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1.  Turok: Evolution Action Replay Codes, US
February 19, 2003
There are 10 codes for this game.

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E

Enable Cheats
CE6171C6 BCA99B84
CE6171CE BCA99B84
CE6171D6 BCA99B84
CE6171DE BCA99B84
CE6171EE BCA99B84

All Weapons
CE6171C6 BCA99B84

Unlim Ammo
CE6171CE BCA99B84

CE6171D6 BCA99B84

CE6171DE BCA99B84

Big Heads
CE6171EE BCA99B84

Title Screen Target Game (Select Cheat)
CE6171F6 BCA99B84

Extra Level (Select Cheat)
CE6170FE BCA99B84

Enable All Levels
CE6171E6 BCA99B84

2.  Turok: Evolution Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
September 18, 2002
Cheat Modefmnfb
God Modeemerpus
All Weaponstexas
All Levelssellout
Unlimited Ammomadman
Demo Modehunter
Big Headsheid
Zoo Modezoo

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1. FAQ (GC)
September 23, 2002
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