to counter; either through a guard break or by interrupting the enemy's attack the second right before he does it. A counter hit will hit harder and take off more life from the enemy as a result. A counter will also give you a launcher hit all the time if you attack with a heavy attack such as a reverse hell kick or will knock the enemy down while performing a sweep. Some of the most successful enemy attack counters can be done right after ducking (forward with right analog) an enemy attack. The triangle sweep is one of the best attacks to use right out of a ducking dodge. An enemy attack counter will only take off extra damage for that one hit, but counter attacks right after a guard break will allow you to get in many more extra damage hits.

Learn to use all of these effectively right before an enemy attack and you will avoid most damage once you familiarize yourself with an enemy's attacks. The later stages demand that you learn to use these techniques well. Sweeps labeled with "Evade High Atk" can be used as an alternative to ducking and will usually give you a better chance at a counter hit.

Any move labeled as "Juggle Enemy" will allow you to pop up the enemy and juggle them with any move of your choosing as they fall. A pop up move is most effective when charged (if it can be) or as a counter. The enemy will go further into the air resulting from a charge or counter. Two moves - the laughing dragon punch (Back + Triangle) and the mid-air roundhouse kick (Forward + Triangle) - were made especially for juggling purposes and can only be done while an enemy is in the air. Other than those two moves, just like in a fighting game, quick hits will serve as the best method for juggling an enemy once they have been launched.

Moves labeled as "Launch Enemy" will sometimes knock the enemy far away from you when performed. Some launchers are more effective at knocking away the enemy (Forearm Smash) while others will only allow you to launch an enemy during a counter or on certain enemy types at any time (Reverse Hell Kick). For instance, some grunts and robot enemies can be launched with any move (they can even be launched from the ground), but for enemy types such as leaders, you will need to counter their attack or hit them after a guard break to successfully launch them with a move such as a reverse hell kick.

Taunting is a good feature to use to raise the difficulty meter for extra gold at the end of each level, but it will also serve to help you lure standing enemies away from a crowd. Stand and face a distant enemy and taunt him or her to make that one enemy come toward you. This way you can take enemies on one at a time so you can carefully plan your attacks without having to worry about dodging their buddy's attacks. Taunting will also help to raise you TP gauge.


Cherries Restores 20% health.
Orange Restores 30% health.
Bananas Restores 50% health.
Strawberry Restores 100% health.
Bikini Restores some of Tension Gauge.
Green Skull Restores 1 Roulette orb.
Gold Skull Restores 2 Roulette orbs.
Red Skull Restore 3 Roulette orbs.
Orange Skull Boosts attack power temporarily.
Fruit Smoothie Increases HP by 20.
Tropical Smoothie Increases HP by 40.
God Smoothie Increases HP by 60 and TP by 30.
Puppy Pizza Increases TP by 30.
Gold Plate Increase Roulette Wheel Orbs by one.
Samurai Sushi Increases number of combo attacks by one.
Shogun Sushi Increases number of combo attacks by one.



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