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"Cut from the Same Cloth"

Store: Columbian Roastmasters
Section of Mall: Paradise Plaza
Survivor: Kent
Start Time: 2:00 PM, September 19
End Time: 8:00 PM, September 19

1) Take a picture worth at least 500 PP
2) Take a shot of him while he is posing that is worth at least 700 PP.

Meet up with Kent in the upper portion of Paradise Plaza, inside Columbian Roastmasters. Keep talking to Kent until the main trial starts. A tutorial on taking photos will appear.


After the tutorial, Kent will want you to take a picture of him that will be worth at least 500 PP. Arm your camera and snap a shot of him as he starts to take a picture for the most PP. Follow Kent downstairs after successfully taking a picture over 500 PP. When Kent runs downstairs he will start to take pictures of the zombies and will attack them with a flying kick and shoot at them with his handgun. [PHOTO OP] If you wait for him to run up and kick a zombie, a "PP" symbol will appear in yellow letters up above Kent as he does the flying kick. This shot will net you a Brutality ranking and quite a bit of PP. In order to accomplish the second task, you will need to take a close shot of him while he is posing. He will usually pose after he kicks a zombie. Look for him to raise his arm up into the air, then quickly zoom in on him and snap a shot. Be sure to have the camera focused on him after he jump kicks or snaps a photo and you will get the shot eventually. Keep a lookout on the zombies in the areas though. The scoop will be considered a success after you have accomplished the second task and a cutscene will play.

"Barricade Pair - A & B"

Store: Weber's Garments
Section of Mall: Al Fresca Plaza
Survivor: Bart & Aaron
Start Time: 4:00 PM, September 19
End Time: 4:00 AM, September 20

1) Beat some sense into Bart with barehanded melee attacks until he stops attacking.
2) Escort both Bart and Aaron back to the security room.

Move the plywood, shelf, and chairs out of the way and work your way into Weber's Garments to find [Bart] and [Aaron]. Bart will go crazy and start hitting you with his pipe. Knock some sense into him by using your bare hands and he will eventually stop attacking. Talk to him afterwards to get both him and Aaron to join up with Frank. Give Aaron a weapon since he doesn't have one. The Submachine Gun from the fountain near the end of this plaza would be an excellent choice.

"A Mother's Lament"

Store: Riverfield Jewelry
Section of Mall: Al Fresca Plaza
Survivor: Leah
Start Time: 5:00 PM, September 19
End Time: 7:00 AM, September 20

1) Coach Leah into joining you then have her step over the counter.
2) Grab Leah and carry her on Frank's back then head back to the security room.

[Leah] will be crying behind the counter as you enter Riverfield Jewelry. Jump over the counter and talk to her. She will grab Frank and tell him that she cannot find her baby. Push her off as she grabs Frank then continually talk to her until she joins your party - it will take a while, but she eventually will. You will have to get her to join you then keep calling her until she hops over the counter herself. Frank cannot jump over the counter with Leah on his back so you will have to get her to climb over it as you fight off the incoming zombies from the outside plaza.

Escorting Leah back to the Security Room is one tough task however, since you will run into three convicts inside of jeep once you enter Leisure Park if you are not early enough. If you enter the park before 6:00 PM, you won't have to worry about the convicts yet.

"Out of Control"

Store: N/A
Section of Mall: Wonderland Plaza
Survivor: Adam, Greg
Start Time: 9:00 PM, September 19
End Time: 11:00 AM, September 20

1) Defeat Adam.
2) Use the ID card on the control unit for the Wonderland ride to save Greg.
3) Talk to him then follow Greg to the Womens' Restroom where he will show you a shortcut to Paradise Plaza that is through the left glass panel.

Walk up to the control unit on the west side of the second floor of Wonderland Plaza then examine it. A cutscene will play that will introduce Adam the clown.


Psychopath Boss - Adam

[PHOTO OP] Wait for him to skip and juggle his chainsaws. He will pose with both of the chainsaws at the end of this taunt. He will only do this while you are very far away from him. Run away while he blows up a balloon then stand with the camera ready and he should do it if you're far enough.


Both of Adam's chainsaw attacks are very deadly and quick so you will have to stay on the move the entire time. He will flip and jump toward you and then eventually sneak in a dual chainsaw overhead strike - this is his most deadly attack since it is so fast and he does it randomly out of a roll as he heads toward you. For his other chainsaw attack, he will spin toward you with both chainsaws stretched out. He will dizzy himself if he spins too much so you easily sneak in a melee attack while he staggers. His flame breath is one of his most common attacks. He will lean back and breathe fire out of his mouth. If you knock him down he will always counter with a flame breath as he gets up, so run away from him if you knock him down. He will also throw knives at you and send a balloon toward you filled with gas that will stun Frank. Run to the sides to avoid the knives or step into a store to shield you from them. His balloon attack is also one of his major downfalls. While he is blowing up the balloon, hit him with gunfire or any projectile weapon (hockey stick, golfclub) and he will be stunned for quite a while allowing you to dish out punishment.


One of the best weapons to use against Adam is the Katana or Mannequin Torso. Bring a bunch of them with you (stop by Ripper's Blades in North Plaza or collect Mannequins Torsos on your way out of the warehouse) and as long as you can avoid his attacks, you can slice or hit him afterwards. You can hit him after each of his chainsaw moves with at least one two hit slice combo or hit. He can also be hit after his flame attack (the standing flame not the ground flame) if you can time it right. Do not ever try to him when he is not recovering from a move or he will shield himself with his chainsaws, which will automatically break your weapon. He will also shield himself from gunfire with the chainsaws. After the battle, a most gruesome cutscene will play and then you will receive the ID CARD for defeating Adam. Be sure to grab the Small Chainsaw from Adam's body. Run up to the control panel and use the ID card on it for a cutscene.

TIP: If you don't have a gun and Adam starts to blow up a balloon, run up to him and let the balloon hit Frank while right in front of Adam. This will take one bar of health from Frank and stun him, but it will stun Adam as well. Frank will break out of the stun well before Adam allowing you to get a free hit.

Talk to [Greg] after the cutscene and he will join you. Grab the other Small Chainsaw on the ground where Adam once was on your way down the stairs after the cutscene for a total of two chainsaws. This weapon will respawn every time you exit and reenter this area. Follow Greg to the north and down the stairs. Slice through the zombies with your new chainsaw to make some extremely bloody scenes along the way. [PHOTO OP] Take a picture of Greg when he wanders far off and yells out for you. He will have a PP icon above his head signifying a nice Drama shot PP bonus. He will lead you to the right restroom on the east side of Wonderland Plaza. He will tell you about a shortcut. Jump on top of the set of faucets on the left side and press the B button to go all the way back to the restroom of Paradise Plaza via the door through the mirror. Take Greg back to the security room of Paradise Plaza to earn your bonus PP.

"Japanese Tourists A & B"

Store: Sir Book-a-lot
Section of Mall: Wonderland Plaza
Survivor: Yuu & Shinji
Start Time: 10:00 PM, September 19
End Time: 7:00 AM, September 20

1) Grab the Japanese book in Sir Book-a-lot.
2) Talk to the Japanese tourists until they both join you then take them back to the Security Room.

Walk into Sir Book-a-lot and grab the Japanese book on the right side of the room. It is on the floor. With this you can get [Yuu] and [Shinji] to join you. They will discuss teaming up with you for quite a while, but they will eventually join up with you. [PHOTO OP] Be ready to take a pic of them the moment they both join you and you will get some bonus PP for a shot of their acceptance. Keep them together. You can drop the Japanese book after they join. Give them both a gun or your best weapon then go back downstairs and head back to the Paradise Plaza Security Room via the mirror if you have completed the "Out of Control" scoop or you will need to go through Leisure Park.

"Shadow of the North Plaza"

Store: N/A - check the western middle portion in the back of an empty store
Section of Mall: North Plaza
Survivor: David
Start Time: 11:00 PM, September 19
End Time: 8:00AM, September 20

1) Prop David on Frank's shoulder and escort him back to the Security Room.

Make your way through Wonderland Plaza and head for North Plaza via the entrance with the escalators. [David] will be hiding in an area on the western middle portion of North Plaza. Check your map. He will be hunched over in the back of an empty store. Talk to him to learn about a crazy person in the supermarket. Keep talking until he joins you then prop him up on Frank's shoulder and run back the way you came. You are nearly invincible while a survivor is being propped on your shoulder as long as you stay moving, so this should be an easy PP bonus for you if you can go through the mirror of the women's bathroom in Wonderland Plaza. If not, then go through Leisure Park and take the long way around.

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