March 1 - Finale & Gyumaou March 2 - Lando88 & derideor March 3 - Starlance123 & chado1 March 4 - ClosedEpigraph & Fizzelin March 5 - Fiete1991 & Sebareil March 6 - MrReay & Borger0599 March 7 - Thorandor & knoximus March 8 - CIOXX & alex March 9 - AngusBastion & McTerry March 10 - Draconiar & roguewoa March 11 - Newtrat & Jaz10 March 12 - jarron92 & intoyourspiral March 13 - zerocoolcat & sve1976 March 14 - The_Philosopher & JRock March 15 - Mazonine & msymall41 March 16 - Azshara & EpicBanana581 March 17 - LazyGamer & hornell2007 March 18 - NodOff & Soulhammer March 19 - xKangoku & fdoneshwar March 20 - ModifiedHill & slazer2au March 21 - Elyoki & Murdy March 22 - morisey & Graphil March 23 - TeIrishFlapjack & revanbanemalgus March 24 - allgamer & Yedilzee March 25 - injet & ChadimusRexIII March 26 - iamsemiazas & Ryuk1711 March 27 - Actium & FelyxCat March 28 - Daneisra & ronsky7827 March 29 - RavinaXS & Icelus March 30 - VENOMs_LAIR & abosaud09 March 31 - DeathK & Gatewayy
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This month we are offering a special BONUS GIVEAWAY exclusive to our TIER 7 contributors. We are going to give away HORIZON: FORBIDDEN WEST COMPLETE EDITION or ANY GAME UP TO $100 IN VALUE (EXISTING or PRE-ORDER) every 24 hours through the end of the month to THREE LUCKY WINNERS. All games are sent DIGITALLY via STEAM or HUMBLEBUNDLE. In order to win, you MUST have entered the contest within the previous 24 hour period. Each time winners are picked, ALL ENTRIES ARE WIPED CLEAN and we start again. Users in March may only win once. Winners of any previous monthly contest are eligible to win again.
Tiers were first introduced with our 2021 Kickstarter and went from Tier 1 to Tier 7, based on your donation level. Throughout 2022-2024 we offered many ways to increase your Tier level, mostly through donating via our online store. We also gave away several Tier 7 upgrades during our Day of Giving and Second Chance giveaways in December. How do you know what Tier you are? You can see it below and also on your MY SETTINGS page. For those looking to get a Tier 7 upgrade you can do it from our online store. Our monthly contests are our way of giving back to those that have supported us the most. Please note that your TIER level has NOTHING to do with your MEMBERSHIP LEVEL or how long you have been a member. Due to many requests, you may now earn additional Tiers via our DONATION page.
Game A Day Giveaway
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* No purchase or Tier level required. To enter for free please download this submission form and mail it in before March 31, 2024. Entries received by mail will be treated the same as a TIER 7 member. Existing TIER 7 members are not eligible for mail-in entries. We will draw 3 winners from those entries received by mail. Drawing to be held on April 1, 2024.
Horizon: Forbidden West or Your Choice to $100