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The Cases must be solved to unearth the truth behind the zombie outbreak. Failure to finish any of the cases will result in all of the cases afterward to become instant failures. 72 hour mode can still be finished with a failed set of cases, but you will only have access to scoops and will not get to see any of the main story.

Each case set has a deadline time that you must meet for individual cases and the entire case set. The final case part must be finished no later than an hour after the starting time of the next case. The first part of a case always requires you to be in a certain location in between the starting time and an hour after when the case starts. Otis will usually call you back at the beginning of the first case part of each case set during the starting time of each set. If you take too long on one part of the case, you may dig yourself into a hole where you cannot finish the last case because of time limits. Case 2-3 will not give you any sort of warning if you go past the time limit and you will only find out that you have actually failed the rest of the cases after you report back to the goal destination. The concept of time plays a crucial role if you want to see the main storyline of the game so it is best to finish the cases as quickly as possible then go back and sneak in a few scoops.

Throughout the walkthrough, you may notice "[Extra Scene]" at times. These are scenes that will not happen until a specific time in the game and sometimes do not have to be viewed in the main story. Many of them can be delayed depending on how long it takes to reach that area. Some are totally optional. If you want to continue with the main cases, skip the Extra Scene areas. I have also listed the Scoops available during each case along with the times and the extra survivors that show up outside of the scoops.

General Tips

- Be sure to complete the "Out of Control" Scoop for a very powerful weapon and a time saving shortcut. Do not skip this scoop!

- Keep some sort of food with you all the time, preferably a drink. Wine, Orange Juice, Coffee Creamer, and Milk are some of the best to get.

- Run to Huntin' Shack in North Plaza when you can first access Paradise Plaza and make it there before 3:00 PM then grab both Sniper Rifles to make the first few major fights easier.

- When you are forced to go through a crowd of zombies, jump often to help avoid their grabs.

- Frank's Double Lariat will help to get zombie hordes off of you. Keep in mind that he will throw his currently equipped weapon at the very end of the lariat however, so unequip him before you do this if you don't won't to risk loosing it.

- Keep a check on the current time using Frank's wristwatch.

- You must first get the call from Otis for a scoop to be accessible, so make sure to answer when he calls. Otis will not call if you are in the precise area for a scoop, so you will have to leave the area and get the call then come back at times.

- Survivor's items never break and they have infinite ammo no matter what you give them, so take advantage of this by giving them weapons that are nearly broken or out of ammo.

- The Small Chainsaw with the Criminal Biography (Wonderland), Entertainment (Paradise), and Engineering (Paradise) books. You'll have the most powerful weapon in the game that lasts 27x as long. Finish the "Out of Control" scoop for this weapon.

- The Mannequin Torso with the Lifestyle Magazine (Entrance) and Interior Designs (Paradise) books. This will give you a really good starting weapon that last 9x as long as normal. The Mannequin Torso is an excellent weapon for boss fights when you don't have the Small Chainsaw. This is available in the warehouse of Paradise Plaza, in the display glass at the north end of Wonderland Plaza, and throughout North Plaza.

- The Machete with the Criminal Biography book (Wonderland). This is just as good as the Small Chainsaw, but it doesn't have the same book support. Finish the "The Hatchet Man" scoop to get this.

- The Meat Cleaver with the Criminal Biography book (Wonderland). This is also just as good as the Small Chainsaw and Machete, but it has a very short lifespan even with the book. Sadly, Frank will not have access to this until much later in the game after Case 8-4.

- The Katana with the Criminal Biography book (Wonderland). A good blade that has a nice two hit combo. It can be found in Ripper's Blades at North Plaza or at Ned's Knicknackery in Entrance Plaza.

- The Battle Axe with the Criminal Biography book (Wonderland). Though the Battle Axe is slow it still has some good attacks with some good range. This can only be found at Ned's Knicknackery in Entrance Plaza. Hold the X button for a while to charge an Axe Spin. If you've noticed how the Axe Spin move looks just like the Shadow of Rome "Tornado Maximus" move then kudos to you!

- The Plywood Panel with the Engineering (Paradise) and Lifestyle Magazine (Entrance). I wouldn't recommend carrying this around all the time, but it will clear out a zombie horde very quickly with one swing. It breaks easily, but if you have some book power then it can be well worth picking up. These are mainly found in North Plaza.

- The Hedge Trimmers with Criminal Biography (Wonderland), Lifestyle Magazine (Entrance), and Engineering (Paradise). This is another weapon that the books favor like the Small Chainsaw, but it doesn't have too great of a distance. It is an instant kill on a normal zombie though and very fun to use!

- Sledgehammer and Sickle. These both have some good distant moves that will clear a crowd fairly well. They both have instant kill moves as well. The Sickle's instant kill will leave Frank invincible for a while during the animation. The Sickle is more for wounding a zombie and a Sledgehammer is more for instant power. The Sledgehammer's wide swing is one of the best moves in the game for multiple enemies when you first start. The Criminal Biography (Wonderland), Engineering (Paradise), and Lifestyle Magazine (Entrance) books can help the Sickle to last 27x as long and the Engineering will help out on the Sledgehammer also.

- Hunting Knife. When you have no other weapon this is a good close range alternative and can be found just about anywhere. Look for the zombies in the yellow shirts since they will always drop one. The Criminal Biography book will help it to last longer.

- The Bench. Throw it at hordes of zombies to clear a whole trail through them. If Frank's throw ability is up high this will take quite a few zombies with it before it finally stops. Only grab this when you see it lying around.

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