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Bonus PP List

Below is a list of all the random tasks you can perform throughout the mall for a bit of PP.

Food Court Dish Broken Bonus! - Break one of the 18 Food Court Dishes (these are the large dishes around the Italian character on the wall of the seating area in Chris' Fine Foods).

Cooked in Oven Bonus! - Use any stove at any of the locations in the game.

Display Rack Spun Bonus! - Spin (attack) a display rack in Shootingstar Sporting Goods and Jason Wayne's Sporting Goods in Entrance Plaza.

Sandbag Destroyed Bonus! - Destroy a punching bag (sandbag) in Flexin' at Al Fresca Plaza.

Treadmill Bonus! - Run on a treadmill in Flexin' at Al Fresca Plaza. Run toward the window.

Used Stove Bonus! - Use any stove at any of the locations in the game.

All Display Racks Spun Bonus! - Spin (attack) all display racks in Shootingstar Sporting Goods and Jason Wayne's Sporting Goods in Entrance Plaza (4 total).

All Food Court Dishes Broken Bonus! - Break all Food Court Dishes (18 total).

All Sandbags Destroyed Bonus! - Destroy all punching bags at Flexin' at Al Fresca Plaza (4 total).

All Treadmill Bonus! - Run on all treadmills in Flexin' at Al Fresca Plaza (6 total).

All Used Stove Bonus! - Use all stoves in all the locations (5 total).

Cooked in All Ovens Bonus! - Use all ovens in all the location (8 total)

Rider Completed Bonus! - Ride the Space Rider in Wonderland Plaza while Adam the clown does not have it going haywire. To ride it, jump on one of the carts and stand in it. Remember that is shuts down every night at 10:00 PM and starts back up every morning at 10:00 AM.

Servbot Head Realigned Bonus! - Realign the Servbot head in Child's Play at Paradise Plaza (kick the top part of the Servbot head with a jump kick then align it so that the front of the head has the squiggly eyes; use Frank's spit for precision).


Below is a list of how to get all the endings in the game. Shield your eyes from the Spoiler description if you don't want to know what happens.

Solve all Cases, talk to Isabela in Carlito's Hideout at 10:00 AM on September 22 (activate the Special Forces cutscene), and be at the Heliport by 12:00 PM on September 22.

Spoiler Description:
Frank steps out onto the roof and gets disgusted as he realizes that his ride is not coming. The helicopter pilot looks toward the Willamette rooftop through his binoculars while standing on a rooftop near the Willamette and sees Frank. The pilot is overjoyed since he knows he will be sharing in the profit from this story, so he quickly gets in his helicopter and hurries toward the Willamette. Frank sees the helicopter and is hopeful once again as he signals to the helicopter. A zombie suddenly appears behind the
pilot as both men celebrate and starts to bite on his neck. Frank takes out his camera to zoom in on what is happening and watches as the helicopter pilot gets devoured and blood splashes all over the windows. The helicopter zooms by Frank and fades away somewhere behind the middle of the Willamette. The silence gives way to the sound of a crash. Frank stares on in shock while motionless then falls to his knees. All hope is lost, as Frank stares on in disbelief of his only ticket out of the mall being destroyed right in front of his eyes. Having totally given up, he continues to stand on his knees as the camera zooms away. A shuffling and familiar moaning is heard as two zombies begin to make their way toward Frank. Ending credits.

The story continues directly from this in Overtime Mode and you can achieve the True Ending afterwards.

Solve only some of the cases (not all) and be at the Heliport by 12:00 PM on September 22.

Spoiler Description:
The Helicopter pilot lands as Frank rushes out and tells the pilot that he has some survivors to accompany them out of the mall. The helicopter pilot agrees to carry the survivors. Jessie and Otis are shown as the helicopter flies away. The pilot's speech afterward will differ depending on how many survivors you rescued. The truth behind the events at the Willamette mall is not revealed. Ending credits.

Solve all Cases, but do not be at the Heliport by 12:00 PM on September 22.

Spoiler Description:
The helicopter pilot looks toward the Willamette rooftop but doesn't see Frank. He assumes that Frank didn't make it after all. A zombie suddenly attacks the pilot as he turns around. The city of Willamette is quarantined and the events behind the Willamette incident are never revealed. No Ending credits.

Get caught by the Special Forces and stay their prisoner until 12:00 PM on September 22.

Spoiler Description:
Frank remains a prisoner under the Special Forces, Willamette is quarantined, and the Willamette incident remains untold. No ending credits.

Do not solve all the cases and do not be at the Heliport by 12:00 PM on September 22.

Spoiler Description:
All of the survivors that were rescued are placed in the helicopter and the helicopter pilot looks through his binoculars and waits for Frank to show up. Frank never shows so the helicopter leaves without him. The whereabouts of Frank remain unknown though the survivors remember his heroic deeds. The events behind the Willamette incident remain a mystery. No Ending credits.

Do not collect all of Carlito's bombs spread throughout the Parking Garage in Case 7-2. Let the time for the mission pass.

Spoiler Description:
The bombs go off under the Willamette mall and spread the zombie parasites throughout the atmosphere. Soon, all of the US falls prey to the zombie infection. No ending credits.

Beat Overtime Mode.

Spoiler Description:
Frank defeats Brock and sends him flying off the tank into a horde of zombies below. The zombies quickly grab Brock and feast on him. Frank lets out a yell as the camera zooms away while he stands on his knees on top of the tank and Isabela stand on the turned over jeep across from him. The Willamette story is told, the infected individuals in the US cities still remain a mystery, and the following message is displayed in red before the credits: "And yet he complained that his belly was not full." The credits show zombies walking in the background instead of the usual blank black screen.

Finding the Maintenance Tunnel Key

The Maintenance Tunnel Key is located in the middle room of the Parking Garage. Go through Leisure Park and enter the Parking Garage on the west side. Grab the car and drive into the Parking Garage. From the entrance, take the first right, the next left, then make a right to reach a door. Go inside of this warehouse to find the Maintenance Tunnel Key in the back far right corner. There is also a Submachine Gun behind the metal drums.

Photo Ops

Photo Ops will give Frank extra PP points by snapping a shot of certain characters as a yellow PP icon appears over their head when they perform a certain action. A shot of every Photo Op can be taken on every playthrough, but each shot can only be taken once per playthrough. The amount given for each shot will be determined by how well the shot is captured. Always zoom in for the closest possible angle. These are usually worth about 10,000 PP.

- When Jeff and Natalie reunite.
- When Greg gets ahead of Frank and yells out to him after he is saved in "Out of Control".
- When Yuu and Shinji agree to come with Frank in "Japanese Tourist A & B".
- When Ross kills himself after a gun is given to him during "Lovers A & B".
- When Ronald is overjoyed after being fed during "Restaurant Man".
- Allow Jo to kill any of the survivors or kill them yourself in "Above the Law".
- While Sally hangs from the giant rabbit in Wonderland Plaza.
- While Nick hangs from the giant rabbit in Wonderland Plaza.
- Allow Sean to kill any of the survivors or kill them yourself in "A Strange Group".
- When Jolie and Rachel reunite in "The Woman Who Didn't Make It".
- During the middle of the conversation with Gil in Chris' Fine Foods.
- While Paul burns after the cutscene where he accidentally sets himself on fire during "Long Haired Punk".

- When Adam juggles his chainsaws (stay very far from him).
- When Cletus drinks from a wine bottle after he shoots you.
- When Steven tries to dash toward you with his cart (shoot at him and he will do this).
- When Cliff jumps into one of the openings found around Crislip's.
- When Isabela jumps a ramp in North Plaza.
- When Jo poses with her handgun (after 9 shots she will reload and do this).
- When Sean is praying (leave Movieland during the battle and come back. Open the door to Screen 4 to see him praying).
- When Jack and Roger pose after they hit you during the fight with Jack, Roger, and Thomas (they must all three stay together).
- When Kent does his flying kick (you may also get this one early in "Cut from the Same Cloth").
- When Paul laughs after he hits you with an explosive.
- When Larry is low in life he will run over to a bucket of meat and eat from it, activating his Photo Op.
- When Brock stands back and poses during the fight with him at the end of Overtime Mode.

Unlockable Modes

Solve all the Cases, meet up with Isabela at 10:00 AM on September 21 (activate the Special Forces cutscene), and be at the Heliport by 12:00 PM on the same date.

Beat the game with the True Ending/finish Overtime Mode.

Unlockable Outfits

The following outfits will be unlocked once the corresponding achievement has been performed. You MUST beat the game and receive one of the six endings in order for the unlockable outfit to be unlocked in your next playthrough. The outfits will found in the Security Room inside of brown paper bags on the other side of the air duct.

Ammo Belt - Unlock "Perfect Gunner" Achievement.
Arthur's Boxers - Unlock "7 Day Survivor" Achievement.
Cop Hat - Unlock "Saint" Achievement
Hockey Mask - Unlock "PP Collector" Achievement.
Laser Sword - Unlock "5 Day Survivor" Achievement.
Mall Employee Uniform - Unlock "Transmissionary" Achievement.
Mega Man Boots - Unlock "Unbreakable" Achievement.
Mega Man Tights - Unlock "Punisher" Achievement.
Prisoner Garb - Unlock "Carjacker"
Pro Wrestling Boots - Unlock "Item Smasher" Achievement.
Pro Wrestling Briefs - Unlock "Karate Champ" Achievement.
Real Mega Buster - Unlock "Zombie Genocide" Achievement.
Special Forces Boots - Unlock "Legendary Soldier" Achievement.
Special Forces Uniform - Unlock "Hella Copter" Achievement.
White Hat - Unlock "Census Taker" Achievement.


Grab a Toy Laser Sword from either Child's Play (Paradise), Ye Olde Toybox (Paradise), or Children's Castle (Entrance) between the hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM and it will light up the area around you as long as it stays in your current inventory. It does not need to be equipped to light up the area.

No Damage from any height

While jumping from a high level, use Frank's Knee Drop move (Back + X) in the middle of the air and he will not suffer any damage
upon hitting the ground.

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