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1. NFL Blitz 20-03 Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
April 11, 2003
Easter Eggs:
At the versus screen, press L2, R2, and X the indicated number of times. Example: 2-2-1 Left, means L2, L2, R2, R2, X, Left.

Extra time0-0-1 Right
Disable Auto-Passing icon0-0-3 Down
No first downs2-1-0 Up
Chrome ball0-3-0 Down
Big heads2-0-0 Right
Big head teams2-0-3 Right
Super field goals1-2-3 Left
Clear weather1-2-3 Right
Power loader0-2-5 Right
Chimp mode0-2-5 Up
Always QB2-2-2 Left
Always receiver2-2-2 Right
Ground fog2-3-2 Down
Arctic Station0-3-4 Down
Training Grounds0-3-5 Up
Super Blitzing0-5-4 Up
No punting1-4-1 Up
Allow out of bounds2-1-1 Left
More code entry time2-1-2 Right
Auto-Passing icon0-0-3 Up
No interceptions3-5-5 Up
Crunch Mode team4-0-3 Right
Neo Tokyo team3-4-4 Down
Fast passes2-4-0 Left
Midway team2-5-3 Right
No replays5-5-4 Right
Power-up offense4-1-2 Up
Unlimited turbo4-1-5 Up
Power-up defense4-2-1 Up
Brew Dawgs team4-3-2 Down
Gsmers team5-0-1 Up
Rollos team2-5-4 Up
Classic ball0-3-0 Left
Faster running0-3-2 Left
Central Park0-3-3 Right
More fumbles3-4-5 Up
Showtime mode3-5-1 Right
Power-up Linemen5-2-1 Up
Armageddon team5-4-3 Right
Big feet0-2-5 Left
Huge heads1-4-5 Left
Bilders team3-1-0 Up
Smart CPU teammates3-1-4 Down
No highlighting receivers3-2-1 Down
Noftle mode3-2-5 Up
Extra play for offense3-3-3 Down
Weather: Snow5-5-5 Left
Weather: Rain5-5-5 Right
2 player codes
No random fumbles5-2-3 Down
No CPU assist0-1-2 Down
Show more field0-2-1 Right
Tournament mode1-1-1 Down

Bonus Players:

Enter these as ID and PIN to unlock bonus players.


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