CoSMOS Tutorials

The following tutorials were created using various versions of CoSMOS. While the app may appear slightly different, the process is still the same or very similar.
[CoSMOS | Advanced]
[CoSMOS | Advanced]
[CoSMOS | Advanced]
Planet Coaster
Learn to Hack Research Time.
Doodle Kingdom
Learn to Hack the # of Hints.
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Learn to Hack the Health.

[CoSMOS | Advanced]
[CoSMOS | Advanced]
[CoSMOS | Advanced]
Might & Magic Heroes VII
Learn to Hack the Gold.
Slay the Spire
Hack Energy and Money.
Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Learn to Hack Money.

[CoSMOS | Advanced]
[CoSMOS | Advanced]
[CoSMOS | Advanced]
Poker Night 2
Learn to Freeze Money.
Shozen Idle Z
Learn to Hack the KI Value.
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Learn to Hack Money.

[CoSMOS | Advanced]
[CoSMOS | Advanced]
[CoSMOS | Advanced]
No Man's Sky
Learn to Edit Money.
Pokemon Uranium
Learn to Hack Money.
This is the Police
Learn to Hack the Timer.

[CoSMOS | Advanced]
[CoSMOS | Advanced]
[CoSMOS | Advanced]
Ghost 1.0
Learn to Make Ammo Script.
Learn to Make Money Script.
RPG Maker Games
Hack Any RPGMaker Game.

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