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Tony Hawk´s Underground 2 Cheats

PlayStation 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1. Tony Hawk´s Underground 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
May 20, 2005
Cheat Mode:
Unlock all levels in classic mode, then clear all the gaps in all fifteen levels. All the cheat options will now appear in the cheats menu on the game options screen, and can be turned on or off.

Unlock Natas Kaupas:
Enter oldskool as a password.

Unlock Nigel Beaverhausen:
Enter sellout as a password.

Unlock Paulie:
Enter 4-wheeler as a password.

Infinite Rail Balance:
Enter straightedge as a password.

Unlock more characters:

Enter costars as a password.

Always Special:

Enter likepaulie as a password.

Unlock Phil Margera:

Enter aprilsman as a password.

Level Select:

Enter d3struct as a password.

Unlock all movies:

Enter boxoffice as a password.

Unlockable: Characters

Complete Boston Story Mode: Ben Franklin
Complete Barcelona Story Mode: Bull Fighter
Complete Berlin in Story: Graffiti Tagger
Complete classic mode on sick: Jesse James
Complete New Orleans in Story: Jester
Complete classic mode on Sick: Natas Kaupas
Complete Story on Sick: Nigel
Complete Story on Normal: Paulie
Complete Story on Easy: Pedestrian Group A
Complete Story on Normal: Pedestrian Group B
Complete Story on Sick: Pedestrian Group C
Complete Classic Mode on Normal: Pedestrian Group D
Complete Classic Mode on Sick: Pedestrian Group E
Complete Story with 100%: Pedestrian Group F
Complete Classic Mode with 100%: Pedestrian Group G
Complete Story on Easy: Phil Margera
Complete Story: Pro Skater Level
Complete Skatopia in Story: Ryan Sheckler
Complete Australia in story mode: Shrimp Vendor
Complete classic mode on Normal: Steve-O
Complete story mode on Normal: The Hand
Complete classic mode on Normal: Original Tony Hawk
(supplied by: nic_93)

Create-a-park hints:

In create a park mode select wall pieces. Select the wall near the end of the list that looks grey, tall, and kind of looks like it has 2 kickers attached to it. Place that piece in the center of the park. Then go to hugeys and select the thin topped QP and place it right next to the wall so that the back of the QP is touching the wide part of the wall. Next go just in between the 2 objects, get on your board and jump. You should be floating in mid air. Now you should be able to do 11 tricks in the air before the score stops going up. If you rotate in any way you will fall. If you place speed walls around the whole park and 1 pool in the middle area you can get massive points. A great way to score big is to go in between the wall and the quarter pipe and hold 11 grabs for as long as you can ( if they are different grabs they are worth more ), then wallride up the speed wall pulling of Indy 900s and 900s backflips for a while, then grinding the pool, then liping the pool, then a whole bunch of special manuals. If done right you'll score big. I've scored about 25,000,000 points like this first try.
(supplied by: lilshrimpy_50)

Create-a-park glitch:

First off you need to go to the create-a-park mode, then you need to pick a spot right by the fence and rise the terrain up one,and right next to it by the fence lower the terrain down one. Next grind the top ledge going towards the fence and quickly get off your board once you go pass the fence. For however long your lower terrain is , is how long you can walk along the fence outside of the level.
(supplied by: lilshrimpy_50)


At the skatopia level go grab some smokebombs and go to that thing that jumps on your head. When it jumps on your head throw some smoke bombs. If you do it right it will be stuck on your head.
(supplied by: chicken man 32)

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