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Dead Rising
XBox 360

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Rated: "M" for Mature

Strategy Guide & Walkthrough
made by Berserker



Welcome to the small town of Willamette, where something is not quite right. Trouble is brewing throughout the streets and the source of these problems seems to be coming from the local Willamette Parkview mall.

To investigate these strange happenings, you take on the role of freelance photojournalist Frank West as he heads to the Willamette mall to investigate. What awaits Frank inside will be the story of a lifetime as he fights through legions of the undead to solve this mystery. What in the world is causing the dead to walk? Well, while that is important and all, there is something much more important. You see, Frank's career as a photojournalist has taken a nosedive over the recent years and he hopes that this scoop will be the one to get him recognized once again. In order to get this big story, the player must fight against a legion of zombies and take plenty of pictures along the way. Rescuing survivors and killing zombies all while snapping memorable photos of Frank's action packed journey will not only help out Frank's career, but it will also help you to level up. Frank can learn over 20 different moves from leveling up and will have access to a whole mall full of weapons found throughout the various stores. The armies of the dead don't stand a chance.

You'll have a total of 72 hours to kill at the Willamette mall while you defeat zombies, complete objectives, and snap some photos along the way. When those 72 hours are up, the game will end, and all of your deeds will help Frank get that big scoop he so desires.

This guide offers a full walkthrough of all the cases and scoops along with details on boss fights and how to make it out of the mall with every survivor that is possible to save. Check the Survivor List for the full notebook of survivors and be sure to download the checklists to help you get every achievement in the game! Please enjoy the guide and contact me through the email address in my profile if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

When there's no more room in hell, it's time to grab the nearest chainsaw and paint the walls red while you unravel the scoop of a lifetime at the Willamette mall as you take on the role of Frank West, photojournalist! Remember that name, cause the whole world's going know it in 3 days. From fire axes to hedge trimmers to even lawnmowers, arm yourself well and prepare to chop till you drop. Read on!


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