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Overtime Mode

September 22 / From 12:15 PM / All is Lost

A cutscene will play after the credits and after you have saved your game that will pick up where Ending A left off. This mode is also accessible from the main menu screen if you achieved Ending A.

September 22 / From 8:00 PM / What if...


After the cutscene with Isabela, you will have to run throughout the mall and collect eight items to help Isabela in formulating a suppressant for Frank's zombification. The items will be labeled with a blue key mark as you approach them. Many of the zombies in the mall are dead, except for the ones in Leisure Park so the coast will almost be clear. As you enter North Plaza, however, you will be introduced to a new enemy as a cutscene plays. These helicopter drones will set off an alarm if they spot you and they will fire their machine gun. The alarm will call in Special Forces soldiers from around the area so your cover will be blown for that area. Use a gun to take the drones out quickly whenever you spot one and be sure to listen for them as you move out from around a corner. A Sniper Rifle or a Machine Gun works very well for the drones. Stealth plays a vital role in this little item run since Special Forces soldiers will be all over you if you constantly stay in the open. Some of them will have their back turned so you can get the drop on them if you sneak up from behind. You don't have access to the Small Chainsaw anymore unless you still have one from 72 Hour mode, so you will need to grab either a Machete, Meat Cleaver, Mannequin Torso, Katana, or Battle Axe to hack through the soldiers. The good thing about the Mannequin Torso is that it will usually knock down a soldier with one hit and it's available all over North Plaza. Be sure to use Frank's Lift Up, Face Crusher, and Disembowel moves for one hit kills on the Special Forces soldiers also.

If you are starting Overtime Mode without playing the previous 72 Hour Mode, then you will start with nothing, but if you are starting directly from 72 Hour Mode then you will keep any weapons that you had as that mode ended. Be sure to save your game while in Overtime Mode in order to keep your leftover weapons from 72 Hour Mode. Luckily, you start out next to Huntin' Shack, so you can go grab some good firearms right from the get go. Suit up and move out! Keep in mind that a machinegun will help you out more than a shotgun at the moment though. Be sure to grab some Katanas from Ripper's Blades and Mannequin Torsos on your way to the supermarket. Stock up on them since you can kill a Special Forces soldier with just a few hits from each weapon (depending on your attack level) compared to several shots from a machinegun.

Store: Seon's Food & Stuff
Section of Mall: North Plaza

The Special Forces soldiers in here will be very hard if you take them all on while they are grouped. Run along the aisles and defeat them individually with a Katana or Mannequin Torso. There are plenty of food items so run and grab a bunch for your journey ahead - stock up on milk. The FIRST AID KIT you seek is in the Pharmacy next to where you got the medicine for Brad. Open the door near the back of the supermarket and run down the corridor. Look on the shelf to the right as you enter the Pharmacy to find the first aid kit near the back. Get on the motorcycle outside of Seon's Food & Stuff and drive to Wonderland Plaza.

Store: Wonder Jewels
Section of Mall: Wonderland Plaza

One Special Forces soldier will be inside of Wonder Jewels. Grab the MAGNIFYING GLASS on the register counter in the back. Drive to the Food Court next.

Store: Frozen Dreams, The Bean Shop, Columbian Roastmasters (both), Colby's Movieland
Section of Mall: Food Court, Al Fresca Plaza, Paradise Plaza

The BLENDER is in any store that had one in 72 Hour Mode. Look in the Food Court, Al Fresca Plaza, or Paradise Plaza. If you still have the motorcycle then run over the Special Forces soldiers for an instant kill then grab one of the blenders from the Food Court. I would recommend going through Leisure Park to enter Paradise Plaza since Al Fresca Plaza is full of Special Forces soldiers. Do not activate the cutscene near the clock tower of Leisure Park yet. Stay away from the clock tower or you will have a helicopter to deal
with! Either way that you go, you have to ditch the motorcycle.

Store: Sportrance
Section of Mall: Paradise Plaza

Check on the second floor, bottom shelf of the right aisle to find the COLD SPRAY. Leap off the first set of railings in Columbian Roastmasters and grab the Katana on the orange awning below the railing if you're running out of weapons.

Store: Cam's Cameras
Section of Mall: Paradise Plaza

Check behind the register counter to find the DEVELOPING SOLUTION.

Store: Security Room
Section of Mall: Paradise Plaza

Make sure to have one fully loaded machinegun before entering the warehouse. This is one of the few areas where the machinegun that the Special Forces drop will actually help to defeat some soldiers. Two Special Forces soldiers will have their back turned as you enter the warehouse. Quickly step out from behind the wall and start blasting them with the machinegun. Keep hitting them until they die, then spray the others with bullets as they drop from the tall racks in the back. When they get too close, step back behind the wall and equip your Katana, then step back out and charge them with your Katana. You shouldn't receive much damage this way.

You can also, go through the Security Room door on the second floor in Entrance Plaza and go straight to the Security Room without having to go through the warehouse. If you do this then get Items #7 and #8 before this one then enter the Security Room from Entrance Plaza. It's your choice.

The coast is clear on the roof and in the Security Office. The COFFEE FILLERS are on the shelf under the security monitors in the office area. Be sure to save your game if all is going smoothly. If you go through the warehouse again, take the elevator down and then just slice through the soldiers below on your way out. Make a run for it if the others on the tall racks come after you. I would advise you to go through the once welded door in the Security Room and head straight into Entrance Plaza though.

Store: Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics
Section of Mall: Entrance Plaza

One Special Forces soldier will be hiding in the store so kill him and grab the PERFUME BOTTLE off of the left side of the middle display.

Store: Sports High
Section of Mall: Entrance Plaza

Check on the third small aisle as you enter Sports High to find the CAMP STOVE on the bottom shelf. One Special Forces soldier is in the store, but some more may join him from behind.

After you have gathered all the items, return to Isabela in Carlito's Hideout at the North Plaza. Talk to her for a cutscene. Talk to Isabela once again after the cutscene to get another mission.

Store: N/A
Section of Mall: Leisure Park (Clock Tower)

Isabela cannot do anything without the power from a generator. Luckily, there is one on the Clock Tower of Leisure Park. Make your way to the middle of Leisure Park for a cutscene. Look for the helicopter wreckage to find the Clock Tower. A helicopter will attack after the cutscene. The GENERATOR is on the back of the Clock Tower, so grab it and run back to Carlito's Hideout in the North Plaza before the helicopter has a chance to blast you too much. Run in between the trees and stay under the rooftops as much as possible while running. When you get to Carlito's Hideout, talk to Isabela once more while you have the Generator.

September 22 / Preparation of the Suppressant

You'll likely be reaching the 12-hour mark of Overtime Mode by now. Once this time is reached, Frank will start to feel pain from his infection and will start to grab his chest in at times like he is having a stomachache. He will drop his currently equipped weapon and will be vulnerable. He will only do this a few times, but it will come randomly.

Talk to her again afterwards to find out that she has everything prepared now, and all she needs is some adult Queens from the zombies. She needs a total of 10 QUEENS. Enter North Plaza to find out that the place is now overrun with zombies once again. I bet you're glad to see them instead of soldiers aren't you? Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but the Special Forces soldiers and drones are still in the areas, so you're still going to have to deal with them. To find the Queens, you are going to have to find them the same way as you have throughout the whole game and find them through random zombies after you defeat them. All the zombies in Leisure Park are now dead thanks to the helicopter, so don't go back there. Grab plenty of Katanas from Ripper's Blades, and get the Weekly Photo Magazine from Contemporary Reading in Paradise Plaza then head through any of the entrances labeled on the map that go to the Maintenance Tunnel since that is where you will find tons of zombies. The entrance in Paradise Plaza is near the restrooms. While you have the Weekly Photo Magazine with you, look for any zombie that is waving its arms in the air and has a green PP icon over its head signaling an Outtake shot. These are the carriers of the Queens. Kill them with your current weapon or with a car and grab about five Queens or all ten if you can carry them. Return to Isabela and give them to her by equipping each one and pressing the B button near her. You can make as many trips as you need to. Before you give all 10 Queens to her, it would be best to grab plenty of healing items and a few good weapons since this is the last chance you will have to stock up on items in the mall. Grabbing a few extra Queens beside the 10 that you give to Isabela would be a good idea. Give all the Queens to Isabela for a cutscene that will lead to the next part.

September 22 / A Way Out

Isabela has made a type of anti-zombie pheromone that will keep the zombies away from you. There is a save point at the beginning of this area, so save your game then drop down into the zombie horde below. A Queen will help you out greatly in this area if you have one by any chance, but you can still manage without one. Take Isabela's hand and lead her through the zombie horde. Make sure that you keep her by your side while you can. The zombies will bounce away from you both as they come into contact with the perfume - this does not mean that you are invincible however. The zombies can still hit you sparingly and can nearly knock you away from Isabela. Walk around the area and grab some rocks if you don't have any weapons. Walk up to the large gate ahead that is sealing off the tunnel. There is a barred circular tunnel to the left side. You will need to move over to the barred tunnel and lift up the bars so Isabela can get through. The "Open" command will appear while next to it. While Isabela is crawling through the tunnel, Frank will have to fight off the zombies the best way he can. Beat them with rocks or use some double lariats to knock them back until Isabela turns the valve handle on the other side to open the gate then rush to her side. Grab her hand and walk deeper into the tunnel. Soon you will come upon a raised area with a pickaxe on top. Maneuver through the zombies until you come to another big gate. Move over to the right side of the gate until you see a gate door then let go Isabela's hand so Frank can open the door.

Grab Isabela's hand and move down the next tunnel. Walk over the crumbled debris ahead and keep moving. Look for any open spots in the hordes of zombies and run through them to keep you safer. Another gate will block the way up ahead once again. Move over to the barred circular tunnel on the left side just like before and let go of Isabela's hand then lift up the barred gate so she can get through. Fight off the zombies and wait for her to turn the valve handle on the other side to raise the gate. Grab Isabela's hand then run down the ramp ahead. Keep running until a cutscene starts.

Save your game then grab Isabela and carry her on Frank's back into the zombie horde below. You will have to fall off the platform with her if she doesn't jump off herself. Grab her again then work your way down the left corridor on the side of the gate up ahead. Move down the corridor and turn to the right then climb the stairs. There are some Special Forces soldiers on the other side standing guard at the gates. Do not move past the side gates or the Special Forces on the other side will shoot at you. At the top of the stairs,
put Isabela down then pull the switch to open all three gates below and unleash all the zombies on the Special Forces soldiers in the middle area. Grab Isabela and head through the gate next to the stairs. The soldiers are occupied at the moment, but their number one priority is still Frank and Isabela. They will most likely shoot at you a few times but just keep running. Run over to the jeep in the back and get in to initiate a cutscene. Isabela must be next to Frank in order to get inside. Use double lariats to get the zombies off if you're separated from Isabela.

September 22 / The Final Stand

Boss - Prototype Tank

You are now put behind the gun on the back of the jeep as a prototype tank chases Frank and Isabela through the path ahead. Aim at the two blinking areas of the tank above its tracks and fire away at them. Pick one side and keep blasting it. The tank will lose sight of you as it slows down from the damage and will miss when it shoots if you keep firing at the sides. The tank usually gets stuck behind an obstacle when it fires if you hit the sides properly. You can also shoot the small sensor with the laser that pops up on the top of the cannon to make it stop tracking you. This will cancel the tank's cannon shot. Eventually the blinking area on the sides will blow up if you keep hitting one side. Keep firing at one of the sides to keep it at a distance and fire at the sensor if it gets too close while readying a shot. The tank will send out helicopter drones and heat-seeking missiles as its life meter starts to fall. Shoot the missiles and helicopter drones before they can do any damage. As long as you have a steady aim this part shouldn't be too bad.

Psychopath Boss - Brock

[PHOTO OP] When he lifts his left arm in the air and poses.


Brock is definitely the most defensive boss you will fight in this game. For this fight, you must battle Brock with your bare hands while on top of his tank as a horde of zombies surround the tank from all sides. All of your items are gone for this fight. The space around the area is severely limited so it is easy to get knocked off. If Brock manages to hit Frank then Frank will get stunned - this will lead to Brock being able to knock you off the tank with a heavy hit. When you fall off, you will land in the middle of the zombie horde surrounding the tank and they will start to grab at you even before you have time to get up. When you do manage to get up, use the Zombie Ride to step over the zombies and get back on the tank. Brock can actually knock you off the tank even after you fall down on top of the tank so you must not let him hit you much at all.

You can't simply hit Brock by running up to him and punching him. You have to wait until he does an attack that will leave him open then counter with a series of punches or a double lariat. His attacks include punches, a roundhouse kick, a choking grab, a punt kick (while you're on the ground), and a ram. He will always pose right before he rushes in for his grab so be ready to move. If he catches you, shake the left analog to break free from his chokehold. You will have to step to the sides as he begins to attack then counter him from behind. The best time to hit him is right after his ram. He will usually perform a ram right after a roundhouse kick. Do not counter him immediately after the ram or he will block. You must wait a few seconds for him to rise up then counter and you will be able to hit him every time - this is the main key to beating him. The double lariat works perfect since it takes a while to run over to him and do the combination, so he will be open to an attack by the time you get it off. It will not take that many hits to defeat
him. Finding an open spot will be the main challenge for the battle, but once you understand the timing he is not as hard as he seems.

The ending cutscene for the True Ending will play after the battle and the credits will roll...again.

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