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CASES 5 & 6

Case 5-1

[Extra Scene - Barnaby Speaks]
If you go back to the Security Room, you will activate an extra cutscene in which Dr. Barnaby reveals some information about the zombie drug.
[Extra Scene]

Case 5-1 will start at the empty place next to the camera shop in North Plaza. Enter this area between 12:00 AM and 1:00 AM for a cutscene. Directly after the cutscene you will have to save Isabela from the zombie that attacks her - hit it with a melee weapon. If you don't kill it, then the case is failed. Another cutscene will begin after the zombie is killed.

Case 5-2

Now you need to carry Isabela on Frank's back and hurry back to the Security Room in Paradise Plaza. Carlito will speak through the intercoms and talk to Isabela. As you enter North Plaza once again, you will run into another survivor by the name of [Kindell]. If you have already received the call for the "A Strange Group" scoop prior to the cutscene for case 5-1 then he may not be here yet - if that is the case, then you will have to come back after that scoop most likely. He comes equipped with his own shotgun. You will have to talk to him a few times to get him to join. He's actually a little too aggressive with his shotgun, which will lead to him hitting you and getting surrounded easily by packs of zombies because of his constant shooting, so it would be best to give him something else so he doesn't try to play hero. You will have to put down Isabela to help Kindell at times then you will have to watch out for his shotgun blast also if you leave it equipped to him. When you come upon a large horde of zombies that are not too spread out, it would be best to hack through them all with a small chainsaw or machete. A queen bee would work nicely as well if you have it. Isabela must make it back to the Security Room in order to advance to the next case. As you near the air duct to the Security Room, a cutscene will start.

September 21 / From 3:00 AM / Case 6-1
(Must complete all of Case 6 before 4:00 AM on September 21; the next case starts at 11:00 AM)

Scoops available during this case Extra Survivors
"Long Haired Punk" - 5:00 AM Gil - 5:00 AM (Food Court)
"A Sick Man" - 8:00 AM Susan - 8:00 AM (Wonderland park)
  Jonathan - 8:00 AM (Huntin' Shack)
  Brett - 8:00 AM (Huntin' Shack)
  Alyssa - 8:00 AM (Huntin' Shack)

Case 6-1

You will have a slim margin of time to sneak in the "A Strange Group" scoop if you want, but it is best to save the scoop for the next case set however since you will be rushed. Use this chance to stock up on good weapons such as the Small Chainsaw, Machete, Mannequin Torso, Battle Axe, Katana, and a few Queen Bees, or others since you will have to rescue quite a few survivors for the next set of scoops.

You must be back in the Security Room before 4:00 AM to view a cutscene that will end Case 6-1. The next case will start at 11:00 AM. Now you have plenty of time to do "A Strange Group" and "Long Haired Punk" scoops before case 7-1 starts after you complete Case 6-1. You may be able to sneak in "A Sick War" as well.

[Extra Scene - Hic...Who Care About Those Zombies?]
Around 5:00 AM if you enter the Food Court you will hear a person talking around the Chris' Fine Foods area. Walk behind the counter to find [Gil], who is drinking himself silly while surrounded by wine. Speak to him and [PHOTO OP] be ready to take a pic of him as he poses about midway through the conversation. This is one of the most drawn out conversations in the game, but talk to him until he starts to laugh. Walk away and he will tell you to hold on. Walk back up to him and talk to him some more. He will take a swig of wine then join you. You will have to prop him on your shoulder since he is so drunk that he can barely move.
[Extra Scene]


At 8:00 AM, you will have a chance to perform "A Sick War" in Wonderland Plaza. Another survivor (Susan) will show up at the south end of Wonderland Plaza in the playground area about this time. She will be on top of the giant soccer ball. Cut through all the zombies with a blade or use a Queen Bee from the top of the soccer ball then talk to her to get her to join. If you don't want to shove through the zombies then just hit Susan with the Queen Bee from below.


[Extra Scene - A Bit of Encouragement]
Around 8:00 AM in the Huntin' Shack of North Plaza, [Jonathan], [Brett], and [Alyssa], will have taken residence inside. It doesn't matter if you defeated Cletus or not, he will be gone by now. They will open fire upon Frank as you enter the store. Do a flying dodge back through the doors of the store and Jonathan will quickly tell you to wait. Walk up and talk to him and eventually he will ask for some proof of the air duct that will lead to the Security Room that Frank speaks of. You must take a picture of the front of the air duct on top of the warehouse. Just take a pic of the PP sticker area and that will do fine. Once they have seen the pic, they will join up with you. Do not ever move past Jonathan or they will open fire again! Do a flying dodge to keep from getting stunned if you move to far. They come equipped with a shotgun, machine gun, and a handgun so escorting them won't be too bad. You can give Brett another weapon and take his machine gun if you want.

This time a picture from a previous game will not work, unlike it did with "Photo Challenge". You must take a shot with the PP sticker included (look for the percentage below the camera view) in order to speak with Jonathan again after he requests the picture. If you don't get the right shot, the "Speak" icon will not appear next to Jonathan.
[Extra Scene]

September 21 / From 11:00 AM / Case 7-1 / Case 7-2 / Case 7-3 / Case 7-4
(Must complete all of Case 7 before 6:00 PM on September 21)

Scoops available during this case
Photographer's Pride - 12:00 PM
Kindell's Betrayal - 12:00 PM
A Woman in Despair - 12:00 PM
Paul's Present - 5:00 PM

* Three of the above scoops require you to have done another scoop to activate them or save a random survivor (Kindell). For "A Woman in Despair", you must have finished Case 6-1 to complete it.

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