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1.  Splashdown Action Replay Codes, US
September 17, 2003
There are 22 codes for this game.

ECB15E9C 141B74EC

Andy's Movie
4CF58550 1456E7A6

Haily's Movie
4CF58554 1456E7A6

Juana's Movie
4CF58558 1456E7A6

Sebastian's Movie
4CF5855C 1456E7A6

Rafael's Movie
4CF58560 1456E7A6

Amman Ra's Movie
4CF58564 1456E7A6

Kyoko's Movie
4CF58568 1456E7A6

Jeremy's Movie
4CF5856C 1456E7A6

Seoul Open
4CF582A0 1456E7A6

Lake Quilotoa Open
4CF582A4 1456E7A6

Nice Open
4CF582A8 1456E7A6

Loch Ness Open
4CF582AC 1456E7A6

Madrid 2 Open
4CF582B0 1456E7A6

Kuta Beach Open
4CF582B4 1456E7A6

Tokyo Open
4CF582B8 1456E7A6

Nile River Open
4CF582BC 1456E7A6

Seoul 2 Open
4CF582C0 1456E7A6

Venice Open
4CF582C4 1456E7A6

Bering Straight Open
4CF582C8 1456E7A6

Amazon River Open
4CF582CC 1456E7A6

Lake Havasu Open
4CF582D0 1456E7A6

2.  Splashdown Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
January 24, 2002
Cheat Mode:
At the options screen, press and hold R2, then press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Square, Circle.

Cheat Codes:

Note! All codes are case-sensitive.

All coursesPassport
All charactersAllChar
All wetsuitsLaPinata
Max performance meterPMeterGo
Hard tracks w. normal AIHobble
Cannot get knocked offTopBird
Expert AIAllOutAI
All FMVsFestival
UFO Time TrialsIBelieve
F-18 Time TrialsF18
Ghost Time Trials (default)SEADOO

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