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1. Zone Of The Enders Action Replay Codes, US
October 11, 2003
There are 28 codes for this game.

ECB78414 1456E60A

Always Very Hard
3CDF7028 1456E7A8

Ultimate Jehuty
3CDF7029 1456E70C

0 Continues Used
4CDF706E 1456E7A5

0 Saves Used
4CDF7070 1456E7A5

No Casualties-Town 2
4CE0576E 145626D5

NO Casualties-Town 3
4CE0576E 14562695

NO Casualties-City 2
4CE056AE 14562625

9999 Defeated
4CDF706A 1456089C

Infinite Javelin
4CDF7052 1456E404

Infinite Geyser
4CDF7058 1456E404

Infinite Bounder
4CDF7056 1456E404

Infinite Phalanx
4CDF705C 1456E404

Infinite Halberd
4CDF705A 1456E404

Infinite Comet
4CDF7060 1456E404

Infinite Gauntlet
4CDF705E 1456E404

Infinite Sniper
4CDF7064 1456E404

Infinite Decoy
4CDF7062 1456E404

Infinite Mummy
4CDF7068 1456E404

Javelin: Press L2
0CDD2766 1456B10C
4CDF704E 1456E7A6

Geyser: Press L2+X
0CDD2766 1456710C
4CDF704E 1456E7A7

Bounder: Press L2+O
0CDD2766 1456910C
4CDF704E 1456E7A8

Phalanx: Press L2+Triangle
0CDD2766 1456C10C
4CDF704E 1456E7A1

Halbered: Press L2+Square
0CDD2766 1456310C
4CDF704E 1456E7A2

Comet: Press L1+L2
0CDD2766 1456AD0C
4CDF704E 1456E7A3

Gauntlet: Press R1+L2
0CDD2766 1456B90C
4CDF704E 1456E7A4

Sniper: Press L2+R2
0CDD2766 1456B30C
4CDF704E 1456E79D

Decoy: Press L2+Left
0CDD2766 1456B18C
4CDF704E 1456E79E

2. Zone Of The Enders Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
February 17, 2002
Full Health and Ammo:
Pause, then press L1, L1, L2, L2, L1, R1, L1, R1, R2, R1
Your level will go down every time you do this.

Versus mode:

Press Circle, X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up at the title screen.

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