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    PWizard posted on May 09, 2017 1:23:53 PM - Report post
    originally posted by pablo_max3045

    originally posted by Cellus

    I really don't know what happend , but since today (8th of may) after i reached exactlly 50% of the game ... the trainer started crashing the game. And it's always the same. While I'm offline ... i press F1 and then it says:"Please wait...", then the game crashes. Right after the crash, trainer says:"Trainer activated!" and stays on. 😣 😵

    p.s.- I reached 50% of the game with trainer on so plz don't give me all that speach on how to activate /offline/alt-tab/ do this 'n'that :P 😉

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    I assume that the game was updated and now is actively looking for the trainer.

    You assumed wrong.

    Downloaded game fresh from Steam. Put Steam in offline mode. Downloaded current trainer from site. Right clicked run as admin on trainer. Ran game. Got to main menu. Disabled network adapter. Game clearly shows internet disconnected. Pressed F1 to activate trainer. Trainer Activated. Clicked continue game. Once again game shows disconnected from internet. Clicked Launch. Game started. Activated unlimited ammo and no reload. Demonstrated options.

    Trainer working fine in OFFLINE MODE as intended.

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