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CASES 7 & 8

Case 7-1

Carlito will speak once again over the intercom at 10:20 AM and shortly before the start time for Case 7-1. Meet up in the Security Room between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM for a cutscene that ends Case 7-1.

Case 7-2


You need to head to the Parking Area in Leisure Park to help Brad disarm the bombs. The Parking Area is on the northwest side of Leisure Park - look for the gray part near Wonderland Plaza on the map. The guide arrow for this case will really only confuse you so don't use it. Before you go, you need to do the "Photographer's Pride" scoop at 12:00 PM, or miss out on it. It will only be available if you have met with Kent the other two times and will take place any time you enter Paradise Plaza between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM.

While in Leisure Park, move all the way down the street that leads to the Parking Lot then get in the motorcycle and drive through the tunnel. Don't grab the car View Screenshot because the entrance of the Maintenance Tunnel is blocked off with only a small open space.

You can also use the Maintenance Tunnel Key to access the Maintenance Tunnel directly from the door near the restrooms of Paradise Plaza. This will start you right near the white car in the tunnel.

Boss - Carlito

In the Maintenance Tunnel area you will have to find five bombs, which are hidden in the back of trucks throughout the garage. Carlito will eventually catch up to you after you grab the first bomb. He will be inside of a truck and will try to ram you or will toss grenades at you. Try to avoid him as much as you can. If he ever gets in your way during this mission, then head to the driver's side of his truck and hit him with melee weapons, otherwise, he will sit back and throw grenades at you from the comfort of his truck. He will drive off after you have taken about 25% of his life. You can actually destroy his truck if you hit it enough with a powerful weapon (see extra cutscene). One other thing, if you ever find yourself without a vehicle then you need to use a speed boost juice or find a zombie with a shopping cart and take it from her. Push the cart to make Frank go faster, and try to hit very few zombies so you can keep it.

Here is a list of the trucks with a descriptive walkthrough that follows:

BOMB 1 - In the far northwest dead end near the Meat Processing Plant and near the Maintenance Tunnel door that leads to Seon's Food & Stuff.

BOMB 2 - In the north dead end, near North Plaza.

BOMB 3 - In the southeast, near the Maintenance Tunnel door that leads to Entrance Plaza.

BOMB 4 - In the south dead end, near the Maintenance Tunnel door that leads to Al Fresca Plaza.

BOMB 5 - In the west dead end, near the Maintenance Tunnel door that leads to Wonderland Plaza.

This will help you if you enter via Leisure Park:


Make a left when you first enter the Maintenance Tunnel. Plow through all the zombies and drive up to the Michelle Club truck at the end of this path. Open the back door of the truck and use the B button to grab BOMB 1. Quickly get back on your motorcycle before the zombies surround you and drive over to the truck near the path that you just came down. Get inside the truck and drive back down the path leading to the entrance. Take the first left that you come to followed by the next left. Open the door to the truck at the end of that path and collect BOMB 2. Carlito will be right on top of you at this point so make sure to move quickly!

Go back down the path that you just drove down then turn left and follow that path all the way to end if you want a new car. If you don't want the car, then take the second right. Take the first left if you get the car however. Drive down the path ahead then after making two turns to the right you will run across another truck. Get out of the car and grab BOMB 3 inside of the back of that truck. Get back inside of the car then drive straight ahead to the left. You'll be forced to make a right eventually then you will need to turn left. Turn left at the circular intersection then turn left again and follow that path to the end to find a truck containing BOMB 4. One more to go! Turn directly around and go back the way you came. Don't turn at the circular intersection - keep going straight ahead then make a right before you reach the dead end. Follow this path then take the first left to find a truck at the end with BOMB 5. All the bombs have been found! Otis will call and tell you that you need to get the bombs outside right after you grab the final bomb - answer his call when you get back in the vehicle. Rush all the way back to the entrance of the Parking Garage to activate a group of cutscenes that will end this case. View Screenshot


[Extra Scene - Carlito Crashes]
If you manage to destroy Carlito's truck then you will be treated to an extra cutscene where Carlito gets out of his tumped over truck and runs. Brad will chase after him and tell Frank to finish finding the bombs. No matter where you were at that time, you will be repositioned next to the Paradise Plaza entrance of the Maintenance Tunnel, but thankfully all the cars in the Maintenance Tunnel will respawn for you! You can quickly get back on track by grabbing the white car near the Paradise Plaza entrance of the tunnel. This cutscene goes along very well with the ending cutscene for this sequence.
[Extra Scene]

September 21 / From 5:00 PM / Case 8-1 / Case 8-2 / Case 8-3 / Case 8-4
(Must complete all of Case 8 before 11:00 PM on September 21)

Scoops available during this case
Simone the Gunslinger - 7:00 PM
Cheryl's Request - 8:00 PM

* "A Woman in Despair" and "A Strange Group" must be completed for each scoop respectively.

Case 8-1

You need to get back to the Security Room before 6:00 PM to view a cutscene. I would advise going to the middle dead end and grabbing the Maintenance Tunnel Key if you haven't. It will help you to complete case 8-4 a bit faster. This set of cases is much like Case 2 in that you will not have much time, so it is best to finish them as quick as you can.

[Extra Scene - Don't Tell Jessie About This]
If you have enough extra time before the next case, head back to the Maintenance Tunnel and go to the dead end in the middle. This leads to the door of the warehouse that Brad and Carlito were fighting in. There are no zombies down this section and a cutscene will begin once you start to drive down it.

When the cutscene ends, drive to the end near the door and you will see a single zombie. Be sure to take a picture of zombie Brad for an Achievement then do the right thing, and finish him off. You can also grab the MAINTENANCE TUNNEL KEY in the warehouse behind him if you haven't yet.
[Extra Scene]

Case 8-2

Talk to Isabela after you go through the air duct - she's to the side as you walk down the area that leads away from the air duct. She will lead you to Carlito's secret hideout in North Plaza. Unfortunately, she wants to go down using the elevator, so you're going to have to fight off the horde of zombies inside as the elevator doors open. Isabela acts much more like a partner this time. She will lead the way and is pretty gung-ho when it comes to taking down zombies, so you want have to worry about her as much as you would with normal party members. She will take you through Paradise Plaza, Leisure Park, then will finally lead you to North Plaza. The convicts are gone in Leisure Park no matter if you defeated them or not, so you don't have to worry about them. You must let her lead the way and take the path that she chooses. Try to keep zombies from ganging up on her. Even though she is much more aggressive and smarter than other party members, she can still get pinned down because she has a habit of stopping to shoot any zombie near her. Keep in mind that you will likely take off more damage from her if you hit her compared to what she will take from a zombie hit. She will take you to, one of the empty stores near Huntin' Shack then a cutscene will play. While in Carlito's Hideout, run along the catwalks up ahead to find Isabela then another cutscene will play that will end this part of the case.

Case 8-3

There is a save point to the right side of Carlito's hideout, on the rug. Now it's time to head back to the Security Room. Go back down to North Plaza through either of the trap doors. Enter Wonderland Plaza and take the shortcut through the ladies restroom or head back through Leisure Park. A cutscene will play once you make it back to the Security Room that will end this part of the case.

Case 8-4


The game is a little vague about where to go next especially if you are looking at the icon on the map. You need to head to the Parking Garage in Leisure Park once again. Get in the car in the parking area this time and enter the Parking Garage. Make a left and take that path to the very end. This is the same area where you grabbed the first bomb. You will find the entrance to the Meat Processing Plant on the right as you drive by. This area is below Seon's Food & Stuff on the map. Open the doors for a cutscene.

[PHOTO OP] While he is low in life, he will suddenly dash over to one of the four buckets of meat found around the room and start to eat from it. The PP icon will appear as he bends over to grab some meat. This will replenish a small portion of his life. He must have only 25% health for him to do this.

As you can tell by the cutscene, this guy is built like a brick wall. He has many attacks and one of them is nearly unavoidable unless you put some sort of shield in between you and him. At the beginning of the battle he will stand still and taunt, allowing you to get a free hit. When he runs to grab a hunk of meat from one of the hooks you must get behind all the other pieces of meat as he throws his piece toward you or else you will most likely suffer some major damage. It is possible to run to the side and avoid it, but it sometimes still hits you. Frank's Flying Dodge will avoid it also. There are plenty of pieces of meat so you can hide fairly easily. His other attacks include a hatchet slice, a hatchet overhead, a ram, a grab, and a knife throw. Make sure to stay constantly moving while fighting him to avoid his attacks and only attack him when he recovers from one of his attacks. It's best to wait for him to do his ram or his overhead attack then attack as he recovers. Whenever he pauses to rub his knives together be sure to get your free hit on him. If Larry manages to grab you, he will stick you on a meat hook and hit you with his hatchet - shake the left analog to break free.

There are a few weapons lying around such as Cleavers and Push Brooms. The Push Brooms aren't too useful but Cleavers will help a bit. There are also two cartons of milk near one of the Cleavers and another carton of milk to the side. Behind the Meat Shredder there are some racks that you can hit him with as well. The racks take some incredible damage off of him if you hit him with one, but he will likely hit you as you recover. There is also a Sledgehammer behind the row of racks. If you have a gun, try to get him locked in behind a piece of meat then shoot him. Carlito will be heading toward a meat grinder during this battle while he hangs from a meat hook, so you must beat Larry before he gets to the grinder or you fail this case.

TIP: If you are running low on time be sure to use the Shelves or Sausage Racks to hit him. They take about the same amount of damage as the Small Chainsaw and will kill him just as quick. He will likely hit you after each strike, but just use the Milk to heal yourself.

A cutscene will play once you have defeated Larry then you will receive CARLITO'S LOCKET. Grab Larry's Meat Cleaver as well. It will reappear in this area like all the other boss weapons.

September 21 / From 10:00 PM / The Facts (Final Case)
(must meet at Carlito's Hideout before 11:00 PM on September 22)

The Facts (Final Case)

Your time will likely be almost up so run back to the Parking Garage and get in the delivery truck. Drive back out of the garage and head for Leisure Park. Drive across Leisure Park over to the entrance of North Plaza. Get out of the truck and run inside. You have got to get to Carlito's Hideout before 11:00 PM to complete this final case. Look for the two empty rooms next to the question mark icon on your map and rush to either of those rooms. Move along the platform on the side to avoid the zombies as you run. Get on top of the cardboard boxes in either room and enter his hideout. Rush over to Isabela in Carlito's Hideout for a cutscene that will end this final case.

All Cases closed! But...

Now you can go back to the Security Room for an extra scene. A total of three cutscenes will play over the next few minutes no matter what you do. The first cutscene will start as you head to the trapdoor to leave Carlito's Hideout. The second cutscene will activate ten minutes after the first. The third cutscene will happen at either 11:45 PM or when you reach the end of the corridor in the warehouse on the way back to the Security Room.


[Extra Scene - Jessie?]
Head back to the Security Room. While running down the corridor of the warehouse a most interesting and gory cutscene will play. Keep moving toward the Security Room after the cutscene. When you run toward the air duct another cutscene will play in which Frank will try to contact Jessie. Head through the air duct and enter the monitor room and another cutscene will play. Open up the red door in the back of the office to find Jessie. Be sure to snap a shot of her for an achievement. You might want to snap a few Erotica shots of her too. Yes, you can still take shots of her after you plunge a weapon into her for Erotica credit if you are wondering. Even in death, Jessie cannot escape Frank's camera. There is also a message from Otis on the monitor controls.
[Extra Scene]

September 22 / From 12:00 AM / Operation: Cleanup


Once 12:00 AM rolls around Special Forces units will raid the mall. They will start to kill off some of the zombies and try to kill any survivors as well. They will shoot you upon sight, so you will have to fight back if you want to survive. They are heavily armored but they will drop machine guns once you kill them that will definitely help you out.

The best way to deal with a Special Forces soldier is to grab one of the best melee weapons you can get your hands on. The Mannequin Torso, Katana, Battle Axe, Small Chainsaw, Machete, and Meat Cleaver will be your best options. Firing at them from a distance with a Machine Gun will work well, but do not fire from close range. If they manage to kill you then all is not lost.

[Extra Scene - Imprisoned by the Special Forces]
If you die from anything after 12:00 AM, Frank will be taken to a helicopter and will be tied up. Two Special Forces soldiers will stand guard around the helicopter while Frank is tied up. A little minigame will allow you to get away from the Special Forces soldiers. The screen will show a frontal view of Frank tied up. You must move the left analog back and forth (or rotate it) while both of the Special Forces troopers have their backs turned. The meter at the bottom of the screen will fill up as Frank struggles. The meter will start to drop if Frank doesn't struggle. If one of them spots you trying to get away then they will knock you out and you will lose a few hours.
Afterwards, you will be able to try again. As long as you are not pressing the left analog when a Special Forces trooper turns, you will get away with no problem.
[Extra Scene]


There is also as Special Forces helicopter out in Leisure Park. The helicopter will fly by and shoot it's machine guns or fire rockets at you. You can take down this helicopter if you shoot the back rotor with a machine gun. Stand on top of the roof that houses the picnic area and wait for the chopper to stop and move toward you. Run toward it then turn around and aim upwards. When it flies overhead, shoot the rotor to take it down. Taking down the helicopter will actually give you an achievement. It's best to stay inside though if this
is your first playthrough.

[Extra Scene - Another Cover-up]
Head back to North Plaza and enter Carlito's Hideout after the Special Forces troopers arrive. Walk up to Isabela for a cutscene once you get to Carlito's Hideout.
[Extra Scene]

Now there is absolutely nothing important to do until 10:00 AM on September 22. To make the time go by faster you can intentionally die, then let the Special Forces troopers knock you out until you reach about 10:00 AM. You can also spend this time trying to get the Perfect Gunner, Hella Copter, and Legendary Soldier achievements. Other than that, grab a collection of Small Chainsaws and party!

September 22 / From 10:00 AM / The Final Hope


At 10:00 AM, Isabela will contact you and tell you to come back to Carlito's Hideout. Get back to Carlito's Hideout and a cutscene will play once you enter through the trapdoor. You must activate this cutscene to get Ending A. If you talk to Isabela afterward, she will tell you to go ahead and leave without her. Head back to the Security Room. A few changes have taken place in the mall at this point. All the zombies in all areas are now dead and all the Special Forces soldiers are nowhere to be found, so you will have no problem getting to your destination. The once welded door to the Security Room in Entrance Plaza is now open as well. When you reach the Security Room, walk out onto the Helipad and wait until 12:00 PM noon for the ending cutscene.

The credits will play, but all is not over yet...

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