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April 08, 2004
Cheat Codes:
At the versus screen, press the Square, Triangle, Circle and X buttons the idicated number of times. ie: 1-2-1-2 is Square 1 time, Triangle 2 times, Circle 1 time & X 2 times.

Unlimited juice2-0-3-0
Mega dunking3-0-1-0
Explosive rims1-2-4-0
Captain quicks3-0-2-1
Ultimate power3-0-0-1
Mad hands3-2-2-1
Super swats3-3-2-1
Sticky fingers3-4-2-1
More gamebreakers1-4-3-2
Less gamebreakers1-3-4-2
No gamebreakers1-4-4-2
Less blocks3-1-2-3
Less steals3-1-4-0
Easier distance shots2-1-3-0
Harder distance shots2-2-3-0
Player names0-1-2-3
Tiny players4-2-4-2
Big heads4-1-2-1
Tiny heads4-2-0-2
Springtime Joe1-1-0-1
Summertime Joe1-0-0-1
Athletic Joe1-2-0-1
Authentic uniforms0-0-1-1
Casual uniforms1-1-0-0
ABA Socks4-4-4-4
EA Big ball0-1-4-0
Medicine ball0-1-1-3
ABA ball0-1-1-0
Beach ball0-1-1-2
Volley ball0-1-1-4
NuFX ball0-1-3-0
Soccer ball0-2-1-0
WNBA ball0-1-2-0
No 2-Pointers3-3-0-3
No Alley-Oops3-4-1-2
No dunks3-0-1-2
No juice1-4-4-3
No auto replays1-2-1-1
No HUD1-4-1-2
No player indicators4-0-0-4
No shot clock4-4-0-3
No shot indicator4-3-2-4
No cheats1-1-1-1

Team Big:

At the Enter User ID/User Record box screen, hold L2 and press Up, Down, Down, Left, X.

Team 3LW:

At the Enter User ID/User Record box screen, hold R1 and press Left, Left, Right, Down, X.

NYC Legends team:

At the Enter User ID/User Record box screen, hold L2 and press Down, Down, Down, Left, X.

Team Street Legends:

At the Enter User ID/User Record box screen, hold R1 and press Right, Left, Up, Down, X.
(supplied by: Sweetman)

Team Dream:

At the Enter User ID/User Record box screen, hold R2 and press Up, Up, Right, Right, X.

Unlock All Courts:

At the court selection screen in hold the court mode, hold R2 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down. Hold Up and press X.
2. NBA Street Action Replay Codes, US
September 03, 2003
There are 45 codes for this game.

ECD2F9B0 1456E60A

No shot Clock
1CB99564 1456E7A5

Score from anywhere
1CB9956C 1456E7A5

Slow AI/Big Dunks
3CBBA0F4 1456E70C

ABA Ball
3D3FB978 1456E7A6

3D39B968 1456E7A6
3D39B978 1456E7A7

Nu FX Ball
3D39B978 1456E7A8

EA Big Ball
3D39B978 1456E7A1

Beach Ball
3D39B968 1456E7A7
3D39B96C 1456E7A7
3D39B970 1456E7A6
3D39B974 1456E7A6
3D39B978 1456E7A2

Medicine Ball
3D39B968 1456E7A7
3D39B96C 1456E7A6
3D39B970 1456E7A7
3D39B978 1456E7A3

Volley Ball
3D39B968 1456E7A6
3D39B970 1456E7A6
3D39B978 1456E7A4

Soccer Ball
3D39B978 1456E79D

Explosive Rims
3D39B97C 1456E7A6

No Player Indicators
3D39B980 1456E7A6

Player Names
3D39B984 1456E7A6

No Shot Indicator
3D39B988 1456E7A6

No HUD Display
3D39B98C 1456E7A6

No Auto Replays
3D39B990 1456E7A6

Athletic Joe 'The Show'
3D39B994 1456E7A7

Springtime Joe 'The Show'
3D39B994 1456E7A7

Summer Joe 'The Show'
3D39B990 1456E7A8

Tiny Players Mode
3D39B998 1456E7A6

Big Head Mode
3D39B99C 1456E7A7

ABA Socks
3D39B9A0 1456E7A6

Casual Uniforms
3D39B9A4 1456E7A6

Authentic Uniforms
3D39B9A4 1456E7A7

Captain Quicks
3D39B9A8 1456E7A7

Ultimate Power
3D39B9AC 1456E7A7

No Dunks
3D39B9B0 1456E7A6

Mega Dunking
3D39B9B0 1456E7A7

Harder Distance Shots
3D39B9B4 1456E7A6

Easy Shots
3D39B9B4 1456E7A7

Mad Handles
3D39B9B8 1456E7A7

Less Blocks
3D39B9BC 1456E7A6

Super Swats
3D39B9BC 1456E7A7

Less Steals
3D39B9C0 1456E7A6

Sticky Fingers
3D39B9C0 1456E7A7

No Alley-Oops
3D39B9C4 1456E7A6

Less Gamebreakers
3D39B9C8 1456E7A6

More Gamebreakers
3D39B9C8 1456E7A7

No Gamebreakers
3D39B9CC 1456E7A6

No Juice
3D39B9D0 1456E7A6

Infinite Turbo
3D39B9D4 1456E7A6

No 2-Pointers
3D39B9D8 1456E7A6

No Shot Clock
3D39B9DC 1456E7A6

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