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Game Boy Advance Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1.  Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
August 27, 2003
Unlock Gimli in multiplayer:
Beat the game with any two characters to unlock Gimli in multiplayer.

Unlock The Misty Mountains level in Multiplayer:

Collect all 8 "Artifacts" to unlock The Misty Mountains in Multiplayer.


You know that really cool Overdraw attack Legolas has? Once you acquire it, you can hit both the "A" button and the "B" button. HOLD THEM DOWN TOGETHER. You can now do 1 of 2 things: 1)Release them at the same time for the two arrows two be released, hot on eachother's tails. 2 2) Release the "B" button. Your regular attack has been fired off into some poor, unfortunate Orc...(YEAH RIGHT!) The power meter rings are still there, but Legolas is not poised to shoot. Whenever you want to shoot this arrow, simply hit the "A" button, saving you much time "Overdrawing" it.
(supplied by: Uruk_Hai_Boy_1080)


Sometimes, you just have to know when to run. Time like those are (take note): The Great Hall, Moria, The Dead Marshes *Frodo, Endless Stair, Lower Moria *Gandalf, Throughout Amon Hen *Frodo and whenever you encounter Hero creatures when you have almost no hit points.
(supplied by: Uruk_Hai_Boy_1080)


If you have a seemingly valuable item you cannot use, KEEP IT! It will be worth something at trading posts, shrines, or smithies! Example: Gandalf: Battleaxe or Isildur's recurved bow.
(supplied by: Uruk_Hai_Boy_1080)

Morgul Chianlink:

In a level in rohan plains you will be at the end of one of the levels and you will see a cave troll start runnig away from you. If you folow it, it will break a rock and you can get the morgul chainlink (one of the eight artifacts)
(supplied by: legoryadalf)

Troll Tusk:

You must be Frodo to get this artifact. In the caves of moria, right after you pass the bridge of Kaza-dum go up and you will find the troll tusk laying on the ground.
(supplied by: legoryadalf)


Found by Frodo. Right when you enter Lothlorien go down and break all the logs. It should be in the one in the bottom left.
(supplied by: legoryadalf)

How to duplicate items & infinite money:

First go on a linked game and give your items to another character. Then have that character save(while you dont) and then exit and sell the items in single player. You can do this how many times you want, or you can get a whole bunch of reviving things.
(supplied by: serethes)

Black birds:

Whenever you see some small black birds, kill them REALLY FAST or else they will escape and the eye of sauron goes up and the 9 ringwraths will come if the eye gets too big and starts flashing!
(supplied by: zua)

Gain Levels Really Fast:

Gain a level. Then let yourself die. You still have the experience, and you have another chance to gain another level.
(supplied by: Chimpmunk101)

Bilbos map:

To get Bilbos map, Go to the level right after the snowy plains that come after Moria. Talk to the elf standing on a cliff. He will say a "Great orc brute ransaked weary travelers and stole many things, including a STRANGE MAP." Destroy all of the orcs you can find IN THAT LEVEL until one drops bilbos map after dying.

Moria Lamp:

With Legolas, just as you find Gandalf in Fangorn, go to the very top of the screen and cut down the tree. You should enter another section and (hopefully) find the Moria Lamp. Or another artifact you havn't got. NOTE: Some artifacts can swap places with each other.
(supplied by: Elessie)

Balon's Book:

When you get to fighting the first troll go down to aviod being talk to. Then go up near the tome you should see a dead guy with a book, take it.
(supplied by: CarRacer91)

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