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Whirl Tour Cheats

PlayStation 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1. Whirl Tour Action Replay Codes, EU
April 19, 2003
There are 55 codes for this game.

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE98078A BCA99C80


All Levels Unlocked
D131A4F2 BCA99B8A

Character Unlocks

All Skill Levels Unlocked
D1319A62 BCA99B89

Wasa B's Costumes
F1319A29 BCA99B84
F1319A28 BCA99B84
F1319A2B BCA99B84
F1319A2A BCA99B84

D1319A6A BCA99B84

Roxie's Costumes
F1319A34 BCA99B84
F1319A37 BCA99B84
F1319A36 BCA99B84
F1319A31 BCA99B84

D1319A76 BCA99B84

Lunk's Costume
F1319A33 BCA99B84
F1319A32 BCA99B84
F1319A3D BCA99B84
F1319A3C BCA99B84

D1319A72 BCA99B84

Vixen's Costumes
F1319A3E BCA99B84
F1319A39 BCA99B84
F1319A38 BCA99B84
F1319A3B BCA99B84

D1319A7E BCA99B84

Stig's Costumes
F1319AC5 BCA99B84
F1319AC4 BCA99B84
F1319AC7 BCA99B84
F1319AC6 BCA99B84

D1319A7A BCA99B84

Rica's Costumes
F1319AC0 BCA99B84
F1319AC3 BCA99B84
F1319AC2 BCA99B84
F1319ACD BCA99B84

Ice - Mocha
D1319A06 BCA99B84

Ice - Mocha's Costumes
F1319ACF BCA99B84
F1319ACE BCA99B84
F1319AC9 BCA99B84
F1319AC8 BCA99B84

Scooter Unlocks

Model 1 Colours
F1319ACA BCA99B84
F1319AD5 BCA99B84
F1319AD4 BCA99B84
F1319AD7 BCA99B84

Model 2
C1319BEE BCA99B84

Model 2 Colours
F1319AD1 BCA99B84
F1319AD0 BCA99B84
F1319AD3 BCA99B84
F1319AD2 BCA99B84

Model 3
C1319BEA BCA99B84

Model 3 Colours
F1319ADC BCA99B84
F1319ADF BCA99B84
F1319ADE BCA99B84
F1319AD9 BCA99B84

Model 4
C1319BF6 BCA99B84

Model 4 Colours
F1319ADB BCA99B84
F1319ADA BCA99B84
F1319AE5 BCA99B84
F1319AE4 BCA99B84

Model 5
C1319BF2 BCA99B84

Model 5 Colours
F1319AE6 BCA99B84
F1319AE1 BCA99B84
F1319AE0 BCA99B84
F1319AE3 BCA99B84

Model 6
C1319AFE BCA99B84

Model 6 Colours
F1319AED BCA99B84
F1319AEC BCA99B84
F1319AEF BCA99B84
F1319AEE BCA99B84

Model 7
C1319AFA BCA99B84

Model 7 Colours
F1319AE8 BCA99B84
F1319AEB BCA99B84
F1319AEA BCA99B84
F1319AF5 BCA99B84

Model 8
C1319A86 BCA99B84

Model 8 Colours
F1319AF7 BCA99B84
F1319AF6 BCA99B84
F1319AF1 BCA99B84
F1319AF0 BCA99B84

Model 9
C1319A82 BCA99B84

Model 9 Colours
F1319AF2 BCA99B84
F1319AFD BCA99B84
F1319AFC BCA99B84
F1319AFF BCA99B84

Model 10
C1319A8E BCA99B84

Model 10 Colours
F13199F9 BCA99B84
F13199F8 BCA99B84
F13199FB BCA99B84
F13199FA BCA99B84

Race Unlocks

C1319A02 BCA99B84

Theme Park
C1319A0E BCA99B84

C1319A0A BCA99B84

City In The Sky
C1319A16 BCA99B84

C1319A12 BCA99B84

Deep Water Rig
C1319A1E BCA99B84

Movie Set
C1319A1A BCA99B84

Level Bonus Unlocks

C1319A8A BCA99B84

Theme Park
C1319A96 BCA99B84

C1319A92 BCA99B84

City In The Sky
C1319A9E BCA99B84

C1319A9A BCA99B84

Deep Water Rig
C1319AA6 BCA99B84

Movie Set
C1319AA2 BCA99B84

C1319AAE BCA99B84

2. Whirl Tour Action Replay Codes, US
February 03, 2003
There are 108 codes for this game.

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E

All Levels
C1332272 BCA99B8A

All Skill Levels
C13321E2 BCA99B89


C1332082 BCA99B84

Theme Park
C133208E BCA99B84

C133208A BCA99B84

City In The Sky
C1332096 BCA99B84

C1332092 BCA99B84

Deep Water Rig
C133209E BCA99B84

Movie Set
C133209A BCA99B84

C13320A6 BCA99B84


C133210A BCA99B84

Theme Park
C1332116 BCA99B84

C1332112 BCA99B84

City In The Sky
C133211E BCA99B84

C133211A BCA99B84

Deep Water Rig
C1332126 BCA99B84

Movie Set
C1332122 BCA99B84

C133212E BCA99B84


C13321EA BCA99B84

C13321F6 BCA99B84

C13321F2 BCA99B84

C13320FE BCA99B84

C13320FA BCA99B84

C1332086 BCA99B84


Scooter 2
C133216E BCA99B84

Scooter 3
C133216A BCA99B84

Scooter 4
C1332176 BCA99B84

Scooter 5
C1332172 BCA99B84

Scooter 6
C133217E BCA99B84

Scooter 7
C133217A BCA99B84

Scooter 8
C1332106 BCA99B84

Scooter 9
C1332102 BCA99B84

Scooter 10
C133210E BCA99B84


Model 1-C2
F133204A BCA99B84

Model 1-C3
F1332055 BCA99B84

Model 1-C4
F1332054 BCA99B84

Model 1-C5
F1332057 BCA99B84

Model 2-C2
F1332051 BCA99B84

Model 2-C3
F1332050 BCA99B84

Model 2-C4
F1332053 BCA99B84

Model 2-C5
F1332052 BCA99B84

Model 3-C2
F133205C BCA99B84

Model 3-C3
F133205F BCA99B84

Model 3-C4
F133205E BCA99B84

Model 3-C5
F1332059 BCA99B84

Model 4-C2
F133205B BCA99B84

Model 4-C3
F133205A BCA99B84

Model 4-C4
F1332065 BCA99B84

Model 4-C5
F1332064 BCA99B84

Model 5-C2
F1332066 BCA99B84

Model 5-C3
F1332061 BCA99B84

Model 5-C4
F1332060 BCA99B84

Model 5-C5
F1332063 BCA99B84

Model 6-C2
F133206D BCA99B84

Model 6-C3
F133206C BCA99B84

Model 6-C4
F133206F BCA99B84

Model 6-C5
F133206E BCA99B84

Model 7-C2
F1332068 BCA99B84

Model 7-C3
F133206B BCA99B84

Model 7-C4
F133206A BCA99B84

Model 7-C5
F1332075 BCA99B84

Model 8-C2
F1332077 BCA99B84

Model 8-C3
F1332076 BCA99B84

Model 8-C4
F1332071 BCA99B84

Model 8-C5
F1332070 BCA99B84

Model 9-C2
F1332072 BCA99B84

Model 9-C3
F133207D BCA99B84

Model 9-C4
F133207C BCA99B84

Model 9-C5
F133207F BCA99B84

Model 10-C2
F1332079 BCA99B84

Model 10-C3
F1332078 BCA99B84

Model 10-C4
F133207B BCA99B84

Model 10-C5
F133207A BCA99B84


Wasa B.C2
F13320A9 BCA99B84

Wasa B.C3
F13320A8 BCA99B84

Wasa B.C4
F13320AB BCA99B84

Wasa B.C5
F13320AA BCA99B84

Roxie C2
F13320B4 BCA99B84

Roxie C3
F13320B7 BCA99B84

Roxie C4
F13320B6 BCA99B84

Roxie C5
F13320B1 BCA99B84

Lunk C2
F13320B3 BCA99B84

Lunk C3
F13320B2 BCA99B84

Lunk C4
F13320BD BCA99B84

Lunk C5
F13320BC BCA99B84

Vixen C2
F13320BE BCA99B84

Vixen C3
F13320B9 BCA99B84

Vixen C4
F13320B8 BCA99B84

Vixen C5
F13320BB BCA99B84

Stig C2
F1332045 BCA99B84

Stig C3
F1332044 BCA99B84

Stig C4
F1332047 BCA99B84

Stig C5
F1332046 BCA99B84

Rica C2
F1332040 BCA99B84

Rica C3
F1332043 BCA99B84

Rica C4
F1332042 BCA99B84

Rica C5
F133204D BCA99B84

Ice-Mocha C2
F133204F BCA99B84

Ice-Mocha C3
F133204E BCA99B84

Ice-Mocha C4
F1332049 BCA99B84

Ice-Mocha C5
F1332048 BCA99B84

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