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Controlling Frank  
A - Jump
X - Attack
Y - Give Orders
B - Pick Up/Cancel
LT - Aiming Mode (camera)
LB - Switch Weapon
Left Analog (push) - Used While Performing Various Moves For Frank
RT - Aiming Mode (weapon)
RB - Switch Weapon
Right Analog (push) - Centers Camera
Left Analog - Move Frank
Right Analog - Move Camera
Start - Display Pause Menu
Back - Pull Up Map
D-pad Up - Unequip Item
D-pad Down - Drop Item
D-pad Left - Wristwatch
D-pad Right - Answer Transceiver

Prestige Points (PP)

In order for Frank to level up, he must collect Prestige Points (PP) by performing certain acts such as rescuing survivors, taking photographs, defeating zombies and psychopaths, along with many other different actions.

Leveling Up

As Prestige Points (PP) are earned, the PP bar under Frank's life gauge will increase allowing him to level up once it becomes full.


While leveling up Frank's stats will increase randomly throughout a certain level range. He will be able to take off more damage, run faster, live longer, carry more items, and throw items further. Below is a list of his starting stats for Lv 1:

Attack: 1/7
Speed: 0/3
Life: 4/12
Item Stock: 4/12
Throw Distance: 1/5

When Frank reaches level 50, everything will be maxed out.


Frank will learn new skills throughout the game as he levels up as well. The skills will be given to him randomly among a certain level range. Check the Items/Move List for all of Frank's moves.

Saving the Game

The only way to save your game in the mall is to go back to the Security Room and save at the sofa or find one of the restrooms in each plaza of the mall. Enter a stall, lie down, or take a pea break at a urinal to save your game.


While in Camera View Mode (LT) the following will be displayed on Frank's camera:

Target Marker

This will appear whenever a picture is taken. When the target is large, more PP will be given for that particular shot. The target marker will become bigger as you get closer to a desired target. The color of the marker will show what type of shot it is and it will register on the right side of the screen as one of the following types.

Color: Red

Any depictions of chaos or zombie feastings will give you this type.

- A zombie feasting on a human (even a severed hand)
- A zombie or person hit by an explosion
- A zombie or person being hit
- A zombie or person that is attacking

Color: Orange

These are some of the more rare shots and will yield the most PP out of any of
the shots in the game.

- Survivors expressing emotion
- Survivors calling for help
- Cult members chanting
- Boss performing certain moves

Outtakes shots are your blooper pics. Taking a pic of an unusual action through Frank's mischief or any strange action that a character performs will net you these shots.

Examples of Outtakes

- A zombie with a clothes hangar stuck in its mouth
- A zombie that is tripping over gumballs or pet food
- A zombie with a hunk of meat (severed hand) or condiment shoved in its mouth
- A zombie getting up from being knocked down
- A zombie with a mask or other item on its head
- A zombie with a painting or skylight bashed over its head

Color: Blue

These photos are basically normal shots of zombies as they move.

Examples of Horror

- Any pic of a zombie acting normally

Color: Pink

These are basically any revealing shots of any female zombie or survivor's lingerie. Erotica shots are rare.

Examples of Erotica

- Female zombies in lingerie
- Jessie at certain points of the game
- Sophie while she lies down on the ground
- Cheryl and a few other young women survivors

Color: Grey

These are basic shots anything that doesn't fit into another category.

Examples of No Genre

- Store signs
- Store displays
- Normal shot of survivor


PP Indicator

This is only used for PP Stickers (See Checklist). A certain percentage found on the bottom of the screen will show how much PP the shot will be worth. Move around and zoom in and out until you have 100% for the greatest PP amount.

Battery Indicator

The Battery Indicator is shown in the lower right hand corner and will show how many pictures can be taken before the battery is completely dead. Go to any camera store to recharge the camera's battery.

Processing Gauge

A red processing gauge will appear in between each shot and you must wait until that gauge is charged to take another pic. The more pics you take, the longer you will have to wait in between each shot. Stop taking pics for a few seconds to revert it back to its default processing time.

Picture Viewer

Access the Picture Viewer through the pause menu. 30 of the most recent pics that have been taken will be showcased in the Picture Viewer. From this screen, you can Zoom (A), Keep (Y), or Delete (X) a pic from the viewer. An icon of a lock will appear on the pictures that you elect to keep. The Picture Viewer will be very important for completing the "Photo Challenge" scoop.

Photo Op

Throughout the game, a PP icon will appear above a character when they perform a certain action worthy of a snapshot. These Photo Op opportunities will yield some very high PP depending on how well the shot is captured. Be sure to take the pics quick though, since some of the Photo Ops move by very quickly.

PP Sticker

These are secret PP bonus items that area hidden throughout the game. They will give you a maximum of 1,000 PP depending on how well the shot is taken. Look for the PP Indicator percentage at the bottom of the Camera View screen to be able to tell when one of these is in the area.




Throughout the game, Otis will give you several scoops that you can take advantage of to earn more PP. The scoops will display in the upper right hand corner of the screen while in the middle of gameplay and will have a certain color depending on how much time is left to reach each one.


Blue - More than 6 hours remain
Yellow - Less than 6 hours remain
Red - Less than 3 hours remain
No Color - No time limit

Press D-pad left to make Frank look at his watch. This will let you know the game time and will display the current scoops available. From this screen, you can also set a Guide Arrow that will help you to get the selected scoop. To set a guide arrow, select a scoop on the right hand side then press the A button to have the guide arrow in the top middle portion of the screen point the way to that particular scoop while moving around with Frank. You can also set these on the map screen by pressing X to bring up the scoops. You must wait for Otis to call and tell you about a scoop before you can do one. Otis will not call if you are in the precise area where the scoops take place. Leave the area and he will call.


These are the vital missions of the game. Failing any of these cases will automatically guarantee termination of all the following cases afterwards. Make sure to get to each case on time or you will miss out on the main storyline for the game! The time limit for most set of cases will end an hour after the starting time for the next set. So if you have one set that starts at 6:00 AM on September 20 and the next one begins at 11:00 AM on the same date, you must finish the first set before 12:00 PM on September 20. Some of the case sets only have a single part and that part must be completed an hour after the starting time for that case. For instance, Case 3-1 starts at 11:00 AM, so you have until 12:00 PM to meet up in the Security Room; if you finished Case 2-3 and met up in the Security Room for that case in between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM then you will automatically get the cutscene that ends Case 3-1 after the cutscenes that end Case 2-3. So in other words as long as you complete the cases at the required times you should be fine. Otis will always call you when you are late for the first part of a case if you have done all the rest of the prior case - in other words, he will contact you before the first part if you got the "The Next Case Will Start at XXPM/AM" message after completing the prior case.

Be extra careful about saving since you can actually lock yourself into a position which will lead to an instant fail for the cases every time if you don't keep up with the time. If that happens, you will not be able to get certain endings and will not unravel the truth behind the zombie incident in that game. The only missions that will be available from a failed game will be scoops.



The concept of time plays a big role throughout the main game of Dead Rising. Cases and Scoops will only be available at certain times of the day on certain days. Once the time has run out on a case or scoop, there is no going back unless you have a backup save. Frank can see the current time of the game at anytime during gameplay by pulling up his wristwatch on his left hand (D-pad left). Each hour of gameplay in the actual game is equal to five minutes in the real world. In 72 Hour Mode you will have 72 hours to complete everything and in Overtime Mode you will have 24 hours to complete everything.

Important Times

07:00 PM - Zombies get more aggressive and greater in number.
10:00 PM - All power in the mall turns off.
10:00 AM - All power in the mall turns on and the zombies become less aggressive and fewer in number.



Barehanded Combat

By earning PP points, Frank will level up to learn many more barehanded moves compared to what he starts out with. He will only start with the following:

Punch: Tap X (continuously).
Punt Kick: Press then hold X.

Check the Item/Move List section for more moves that he can gain.

Weapon Combat

The whole mall is at your disposal and Frank has access to tons of weapons found in various stores throughout the mall. All of the items will replenish upon your next visit to that location. Each item has about two commands initiated by tapping X or pressing and holding X. Some items are more useful when thrown by holding RT and tapping X.


Books will add certain skills to Frank's stats that will help him to gain bonuses that he would not normally receive. Check under the skills menu while holding a book to see what abilities it holds. You must have the book in your current inventory to receive the effect. Check the bookstores in the mall to find many different types of books. The Item/Move List section has a list of them all.


Grab food items from around the mall to replenish Frank's health. Food is automatically consumed once the attack button is pressed while Frank has the item equipped. These can actually be considered weapons since you can throw them at zombies and actually get some good results sometimes. Pie in the face anyone?


While next to a group of zombies Frank sometimes spreads his arms out and shoves away the zombies as he runs by them. The shoving animation is usually triggered by him running directly into a zombie. Frank will immediately stop in front of the zombie and say "Oh." then when you continue to move he will shove back any zombie that he comes in contact with for a limited amount of time. Sometimes the shoving happens automatically and sometimes it will happen if Frank starts to stagger from getting attacked, but either way, this will help to keep the zombies off of you while you run through the hordes of zombies spread throughout the mall. Frank will automatically shove aside survivors upon contact, which is good when you need to get them unstuck from a certain area.

Fast Running

While surrounded by zombies, Frank will run slightly faster and spread his arms out while running if you run with the left analog. When he gets to an area with few zombies he will slow down to his normal pace once again.

Escape Commands

Whenever a zombie grabs Frank, you can move the left analog back and forth to get free, but whenever multiple zombies grab Frank, you must enter the specific command that pops up on the screen. These commands range from a single button to moving the left analog back and forth while pressing two buttons. If you are successful, Frank will throw the zombie off, but if you fail, Frank will take more damage than usual from the zombie's attack.




Throughout the game, you will encounter several survivors in the different areas of the mall. Most of them are seeking shelter to which you can offer by escorting them to the Security Room. The situation has gotten the best of some of them however, causing them to have a mental breakdown and go on a killing spree. Either way, you can take it upon yourself to deal with these complications and earn extra PP in the process. Many of the survivors are found by performing a scoop, but Otis has not noticed some of them, so you must find the extra survivors yourself.

Escorting Survivors

When you find a sane survivor, you can talk to them or perform a certain action based on their request to get them to join you. Once they have successfully joined, based on the message on the screen, you will be in charge of leading them back to the security room. An option will appear whenever you get close to a survivor with the actions of "Give", "Carry", "Hold Hands", etc. You must always return to Paradise Plaza, take them through the warehouse, then lead them to the air duct that leads to the Security Room in order to save them.

Survivor Commands

While escorting a group of survivors you can choose from one of two commands:

- Follow

Press Y to have them follow you from behind. Be sure to wait up for them and protect them.

- Goal Marker

Hold RT then press Y to set a Goal Marker in an area. The survivors will move toward that marker. This works good when you are trying to clear a path of zombies, so you don't have to worry about hitting the survivors in the process.

Arming Survivors

The best command you will find when you get close to a survivor that has teamed up with you is the "Give" command that will allow you to give a survivor a weapon or item. Giving them a gun will be your best option, especially an SMG. While a survivor is equipped with a weapon that weapon will not break and, if it is a gun, they will have infinite ammo. A survivor can only hold one item at a time, so if you give them something else they will drop the current item. If you give them something by mistake then hand them something else and they will drop the other item. This also goes for items that they come equipped with. Want that shotgun that Kindell carries? Give him another item and he will drop the shotgun. Survivors can also be given food to replenish some of their health. The food will replenish about the same amount that it will for Frank.

Watching out for the Survivors

If you want to go and get another group of survivors while you have some more with you then tell the current survivors to stay in a safe place such as a restroom by setting a goal marker in the back of the restroom. This will keep them safe while you track down the other survivors in the area. When escorting them through a zombie-infested area, it is best to direct them to a safe area and clear a path for them. Once a safe path is available then lead them through that area. You can set a Goal Marker at the area (maybe a door) that you want to lead them to and protect them as they run toward that destination. Last, but not least, if you have a single survivor and have the "Lift Up" ability, you can actually carry them through a crowd of zombies much easier than having them follow you through them at times. Frank is less likely to get hit when he is carrying a survivor in any way, except for the hold hands option, in which the link is broken very easily.

If you are close enough to a survivor's location when a scoop is underway or if a survivor is in the area and you can here them yelling, then you must rescue them right then or there life gauge will start to fall when you enter a new area. There are a few exceptions to this however. If a survivor is already in a safe place and not in your party then they will stay safe in that location as long as you do not free them or speak to them. (ex. Perform "The Hatchet Man" scoop, but leave the survivors locked up and they will stay safe until you unlock the gate to the side of the store no matter where you go).

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