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GodFinger Trainer

Achievements List

1.  GodFinger Achievements
June 19, 2012
Back in Black
Objective: Resurrect a follower.

Burning Love

Objective: Use the Firestorm Wonder.


Objective: Become a Level 30 God.

Dem Bones

Objective: Kill a skeleton.


Objective: Become a Level 20 God.

Earth Shaker

Objective: Use the Super-Terraform Wonder.


Objective: Use the Electrostorm Wonder.

Fling a Follower - Approach

Objective: Throw a follower over 300m.

Fling a Follower - Long Drive

Objective: Throw a follower over 500m.

Fling A Follower - Short Game

Objective: Throw a follower over 100m.

Flood For Thought

Objective: Use the Flood Wonder.

Friends Forever?

Objective: Make your first Mystic.

Generosity Personified

Objective: Send 5 gifts.


Objective: Get your first follower.

Hot Suff!

Objective: Use the Sunshine Wonder.


Objective: Become a Level 10 God.


Objective: Become a Level 40 God.

Mana From Heaven

Objective: Generate 10 Mana.

Mana Hoarder

Objective: Generate 25 Mana.

Mana Maniac

Objective: Generate 50 Mana.

Mana Mia

Objective: Generate 100 Mana.

Money, Money, Money

Objective: Collect 1,000 gold.

Popularity Contest

Objective: Receive a gift.

Rain on the Plain

Objective: Use the Rain Wonder.

Rumble in the Jungle

Objective: Use the Terrform Wonder.

Shrine Get!

Objective: Upgrade your shrine.

Sparky Use the

Objective: Lightning Wonder

Sunny Side Up

Objective: Unlock the Sunshine Wonder.

Supreme Being

Objective: Become a Level 50 God.

To Boldly Go

Objective: Add a Friend's Planet to your Galaxy..

We Built This City

Objective: Construct a building.

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