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CASES 3 & 4

Case 3-1

You will have to enter the Security Room a little bit after 11:00 AM and a cutscene will start that will end Case 3-1. The next case will not start until 3:00 PM so you have a bit of time to get a few scoops in while waiting.


[Extra Scene - A Bloody Ritual]
You will encounter a cutscene if you enter Paradise Plaza around 1:00 PM. Cult members will be grouped while chanting as the cutscene ends. You can take a pic of them for a really good Drama shot. They are much tougher and smarter than zombies so you'll need a good weapon to fight through the whole crowd. When they run at you they will either try to stab you or they will grab you and try to cause damage with the explosive on them. Push them off if they grab you then run! This is actually a good way to take out a whole crowd of them. Lure them toward one that is about to blow up then watch as the single member takes out his whole squad. Sometimes they will just run and jump at you then blow up right after hitting the ground. While you are close to them they will either stab you or shoot a knockout gas your way. They may try to hit you with knockout gas as well (Read the extra scene below). Kill them and take the top off of the box to rescue [Jennifer].
[Extra Scene]

[Extra Scene - Captured by the Cult]
If the knockout gas from a cultist hits you, then you will be taken to the annex of Colby's Movieland and will be forced to fight several cult members to get out. Frank will wake up inside of a box and will be stripped of his clothes and all of his weapons. You will only have two stepladders, a sword, and a cardboard box to use when fighting off the group of cult members so it is not easy to get away. Kill them all and you will be given the PASSCODE. Use the passcode on the elevator door to go back to Leisure Park. You cannot reenter this room once you are outside so be sure to take a picture of the two PP stickers if you're going for the PP Collector achievement. Take a pic of the eye emblem on the red cloth and the fox standup next to the seat.
[Extra Scene]


[Extra Scene - Hanging on For Dear Life]
You can find [Nick] and [Sally] at the South End of Wonderland Plaza at about 3:00 PM. They will be hanging from the giant rabbit off to the side as a horde of zombies look on from below each of them. [PHOTO OP] View Screenshot Take a shot of each of them while they dangle from the rabbit to get a Bonus PP shot from each. To get them down, clear the zombies out of the way then throw something at each of them to get them to fall. Throw a hunk of meat that the zombies will leave behind for a less damaging way to make them fall. Talk to each survivor and they will both join you.
[Extra Scene]

September 20 / From 3:00 PM / Case 4-1 / Case 4-2
(Must complete all of Case 4 before 1:00 AM on September 21)

Scoops available during this case
"The Woman Who Didn't Make It" - 5:00 PM
"Antique Lover" - 5:00 PM
"Mark of the Sniper" - 5:00 PM
* "Ronald's Appetite" - 6:00 PM

* must have completed "Restaurant Man"

Case 4-1

Frank must make it back to the Security Room before 4:00 PM to fulfill this part of the case. A cutscene will play upon entering the Security Room and Case 4-2 will start afterwards.

Case 4-2

Head to the North Plaza near the entrance to Seon's Supermarket for a cutscene. View Screenshot If you have access to the Machete or the Small Chainsaw, then grab one of them on your way along with a few handguns and an SMG.

Psychopath Boss - Isabela


[Extra Scene - Isabela Drives Off]
Run out of the North Plaza or enter any of the stores such as Seon's Food & Stuff, Huntin' Shack, or Crislip's Home Saloon and an extra cutscene will play where Isabela drives off. All of the cases will be failed afterward though.
[Extra Scene]

[PHOTO OP] When Isabela jumps one of the wooden ramps found around North Plaza. You usually have to lead her toward one. She has to be going fast in order for the PP icon to appear. Sometimes it will appear even if she goes up the ramp at an angle. She always tilts the front of the motorcycle upward when the icon appears. The window of opportunity for this shot is very, very quick.

Isabela will chase you down while on her motorcycle for this entire fight. The camera angle and the zombies are you main enemy for this battle however. Run to the sides as she tries to ram you and make sure to keep the camera on her. It is best to keep the camera in front of Frank at times, so you can easily turn the camera as she rides by you. Don't try to hit her as she rides by. After she rides by you about two times, she will stop to turn around and will stand in place for a while. That is your cue to run up and attack before she darts after you again if you have a good weapon (Small Chainsaw and the usual). Only attack once or twice. She may stop and fire at you with her handgun every now and then as well. It may be hard to hit her this way, but if you have a powerful weapon, this will be the quickest method.


Another way to confront Isabela is to get on the very top of the high catwalk or any other object (a box) in the area and shoot at her as she stops. Bring a Submachine Gun and a handgun or a few handguns. She will always try to shoot you as she stops, so you must be ready to hit her or she will hit you. The only bad part about this method is that you have to seek out more objects to stand on as you follow her. Go up the ramp and grab the catwalk above in the first area then shoot her until she drives off. You will have to follow her deeper into the plaza. When you get off of the first object she will come right back to you and try to run over you. You have to seek out a high place in the area that she drove to. If you try to go back to the first area then she will drive off again. She'll eventually drive off again and you will have to track her down as she goes further into North Plaza. If you hit her with melee weapons, you won't have to worry about chasing after her.

TIP: A Mannequin Torso will defeat her almost just as fast as a Small Chainsaw and there are plenty of them around North Plaza and in Wonderland Plaza (behind the display glass), so even if you don't have a Small Chainsaw, you can still defeat her with a melee weapon quickly.

Her motorcycle will be available in front of Seon's Food & Stuff from now on after this fight!

September 21 / From 12:00 AM / Case 5-1 / Case 5-2
(Must complete all of Case 5 before 4:00 AM on September 21)

Scoops available during this case Extra Survivors
"A Strange Group" - 12:00 AM Kindell - 12:00 AM North Plaza
* "Floyd the Sommelier" - 1:00 AM  

* If you rescued Floyd from the "Antique Lover" scoop.

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