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Scoops are extra missions that you can engage in to yield extra PP and to rescue survivors. A few of the psychopath bosses are only present in scoops as well. Otis must call you on the radio and tell you about the scoop before it will be listed with your other scoops and before you can actually perform it.

* If you are in the same area that a scoop takes place in, Otis will not call you, so must stay out of that one area until he calls you if you are expecting a scoop.

* If you let a bunch of scoops pile up then Otis will not call you about another scoop even if one is passed due. He will not call until you finish the current scoops. Don't have more than three open at a time, or you will start to receive some scoops late or miss out on them entirely.

* The starting times listed below are not exact. The start times will differ depending on how you solve the different cases, so you might get an earlier starting time or a later starting time.

* A scoop is usually considered complete once the survivors in it have all been killed or they have all joined up with Frank. If you keep looking for a particular scoop then start killing the survivors to quickly end the current scoops and make the others available quicker.

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