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CASES 1 & 2


After the opening cutscene, the game will shift to a first person view as Frank holds up his camera. Take this chance to get familiar with the camera controls as you take pictures of the chaos below. B (Zoom in), A (Zoom out), X (Shutter), right analog (Move camera) are the basics. Don't press the start button at all, or you'll skip this section and miss out on some valuable PP. These are all freebie shots so take pictures of all the grizzly scenes on the streets below until the battery dies on Frank's camera. The number in the bottom right hand corner will let you know how many shots you have left before the battery dies.


There will be a minor scene with two zombies feeding on the street below that will give you a Brutality ranking. The first major scene consists of a civilian fighting off a horde of zombies from the top of a car. Take pictures as the civilian fights off the zombies and you'll get points as he hits them (Brutality), waves his hands at the chopper for help (Drama), and ultimately, when the zombies drag him down to the ground (Brutality). The next big scene you will encounter is a group of zombies surrounding a bus. All the photos you take of the zombies will register as No Genre, but there are plenty of them so the PP is decent. If you aim your camera downward as the helicopter speeds up you will be able to get a good shot of a very bloody zombie feasting on a rooftop right before you get to the gas station - this scene is a little hidden. Aim at the gas station as the helicopter flies by it and take a picture just as the station blows up for some Brutality PP points. Keep snapping shots of the burning zombies for some more PP. The final scene will involve a woman on a building top as several zombies corner her. Take a snapshot as she fires her gun (Brutality), while she waves her arms at the chopper (Drama), and as she falls to her death (Brutality). If you have a few more shots left then take shots of her body until the camera dies. The camera will recharge when the chopper lands.

September 19 / From 12:00 PM / Case 1-1 / Case 1-2 / Case 1-3/ Case 1-4
(Must complete all of Case 1 before 7:00 AM on September 20)

Scoops available during this case Extra Survivors
"Cut from the Same Cloth" - 2:00 PM Jeff - Rooftop
"Barricade Pair A & B" - 4:00 PM Natalie - Rooftop
"A Woman's Lament" - 5:00 PM Bill - In the Closet (Entrance)
"Out of Control" - 9:00 PM Sophie - Leisure Park (after 6:00 PM)
"Japanese Tourists A & B" - 10:00 PM  
"Shadow of the North Plaza" - 11:00 PM  

Case 1-1


Welcome to the Willamette! This is where you will spend the entire game unraveling the secrets that lie inside. Walk by Carlito and open the door then head down the stairs. You will come across a sofa at the bottom as a tutorial menu displays explaining the save system. You can only save on this sofa or in a restroom found around the mall. Look for the yellow "S" icon on your map to find the restrooms. The game only has one slot, so you will need to overwrite your current save every time that you save your game unless you have a memory card. Be sure that you actually want to save when you find a save point since the one slot save system can get you stuck in the game and make you start over if want to see the main story if you're not careful. Walk through the red door to enter the security monitor room.

[Extra Scene - All They Do is Eat, and Eat, and Eat]
Examine the security cameras for a cutscene showing the zombies attacking a victim.
[Extra Scene]

Open the door to the right of the security cameras and go through the next door on the right. Head down the corridor and you will be greeted by another cutscene as you near the end.


What a lively bunch we have here! Take some pictures of each of the survivors for some Drama rankings. Try to get as many zombies as you can in the shot of the survivors near the door. Don't use too many shots though, since the greater PP shots will be available in just a moment. Do as the guy in the cutscene said and go toward the chairs and boards in the back to help the survivors blockade the doors. When you reach the pile of chairs and boards, a cutscene will activate.

A brutal cutscene will give way to a horde of zombies slamming through the doors and feasting on the survivors. Now, we could grab one of the many chairs or boards to the side and use them to fight off the zombie hordes, but, oh no, we want to take pictures of the carnage for some incredible PP scores! Grab a single 2" x 4" or bat to help you fight through the zombies and head toward the stairs near the doors while snapping pictures along the way. Try to find the zombies that are in a group feasting then work tons of zombies into that shot View Screenshot and the resulting photo will give you tons of PP points. Go out of your way to get some good shots here even if you have to take damage - you'll get some recovery items in just a moment. Don't worry about the survivors. Even though the red messages will inform you of their death, you cannot save them. You can find a shotgun if you can seek out Brian's dead body - he is usually next to the left staircase (while facing the stairs). Climb either staircase at the front of this area to have a cutscene start once you reach the middle.


When the cutscene ends, talk to Otis next to the ventilation shaft to receive the TRANSCEIVER and a MAP OF THE MALL. He will give it to you anyway even if you try to leave through the Security Room air duct. You might also want to enter the Security Room and grab the food items in the back if you need them. Enter the air duct to continue. On the roof, you will find two people - one on each side. You'll probably notice [Jeff] first on the right side of the roof. Run up to him to find out that he was separated from his wife. Press the B button while near him and talk to him to get him to follow you. Press the Y button to call him over to you or hold RT then tap Y to scope out a location for him to run to (this is the Goal Marker). You will need to remember these commands while rescuing the many survivors around the mall. Take him over to the other side of the roof to find his wife [Natalie]. [PHOTO OP] Once they regroup, take a picture as they hug to get some big PP points. Photo Op moments like this are spread throughout the game so look for the PP icons to appear then snap a shot quickly. Take them back through the ventilation shaft (use the Jump button to get back up to it) to get them to safety.

Go back outside and look off the side that Jeff was on to see plenty of zombies below that you can snap a pic of for some PP points. Press the button and go down the elevator or open the door on the other side of the roof. It's best to open the door since you'll come across several weapons on the shelf tops. Jump along the wooden shelves and be sure to grab the Sledge Hammer. Frank will automatically grab the sides of the shelves while jumping from shelf to shelf. You'll need to fall down along the crates near the right shelf in the back to avoid taking damage. Break apart the Mannequins by throwing them then grab their torso for a very powerful weapon against zombies. There are also some Mannequins near the elevator entrance, so get their torsos as well. Run down the corridor off to the side to enter the mall. If you took the elevator, you'll need to zigzag through the shelves to find the corridor entrance. A cutscene will take place as you reach the end of the hall. This will end Case 1-1.

Case 1-2


Jessie will give you a handgun. Be sure to go for headshots if you use it on the zombies. Open the door at the end of the hall to enter Paradise Plaza. View Screenshot Case 1-2 will automatically take the place of whatever scoop that you had selected, so you will need to set the guide arrow once again if you want to get some scoops done first. It's always set to the latest case by default. The guide arrow is a big help since you likely don't know the layout of the mall that well at the moment. You can set a guide arrow by pulling up Frank's wristwatch then highlighting and pressing "A" on the current case that you want the arrow to guide you to. View Screenshot This can also be done on the map menu by pressing "X" to pull up the case and scoops.

In this walkthrough portion, you will always be directed toward the cases instead of any scoops, but feel free to check the scoop section for any scoops that you may have open to you. I will point out the times of each available scoop per case set, but their time of availability in a case will depend upon how you play, so you might get some at different times compared to what I have. It is recommended that you try the "Cut from the Same Cloth" scoop in the upstairs portion of Paradise Plaza since it will help you to understand the photo system better. Otis must call you first and tell you about the situation for a scoop to be available to you - he won't call you if you stay in Paradise Plaza since that is where the scoop takes place.

If you have those Mannequin Torsos from the warehouse then go up to Bachman's Bookporium and grab the Interior Designs book to make them last longer. Judging by the map, you should head north to the middle of Paradise Plaza, then enter Leisure Park through the doors to the side. If it is before 3:00 PM then you should go grab both Sniper Rifles in Huntin' Shack in North Plaza - they will definitely help you out for the next few areas. Walk all the way across Leisure Park and head for the Food Court in the northwest. Zombies will be all over the park but you can easily maneuver through them. A zombie horde will be right next to the doors that lead to the Food Court. Luckily, there is a conveniently placed lawn mower on the right side of the set of doors. Run over to it and crank it up with the B button then hold X and steer with the left analog to run over the zombies in your way. View Screenshot A cutscene will play upon entering the Food Court then you will be forced to face one of the many psychopath bosses of the game.

Psychopath Boss - Carlito


And to think, we just met this guy on the roof. In order to defeat Carlito easily, you must have a gun. Brad will give you a gun, and if you run out of ammo then talk to him and he will give you some more. If you got those Sniper Rifles at Huntin' Shack then switch to one of them and you can take down Carlito very quickly. Carlito will fire at you while moving around the structure up above. He fires with a Submachine gun that will stun you if it manages to hit you, so make sure to get behind something when he starts to fire or run to the sides. In order to hit Carlito, stand behind a column and aim at him then fire away with your handgun or Sniper Rifle. You can also run behind the area that he is up on and fire at him while he has his back turned. Both you and Brad will be on opposite sides giving Carlito a real disadvantage. If you want to try for it, climb the cardboard boxes next to the wooden structure that he is on in the seating area and attack him physically - I would not recommend this however, since he will kill you easily with his Submachine Gun and will kick you away very quickly when you get close to him - I'm just pointing this out.


When you have shot him enough, he will make his way to the area above the food stores in the very back of the Food Court. You will actually have better cover when you go to hit him here since there are more columns between you and him. Be on the lookout for an occasional grenade that he will throw at you and move appropriately. If Brad gets stuck behind a table then make sure to bump into him or move the obstacle that is blocking his way to make sure that he continues to help you out. While Brad is stuck, Carlito will only shoot at Frank. Use the various food items in the food stores to fill up your life gauge if you sustain too much damage. You could actually make some Spitfire and spit at him to damage him if you so desire. It is best to carry a food item with you while shooting him just in case he manages to catch you off guard. A cutscene will play upon his defeat.

Case 1-3


Follow Brad to Al Fresca Plaza. Grab a cactus from the sitting area to help you fight through the zombies down the stairs. The zombies will quickly swarm Brad in the current area as he waits for Frank near the door, so don't leave him alone for too long. In Al Fresca Plaza, Brad will fight through the zombies and will not need any help from you so you can work on saving the survivors in "Barricade Pair A & B" and "A Mother's Lament" scoops if you have gotten the call from Otis for them - remember that you will not get the calls if you stay in this area though. Be sure to save your game in the restroom of the Flexin' gym. Chainsaws and other weapons (Hedge Trimmers) are available in the Hardware store and there are some useful Dumbells in the gym that pack a good punch. The plywood panel from the barricade shielding the "Barricade Pair" survivors is incredibly useful as well if you want to take down a horde of zombies real fast. Walk into the fountain near the end of this area to find an Submachine Gun in the water along with a Dumbell. Catch up to Brad and enter the Entrance Plaza.

[Extra Scene - Don't Come Any Closer!]
If you enter North Plaza and Huntin' Shack after 3:00 PM you will engage in a boss fight. If you stand in Huntin' Shack and wait till 3:00 PM, he will not show. You must enter the North Plaza area after 3:00 PM then he will show up after you enter Huntin' Shack.

Psychopath Boss - Cletus

[PHOTO OP] When he takes a swig of wine. He will almost always do this after he shoots you.

Cletus will fire at you from behind the counter with his shotgun. The only cover that you will have for this fight is from behind the three store displays spread around the room. Do not pick them up and throw them or you will have no cover from his attacks. You must position Frank very carefully behind each store display so that Cletus' bullets hit the display. His gun cannot destroy the displays, but it will cause them to shake a bit. It's possible to move the displays closer to the counter by picking them up and laying them down with D- pad down, but you're likely to get hit doing that. You can actually set a good wall this way though if timed correctly.

You need some type of gun for this fight and plenty of ammunition. Bring at least three handguns with you along with a Submachine gun. It's good to bring some healing items as well. You can hide behind a display and switch to aiming mode then you might be able to hit him while he fires without him being able to hit you, but be sure to reposition yourself when he moves after being attacked. You can also count as he fires then step out and hit him after the sixth shot when he goes to reload. He will always reload after six shots and will be completely open. Make sure to hide after you hit him while he recovers though, since he will immediately take a shot at you afterwards. He has plenty of Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and Wine behind the counter but it's troublesome to get over to them. He will always grab you and throw you back over the counter as he comes into contact with you. If you want to get behind the counter, wait until he reloads then make a run for it. A most ironic cutscene will commence once you have beaten him.

TIP: If you have the Small Chainsaw while fighting him, run up to the counter and hit him while on the other side to quickly get rid of him. You can also do this with the Mannequin Torso, but you will get hit some. The Spitfire doesn't work that well at all for this boss if you're wondering.
[Extra Scene]


[Extra Scene - Prison Break!]
If it is past 6:00 PM, you will get a cutscene where three convicts in a jeep will attack another survivor once you get to Leisure Park on your way back to the Security Room. These convicts will stay in Leisure Park for the rest of the game unless you kill them. Sadly, even if you do kill them they will come back every night at 12:00 AM. They can be avoided by staying to the sides where they will not notice you, but this is sometimes easier said then done, since they may still spot you. [Sophie] will be running from the convicts, and she is a helpful survivor when you go to fulfill the "Photograph Challenge" scoop that will happen later, so make sure to save her if you can. She will be the key Erotica shot for Kent's viewing pleasure.

To defeat the convicts, you really need to grab a Sniper Rifle from Huntin' Shack before going outside. Get on top of the roof that is over the park benches on the east side using Zombie Ride or by simply jumping to it (Frank will sometimes grab on to the side) then scope out their location. You can also do this from the ground but it may be a bit harder to find them. They will most likely be in the trees somewhere getting stuck as usual or they may not have started moving yet, which is a major plus if that happens. Aim for the gunner and take him out first then kill the two in the front seat. Even if you do kill the driver first, then the other convict in the front seat will take over driving. The back convict will always stay at the gun. You will have access to their jeep and will be able to take the Heavy Machine Gun off the back of the jeep. The Heavy Machine Gun is easily one of the most damaging weapons in the game.


Another way to fight off the convicts is to bring a submachine gun with you. Stay up in the trees and they will constantly crash their car into a tree. Stand behind a tree then aim for the gunner and kill him. When they crash once again, run up to the back of the jeep and quickly grab the Heavy Machine Gun. Run away and fire at the two convicts in the front seat to kill them very quickly.

If you can manage to get all of the survivors in the scoops past Leisure Park back into Leisure Park before 6:00 PM then you will not have to worry about this menace while escorting them. Even if it goes past 6:00 PM while you're in Leisure Park then you will not have to worry - they will only show up when you ENTER Leisure Park after 6:00 PM, not while you're already there. Sophie will not die unless you leave her in Leisure Park with the convicts after the cutscene has played or they kill her while you're in Leisure Park.

Like I've already mentioned, if you defeat the convicts they will come back every night at 12:00 AM, so no matter what you do, they will still be there to haunt you later in the game. This is why I highly recommend that you perform the "Out of Control" scoop once it is offered, that way you don't need to go through Leisure Park most of the time.

TIP: The convicts' jeep can be used for the ultimate zombie-killing machine in the Maintenance Tunnels underneath Leisure Park. Their jeep will last about as long as three trucks. Also, the Heavy Machine Gun on the back of the jeep will replenish every time you enter and exit from Leisure Park to the Maintenance Tunnel and vice versa. The Heavy Machine Gun itself can be used to take down any boss incredibly fast.
[Extra Scene]


[Extra Scene - The Horrible Night]
You'll most likely reach the time of 7:00 PM soon. Once this time rolls around, the zombie hordes will become more aggressive and greater in number. A cutscene will play once that time is reached.
[Extra Scene]

[Extra Scene - A Weakness is Found]
Also, when you go back to the Warehouse on your way back to the Security Room, a cutscene will take place where Frank will find a weakness in the zombies by stomping on a Queen insect. You will be able to collect Queens from zombies by catching them inside of a bottle from then on. Equip the Queen and press the attack button to have Frank shatter the bottle on the ground and kill any zombies in his immediate area. This sequence will activate any time after 7:00 PM when the warehouse is entered. After the cutscene, a zombie near the entrance to Paradise Plaza and near the elevator will appear with Queens inside of them.
[Extra Scene]

When you enter Entrance Plaza with Brad, walk over to the left side of the gate where Brad is waiting to activate a cutscene. Follow Brad into the middle of Entrance Plaza once he raises the gate and run toward Everybody Luvs Books for another cutscene. If this case was failed before Brad had the chance to raise the gate, Frank can still press the switch to the side to raise it.

Case 1-4


For this case, all you have to do is go back to the Security Room in Paradise Plaza. The case will be finished once you open the door to the Security Room and watch the cutscenes. You have until 7:00 AM on September 20 to go back there, but you must be back there a little before that time. If you go back early, before 6:00 AM, the game will go ahead and tell you that Case 1-4 is solved and will tell you that the next case will start at 6:00 AM. If you do not get back to the Security Room before 7:00 AM then you have automatically failed the next case and all the preceding cases will be failed. To avoid this, always pay attention to the time and the starting time for the next case set.

[Extra Scene - The One That Was Left Behind]
Take this time to save [Bill] in the In the Closet store on the second floor of Entrance Plaza. The store has a few zombies in front of it. Rush up the steps inside of the store and go around the side corridor to find him behind some boxes. Throw the boxes out of the way and talk with him. He will not join you at first since he isn't aware of the situation. Once he reaches the entrance of the store and sees the zombies he will quickly decide to join up with Frank after you talk to him again. Escort him back to the Security Room since you're headed back there for your next case anyway.
[Extra Scene]

[Extra Scene - Trust]
Travel back to the Security Room after 10:00 PM to receive a extra cutscene where Frank and Brad will have a discussion while unpacking some supplies.
[Extra Scene]

September 20 / From 6:00 AM / Case 2-1 / Case 2-2 / Case 2-3
(Must complete all of Case 2 before 12:00 PM September 20)

Scoops available during this case Extra Survivors
"Lovers A & B" - 7:00 AM Pamela - near Child's Play (after "Lovers" is complete or in progress)
"The Hatchet Man" - 8:00 AM Heather - inside Child's Play (after "Lovers" is complete or in progress)
"The Coward" - 9:00 AM  
"Restaurant Man" - 11:00 AM  

Case 2-1

In this set of cases, time can easily get away from you because of the two required boss battles so be sure to keep a tight check on your watch and do not let it go past 12:00 PM. You have a total of six in-game hours for all three parts. For Case 2-1, all you have to do is enter the Security Room between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM then a cutscene will start.

[Extra Item - Maintenance Tunnel Key]
You can go down into the Maintenance Tunnels via the Parking Area on the west side of Leisure Park and retrieve the Maintenance Tunnel Key at any time. Drive into the tunnel and head for the middle dead end to find a door that leads to a warehouse. In the very back right of the room, the MAINTENANCE TUNNEL KEY will be lying on the ground. This will help you to make shortcuts through the different plazas of the mall by going underground. There is also a Submachine Gun off behind some barrels in the warehouse of the Maintenance Tunnel. The key is not required, but it will make the final cases much easier to perform.
[Extra Item]

Case 2-2

Grab both of the coffee jugs from the Security room and head to Paradise Plaza. If you do not have at least two handguns or a handgun and a Submachine Gun (or Sniper Rifle from Huntin' Shack), then head to Colby's Movieland right now and beat down some security guard zombies and take their handguns. You may be able to find some handguns in the trashcans around the area as well. You can also go make some Spitfire Juices. Enter Entrance Plaza via the newly opened gate on the south side of Paradise Plaza. If you fail a case before you get to Case 2-2 then the gate that leads to Entrance Plaza through Paradise Plaza will remain closed. A cutscene will play as you walk into Entrance Plaza that will lead into a boss fight.

Psychopath Boss - Carlito

Well, well, once again it's our friend Carlito, only this time he is armed with a big sniper rifle. Not only will it knock you down with incredible firepower each time it hits Frank, but it will also take off two blocks of health each time he catches you with it. Brad will position himself inside of the sports store most likely and will step out to fire a few shots at Carlito every few seconds. Carlito will fire off several rounds without reloading so don't even think about chasing him with a melee weapon unless there is no other choice. Even if you do manage to get near him, he will run and toss a grenade behind him in order to keep you off. He will also hit you over the head with the end of his rifle and bum rush you if you get too close, so even if you do manage to hit him physically, he will get away from your attacks shortly.

The best way to take him down is to have at least two handguns or an SMG then stand behind a column and aim at him. The best column to stand behind is the one right next to the Shootingstar Sporting Goods store that Brad will duck into - this way you will never even have to move. When the camera shifts behind Frank while aiming the gun, you will be able to hit Carlito, but he will not be able to hit you. If he hits you then move back behind the column a little more. If you fire at him and accidentally hit the column then you will need to step out further from the side of the column. A Sniper Rifle works well for this fight, but you will have to move out from around the column a bit more to shoot him. You may want to try Spitfire as well. Darting out from the back of a column as Brad steps out to fire will help you to take his life down just as quick since Carlito will turn to hit you while Brad shoots him. Brad cannot kill Carlito however - Frank must score the final hit to start the cutscene that will end this battle. If Carlito kills Brad, then the case is failed. Don't spend too much time on this fight since you have another big battle coming up shortly.

TIP: Spitfire works just as well as a handgun in this fight. Mix Cooking Oil + Condiment in Paradise Plaza right before fighting him then spit at him from behind a column. Also, if you have the Small Chainsaw, then by all means, chase after him and kill him quickly.

[Extra Scene - Carlito Escapes (Short Version)]
This is not really too much of an extra scene, more of a shorter version of the actual cutscene that plays after you beat Carlito, but if you kill either Barnaby or Brad or if Carlito kills Brad then Carlito will immediately hop off the second floor.
[Extra Scene]

Case 2-3

Depending on how much time you spent on the Carlito boss battle, you will need to rush on this mission and get to Seon's Food & Stuff quick! The supermarket is in the North Plaza, so you will need to go through Wonderland Plaza to get there. If you did the "Out of Control" scoop then use the mirror in the women's restroom of Paradise Plaza, if not, then go through Leisure Park. Grab the


Submachine Gun from the blue awning next to the staircase in Paradise Plaza and be sure to grab the small chainsaw in Wonderland Plaza if you did the "Out of Control" scoop. Make a trip by Ripper's Blades in North Plaza and grab a few Katanas or collect some Mannequin Torsos around North Plaza if you don't have a Small Chainsaw. You will need them! Rush to Seon's Food & Stuff afterward. Notice that the usual zombie-filled supermarket is now completely silent. When you try to open the double doors in the back of the supermarket a cutscene will introduce you to the next psychopath.

Psychopath Boss - Steven

[PHOTO OP] When Steven tries to suddenly dash forward with the cart. He puts his feet on the back of the cart and rides it toward you. If you hit him with a gun, he will usually do this move afterwards.


Thanks to the supermarket that you fight Steven in, you will have an unlimited supply of food to choose from when you take damage. Try to go for the meat, milk, and yogurt and orange juice near the back for a greater health replenish. View Screenshot Steven will start out by chasing you down one of the aisles. Run away from him and stand along either side of the aisle until he comes out. Be sure to watch out for the basket since it has blades all around it. If the basket is about to hit you then move away and let him move out of the aisle a little more. Shoot him with the Submachine Gun or get about two strikes in with a Katana, Mannequin Torso, or Small Chainsaw from behind him when he tries to turn. Steven can be taken down extremely fast if you have the Small Chainsaw. If you hit him with a melee weapon, be sure to back off after about two strikes since he will turn the cart around and hit you with the blades along the side.


His main attacks are his cart push, his cart slap, and another move where he will suddenly dash toward you with lightning speed and try to ram you with the cart. His cart dash will leave him wide open for an attack afterward, preferably a gun attack since he will be a distance from you most likely. The main attack that you will have to watch out for is his shotgun blast. He will sometimes stop pushing the cart and aim his shotgun at you. Be sure to get behind a rack when he starts shooting and do not try to sneak up on him at that time! Wait for him at the end of the aisles or move along the side the registers at the front of the store and hit him while he tries to turn the cart around.

TIP: If you don't bring a good enough weapon, try to use the can drinks on the far aisle. They work surprisingly well for taking his life down if you hit him with a bunch of them in a row.

You will receive the PHARMACY KEY once he is defeated and will also have access to his unique Weapon Cart. Move through the double doors in the back and follow the corridor all the way to the Pharmacy. Use the Pharmacy Key to unlock the door then grab the MEDICINE for Brad. Now you need to rush all the way back to the Security Room in Paradise Plaza with the medicine. This part can be easily failed depending on how long you took while trying to defeat Steven, so I would advise you not to save until you have completed this part of the case all the way. You can try to complete the "Lovers" scoop in Wonderland Plaza on your way back if you have time, but watch the clock. The "Lovers" scoop will end at the same time that the current case will end, so it's either now or never.


[Extra Scene - Two Sisters]
[Pamela] will be getting attacked in Paradise Plaza on your way back. She'll be near the Toy Store of Paradise Plaza surrounded by zombies while in the water. Pamela's sister [Heather] has taken cover inside of the Toy Store (Child's Play), so break through the glass and save her as well. They will show up at 9:00 AM only if the "Lovers A & B" scoop is in progress or completed. You have to at least kill both Tonya and Ross if you are not escorting them for the two sisters to be there. They will show up automatically in Paradise Plaza if the "Lovers" scoop is failed at 12:00 PM.
[Extra Scene]

September 20 / From 11:00 AM / Case 3-1
(Must complete all of Case 3 before 12:00 PM on September 20; the next case will not start until 3:00 PM)

Scoops available during this case Extra Survivors
* "Photo Challenge" - 12:00 PM Jennifer - Paradise Plaza after 1:00 PM
"Above the Law" - 1:00 PM Nick - north rabbit after 3:00PM(Wonderland)
  Sally - north rabbit after 3:00PM(Wonderland)

only if the "Cut from the Same Cloth" scoop was completed. You must meet Kent between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM in Paradise Plaza.

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