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"Lovers A & B"

Store: Run Like the Wind
Section of Mall: Wonderland Plaza
Survivor: Tonya & Ross
Start Time: 7:00 AM, September 20
End Time: 12:00 PM, September 20

1) Do not give Ross a gun.
2) Escort both Tonya and Ross back to the security room.

[Tonya] and [Ross] will be near the front of the store off to the left side as you enter. Talk to them to learn the story of how Ross got injured. Ross will eventually ask you for a gun. Two decisions can be made here:

a) Give Ross the gun and watch him blow his brains out. [PHOTO OP] You can take a pic of him right before he shoots for some bonus PP points. Tonya will not follow you back to the security room if this happens.

b) Ignore Ross and talk to Tanya some more. Eventually they will join you. You must carry Ross on your back to get him back to the Security Room.

Because of his injuries, you must carry Ross back to the Security Room. Tonya will not follow you unless you bring Ross along with you. Use the shortcut in Wonderland Plaza if you completed the "Out of Control" Mission.

"The Hatchet Man"

Store: Crislip's Home Saloon
Section of Mall: North Plaza
Survivor: Cliff, Josh, Rich, Barbara
Start Time: 8:00 AM, September 20
End Time: 3:00 PM, September 20

1) Defeat Cliff.
2) Use the Empty Store Key on the gate to the side of Crislip's and escort Josh, Rich, and Barbara back to the Security Room.

Psychopath Boss - Cliff

[PHOTO OP] Take a picture of him as he jumps through one of the trapdoor openings around the store.

This guy is very sneaky and will spend most of the battle on top of one of the many shelves found around the Saloon. It would be best to carry at least one gun into this battle with you, preferably an SMG. At the beginning of the battle, Cliff will run up to you and try to slash you with his machete or hit you with his knee. He may also grab you then impale you with the blade if he gets too close. While he is on the ground, you need to avoid his attacks by running directly away from him. Turn around while he recovers from a slash or knee attack then hit him with a melee weapon. Be on the lookout for his two hit slash however. It's risky to hit him while he dashes at you, but you can sometimes hit him without him attacking you. Any melee attack will stun him, but do not hit him more than once or he will definitely hit you right back. Never try to hit him immediately after getting up from one of his attack or he will most likely knock you right back down. Use the Small Chainsaw, Mannequin Torso, Katana, or Battle Axe when you go to hit him. The normal chainsaw found in the store can be useful, but make sure that you crank it up while there is some distance between you and Cliff and only use running attacks with the chainsaw.

Eventually, he will run and jump into one of the open trapdoors entrances around the store. He will appear on top of one of the many shelves found around the store and will toss down flares and grenades. The flares will cause a smoke screen that will make Frank cough and stagger if he runs through it. Run around the store and find him by tilting the camera upward with the right analog then shoot him with a gun. Either he will jump down on his own or he will jump after being hit with a gunshot. He will usually go back to trying to stab or kick you. You can also climb on top of the shelves and find his position to make him come down much faster. He will always jump down after you have spotted him while up on one of the shelves yourself. The only bad thing is that he will usually run for a trap door if you find him while on a shelf yourself. Chase him if he starts to run toward a trap door and you might be able to hit him before he jumps into the opening. Cliff is likely to hit you a few times so bring some type of food item.

TIP: If you don't have a better weapon then use the Hedge Trimmers found in the store. You can actually get him in a sort of pattern because of their quick attack - attack, step back as he attacks, attack, step back, attack, repeat. He may not ever even leave the floor. Use the charged snips by pressing and holding X when you attack him to take off more damage.


After the battle with Cliff, zombies will pour into the store. Be sure to look around for some valuable and unique items exclusive to Crislip's. Be sure to give the Excavators a try! The Mailbox Post is a rather unique weapon that can only be found here, and also you can stock up on Sickels and Sledgehammers just like you could at McHandy's Hardware. The Sledgehammers always make for a pleasant gorefest if I do say so myself!

Once the battle is over, the EMPTY STORE KEY will be handed over and you will now have access to Cliff's Machete. This weapon will respawn like all the other boss items. Run over to the gate on the left side of Crislip's Home Saloon and use the Empty Store Key to unlock it. There is a Survival and Wrestling book in this room along with three survivors. Talk to [Josh], [Rich], or [Barbara] to get them all to join you then escort them back to the
Security Room.

"The Coward"

Store: McHandy's Hardware
Section of Mall: Al Fresca Plaza
Survivor: Gordon
Start Time: 9:00 AM, September 20
End Time: 3:00 PM, September 20

1) After talking to Gordon, persuade him even further by hitting him with a cardboard box.
2) Escort Gordon back to the Security Room.

[Gordon] is behind the register of McHandy's Hardware. If you talk to him you will find out that he will need a bit persuading to come with you. The best way to persuade him is to pick up the cardboard box to the side and hit him with it. Give him a weapon and bring him back to the Security Room.

"Restaurant Man"

Store: Jill's Sandwiches
Section of Mall: Paradise Plaza
Survivor: Ronald
Start Time: 11:00 AM, September 20
End Time: 4:00 PM, September 20

1) Find some food for Ronald
2) Escort him back to the Security Room

[Ronald] has barricaded the entrance to Jill's Sandwiches so move the Plywood or go through one of the windows. He is all out of food and will require some type of food item before he will join you. Go outside of Jill's sandwiches and search the shrubbery to find some snacks then take it to him or go upstairs to Columbian Roastmasters and grab some type of food item. Give him the food then [PHOTO OP] take a picture of him as he celebrates for a PP Bonus. Escort him back to the Security Room just like the rest.

"Photo Challenge"

Store: N/A
Section of Mall: Paradise Plaza
Survivor: Kent
Start Time: The mission gauge will appear after completing "Cut from the Same Cloth", though Kent will not appear again in Paradise Plaza until 12:00 PM on September 20. You must meet him between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM or the scoop is lost.
End Time: 1:00 PM, September 20

1) Show Kent an Erotica picture worth 600 PP or more.

Kent will be walking around somewhere near the stairs of Paradise Plaza. Run up to him and talk to him and he will eventually ask for your best Erotica shot. A screen will pop up that will display your most recent pics. Show him an Erotica shot with the highest PP amount. The best way to achieve this quickly is to run into the Security Room before you meet up with Kent and take a shot of Sophie while she is lying on the ground. You could have also taken a pic of Jessie when she was sitting beside Brad during Case 2-3. With a look of disbelief and disgust, Kent will ask you to meet him again tomorrow at noon if you show him a good enough picture, if not then he will laugh at you and leave. The Erotica shot must be worth at least 600 PP (maybe 500) and you can use the same shot every game if you save it in your picture viewer.

"Above the Law"

Store: Lovely Fashion House
Section of Mall: Wonderland Plaza
Survivor: Jo, Kay, Lily, Kelly, Janet
Start Time: 3:00 PM, September 20
End Time: 12:00 AM, September 21

1) Defeat Jo.
2) Escort Kay, Lily, Kelly, and Janet back to the Security Room

* The life bars for Lily, Kelly, and Janet will start to deplete if you enter the Wonderland Plaza area while this scoop is available and proceed to another area without rescuing them. They are treated as your party members if you enter this area while the scoop is active and their life gauge will slowly drop while you are in another area. Kay will not show up until the cutscene for Jo is activated. *

Psychopath Boss - Jo


Boss Photo Op: When Jo does her pose where she rubs her gun across her chin after reloading. She will always fire nine shots before she reloads, so you will have to be ready after the ninth shot. She will only do this one time, so you must be ready. One way to easily catch her is to run out of the store and stand behind the wall that is in between the entrance and the window on either side closest to Jo. She will walk toward one of the survivors and start to hit her. If you stand and stare while she hits the survivor, she will eventually start to shoot at you with her handgun. Hide behind the wall until she reloads (9 shots) then take a shot as she poses.

Jo is definitely a bruiser and a sadist on top of that. She has imprisoned four female survivors around the store and will sometimes rush over to one of them and start to kick her. As long as you stay next to Jo, she will chase you down the aisles of the store and will try to kick you, hit you over the head with her nightstick, or stun you with her stun gun. The stun gun will immediately drop Frank and make him spasm on the ground for a few seconds, leaving you totally helpless. If there is too much distance between both of you then she will start to fire her handgun.

The strategy for this battle is to run from Jo and make her attack you then avoid the attack and attack her while she recovers. You can usually only attack her once. Use a Machete or Small Chainsaw to take her down quickly if you have them. Any other one-handed weapon will work, but it will take a bit longer. The usual Mannequin Torso, Battle Axe, and Katana will work well too. [PHOTO OP] If you stand outside the store and allow her to beat one of the girls a PP icon will appear as the survivor dies from Jo's hits. You can also get this by killing a survivor yourself.

TIP: A little cheap tactic you can use for this battle is to run out of the store then run back in and hit Jo from behind while her back is to you as she walks toward a survivor. She will always try to hit the survivors if you run out of the store.

You will receive the HANDCUFF KEY upon defeating Jo. Untie [Kay] and use the key to remove the handcuffs from [Kelly], [Janet], and [Lily].

"The Woman Who Didn't Make It"

Store: Gramma's Kids
Section of Mall: Entrance Plaza
Survivor: Jolie, Rachel
Start Time: 5:00 PM, September 20
End Time: 12:00 AM, September 21

1) Talk to Jolie then leave the store to go search for her friend. Jolie will join Frank as you leave.
2) Run up to Ladies' Space in Entrance Plaza and let them both reunite.
3) Escort them back to the Security Room.

Talk to [Jolie] as she rushes out from behind the register counter. She will tell you about her friend Rachel, who is hiding in Ladies' Space. Run out of the store after you finish talking with her and she will join you. Take her up to Ladies' Space on the 2nd floor and you will be able to get [Rachel] to join you as well. Rachel will only join up if Jolie is with you. [PHOTO OP] Take a picture of them both as they reunite. Escort them both back to the Security Room as usual.

"Antique Lover"

Store: Ned's Knicknackery
Section of Mall: Entrance Plaza
Survivor: Floyd
Start Time: 5:00 PM, September 20
End Time: 12:00 AM, September 21

1) Convince Ned to join you by talking to him.
2) Escort Ned back to the Security Room.

Walk into the store and you will find [Floyd] in the back. He will want to stay in the store, but if you keep talking to him then Frank will eventually convince him to join up with him. It takes quite a bit of talking, but he will join you. Ned tires easily, so it is best to lend him a shoulder if you don't want to wait on him to catch his breathe ever few seconds.

"Mark of the Sniper"

Store: Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics
Section of Mall: Entrance Plaza
Survivor: Wayne, Jack, Roger, Thomas
Start Time: 5:00 PM, September 20
End Time: 12:00 AM, September 21

1) Defeat all three snipers
2) Talk to Wayne in Estlle's Fine-Lady Cosmetics then escort him back to the Security Room.

As you enter Entrance Plaza, after this scoop has been made available, a cutscene will introduce three snipers to you.

Psychopath Boss - Roger, Jack, & Thomas (The Hall family)

[BOSS PHOTO OP] After they shoot you, Jack and Roger will celebrate and that is when the PP icon appears. You must keep all three of them together to get this shot.


Have some type of gun with you for this battle and a good melee weapon (Mannequin Torso, Katana, Battle Axe, Small Chainsaw, Machete). All three of the snipers are on the second floor, toward the back of Entrance Plaza. Run up the stairs and duck into a store if they start to shoot at you. The safest way to hit them is to get behind a column, just like the Carlito battle, and take shots at them when you are in aiming mode. They will move each time you hit one, so you will have to readjust yourself behind the column quite frequently. One of them might try to come toward you, which is great! It's actually best if you try to get one to run toward you. They are totally helpless from up close, and will constantly run if you try to hit them. Chase after the one that comes toward you and hit him with a melee weapon. The others will be trying to shoot you, but they shouldn't be able to hit you too much if you keep running. After you have killed one then you can pick up his Sniper Rifle and easily take down the other two while you hide behind a column. If you can manage to chase after all three at once, to where none of them has a chance to stop, you can totally own them with a Small Chainsaw or Machete. You must kill all three, even though Thomas was a bit hesitant in the cutscene.

TIP: If you are not afraid of taking a bit of damage, rush them right at the beginning while they are grouped and hit them with a powerful melee weapon. Defeat one at a time by chasing them and they will fall quickly.

After you defeat all three of them, you can talk to [Wayne] in Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics to tell him that the snipers are gone. He will rush outside of the store to see for himself then gladly join you.

"Ronald's Appetite"

Store: Security Room
Section of Mall: Paradise Plaza
Survivor: Ronald
Start Time: 6:00 PM, September 20, if you did the "Restaurant Man" scoop
End Time: 2:00 AM, September 21

1) Get back to the Security Room and give Ronald a food item.

Otis will call and tell you that Ronald is getting hungry. You need to rush back to the Security Room and feed this poor man. After all, you promised him there would be plenty to eat back at the Security Room! Any food item will do as long as Frank can eat it. Walk into the room that he is standing in and give it to him after talking with him. He will actually leave and will take his whole current room of survivors with him if you don't feed him before time is up.

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