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I love playing rts games and I pretty much stick to action,fps,3ps(drake uncharted or what ever the 1st one was:)) I have played all the COD's on PC and My PS3 and XBO360 and I mainly stick to single player or co-op games through XBOX LIVE and PS3. I dont really care for MMORP's or any on line games. I used to play COD2 online that was the online one I really like. WOW just dosen't do it for me. I killing Nazis, Japanesse(sorry to our asian friends(it is only a game right:) and Zombies...oh and Necromorphs (which by the way I dont know if any one else feels this way but it started to become a little boring after awhile. It could have used a little tweaking in my opinion:) I am always open to suggestions and like to talk and always up to playing anything with anyone. I love killing monsters and love lots of gore and mutilation in my games(GOW 1and 2). Only m rated stuff. Looking forward to Aliens colonial marines I sure hope thats everything there making it up to be:)

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