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January 15, 2008
Shoot balloons:
Sometimes at the top of the screen is a balloon. Use your slingshot to shoot it down for items.


If you find a cocunut on the beach go over to a tree by the beach cut it down dig it up and bury the cocunut. Then in a few days it will grow. Repeat this and get a coconut orchard, then eachtime u get all the cocunuts go and sell them for 500 $ each.
(supplied by: warrior45)

How To Dupe (Clone Items):

There are two people involved the Visitor and the Host ( if others come into town its not going to change the outcome unless they swipe something)

SCENARIO #1 Host has possesion of the items to be cloned.
Ok so you have some items or bells (items dont matter you can clone anything).. lets assume that you have these items in your town and you and your buddy want to clone them.

1. You are the Host you open your gates to wifi and your Buddy ( the Visitor ) comes into your town.
2. Host dops the Items on the ground
3. Vistor Picks the Items UP.
4. Host hits his [start] button to initiate a SAVE & CONTINUE.
5. After the save the Visitor drops all the items you want to clone back on the ground.
6. Host hits his [start] button to initiate a Save & Continue. only this time the VISITOR must pay special attention because he will have to shut off the power to his DS as soon as the Little spinning arrow spins around 6-� times.
7. the Host will WAIT until he/she Lags out of the WiFi connection and eventually gets the Blue Screen HOST DOES NOT POWER DOWN and eventually hits the [A] button to escape from the blue screen and restart his DS

SCENARIO #2 the visitor has possesion of the items to be cloned
1. You are the Host you open your gates to wifi and your Buddy ( the Visitor ) comes into your town.
2. Visitor drops his items to be cloned onto the ground.
3. Host hits his [start] button to initiate a Save & Continue. However the VISITOR must pay special attention because he will have to shut off the power to his DS as soon as the Little spinning arrow spins around 6-7 times.
4. The Host will WAIT, until he/she Lags out of the WiFi connection and eventually gets the Blue Screen and eventually hits the [A] button to escape from the blue screen and restart his DS
After you come out of your house (without seeing resetti because of wifi) Host and Visitor should have duplicated the items without incedent. There is no way this can ruin your game; if the visitor powers down too early then he will still have the items in his bags but the host will not. if the visitor powers down to late the Host will have the items still and the visitor will not. There is not a possible way for something negative to happen. And Yes you can do this DS/DS also.
(supplied by: SoulStealer)

Golden Shovel:

Bury your regular shovel and leave it over night. Dig your shovel up the next day and you have the golden shovel!
(supplied by: combines)

Money making tip:

This is one of my most used ways, you pick all your fruit and then find a friend with the game and then got to his town and sell your fruit then pick his fruit (if he lets you) then sell it at your shop. Its great money!
(supplied by: soccerrocker)

Barber Shop choices:

Click A or B (A- Top answer, B- bottom answer) at the barber shop to get these hair styles:

AAA-Buzz Cut
BBB-Spiked up
AAB-Starting hair
BAB-Long and Wavy
ABA-Single Spike
BAA-Big Spike
ABB-Bowl Cut

BBA-Two Pigtails
AAA-Starting Hair
BBB-Three Pigtails
AAB-Short and Bangs
ABA-Single Pigtail

Safe-Light Brown
Light Hearted-Blonde

Mysterious-Dark Brown
(supplied by: GameGeekGirl)

Golden Items:

Golden slingshot: shoot down 15 baloons.
Golden watering can: keep your town perfect for 2 weeks.
Golden net: catch all bugs.
Golden fishing rod: catch all fish.
Golden axe: buy red turnip, give it to wendell for a turban, give turban to saharah for a massage chair, give massage chair to tortimer for scallop, give scallop to pascal for golden axe!
(supplied by: samus_aran)

Money tree:

Shake a tree with no fruit on it and you may get 100 bells and if you get a 100 bells bury it and in a few days you will have a money tree.

How to change the background of your inventory:

1) Grab a shirt or pattern.
2) Drag it to the lower left corner.
3) It'll be over an invisible space, drop it.
(supplied by: sophiadoughty)

Instantly Cure Sick Villagers:

When one of your villagers is sick, you'll have to give him/her some Medicine every day for about a week to cure him/her, but an easier way to cure him/her is to get on WiFi or multiplayer, then the villager will be immediately cured when someone visits your town.
(supplied by: sophiadoughty)

Make animals stay in their houses:

To make animals stay in their houses, simply go to the gate, and ask Copper to open the gates for DS to DS visitors. After the gates are open, your animals will stay in their houses. This makes deliverys VERY easy if you are having trouble finding certain animals, or if you are trying to look at a certain animal's house and they don't stay inside much.
(supplied by: sophiadoughty)

How to get a bigger house:

If you have some bells you can go to the town hall and ask Pelley/Phyllis to pay off your mortgage then put in the amount you want to pay if you pay all of it off go to tom nook and he will ask you if he could make your house bigger say yes to get a bigger house.
(supplied by: -dog-)

How to get songs:

First buy a music system ex: a radio. And go to the roost on any Saturday at any time from 8:00 pm to 8:59 pm and talk to K.K. Slider listen to his songs and he will give you the song that he played then add it to the radio.
(supplied by: -dog-)

Why do the bugs that I’m trying to catch keep flying away?

to catch bugs you have to sneak up on bugs so they won’t fly away and then you catch them.
(supplied by: -dog-)

Making money quickly:

Set your system date to the year 2000 then start the game go to town hall and deposit any amount of money larger than 1000 save game. change system date to the year 2099 you should get a letter in the mail from town hall thanking you for keeping the money in savings and that they have added # amount of money reapeat as much as wanted. WARNING: LOTS OF WEEDS, AND LOTS OF COCKROACHES IN YOUR HOUSE.
(supplied by: -dog-)

H.R.A. Point awards:

Get the following H.R.A. points to get these models.
One floor house model: 70,000 points
Two floor house model: 100,000 points
Mansion model: 150,000 points.
(supplied by: -dog-)

Shooting star:

When ever you see a shooting star at night press "A" and your person will put their hands together. The next day you will get a letter with a present from the star.
(supplied by: Snapdragon)

King tut mask trick:

Buy some insurace from Lyle. And when able sister's sell the king tut mask buy it and you'll keep falling and getting 100 bell time.
(supplied by: emmerdale)


In order to get emotions that you could use when you talk to someone on wifi or ds to ds, when the emotion guy comes to your town, he comes once a week, he will ask you how you are doing with your emotions. Just say you are in a slump. He will ask you what kind of emotion you want to practice and then you will have to click one of the four choices. He will practice it with you and when you are done talking to him press select and the emotion you practiced with him will be there.
(supplied by: L-Dog)

How to get 10,000 bells:

Step 1: Go into continue on animal crossing starting screen
Step 2: Press on the phone and go into reset clock
Step 3: Change the date to the 1st of January and to 2008 (since we are in the year 2007, say if we were in 2005 it would be changed to 2006)
Step 4: Pick one of your characters and you will get a note from your Mom saying happy new year and stuff and she will give a present of 10,000 bells
(supplied by: Josiexx)

How to make a Snowman:

You find any snow ball. Then you roll it up as big as you want it. Look for another snow ball, and roll it up. Get another snow ball, and roll it up. Bump one snow ball to the other one then bump the third to the first and second one. The first and second one will be on top of each other. After you build the snowman it will thank you for building it. The next day it will mail you a letter witha present. WARNING: Be very careful when you are rolling the snow ball over a bridge or near a river. WARNING #2: The snowman will melt and get smaller every day.
(supplied by: MJ)

How to make your outfit glittery:

Go and make a design but it has to be 1 colour. Then put different coloured dots over it then when you wear it and move it will be glittery.
(supplied by: ams999)

Get 100,000 in 30 minutes:

To get over 100,000 in 30 minutes follow these simple steps.

You need an axe and shovel.

(1) Go to a friends place and collect their fruit.
(2) Cut down all your native fruit growing trees in your town.
(3) Replace all your native fruit growing treese with the fruit from your friends town.
(4) Time travel 4 days in time.
(5) Collect all the fruit and sell it to Tom Nook.
(6) Go 3 days in time and all the fruit shall have grown back.

Keep repeating this and you shall have 100,000 bells or more in no time.
(supplied by: Taylah)

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