Ace Combat 4 Cheats

PlayStation 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes and Hints

1. Ace Combat 4 Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
September 17, 2003
Bonus Options:
Complete all 18 missions then save the game. Load the saved game to unlock Special Continue, Free Mission, Trial Mission, Scene Viewer & Music Player.

Unlock Expert Mode:

Beat the game in Hard Mode.

Unlock Ace mode:

Beat the game in Expert Mode.

Unlock the x-o2 stealth:

To unlock the x-o2 stealth, get a rank of "s" on all 18 missions under the normal mode. In order to get the second x-02, finish the game getting an "s" rank under the hard difficulty setting. This will unlock a black plane. Finish the game under the expert mode and this will unlock the last x-02, this one is silver but once again you are required to recieve an "s" on all missions.
(supplied by: Alll_rounder)

Unlock the tiger striped F-4E:

You can also get the tiger striped F-4E by completing the game once under any difficult setting, then using the sp. Continue option.
(supplied by: Alll_rounder)

Easy Yellow Destroying:

Once you obtain the QAAMs for any ship, use them on the yellows. They will continue tracking them down until they hit.
(supplied by: Arachnidoc 17)
2. Ace Combat 4 Action Replay Codes, US
May 26, 2003
There are 489 codes for this game.

EC878528 1438A94C

Max Cash: Press Start
0CBD83A6 1456B014
1C5C83F0 17E9C70C
1CBD8E58 17E9C70C

Max Ammo F-4E
1CBD9F20 14DF089C
4CBD9F22 1456E788
4CBD9E26 1456E788

Max Ammo F-5E
1CBD9F10 14DF089C
4CBD9F12 1456E788
4CBD9F16 1456E788

Max Ammo F-16C
1CBD9E30 14DF089C
4CBD9E32 1456E788
4CBD9E36 1456E788

Max Ammo A-10A
1CBD9E50 14DF089C
4CBD9E52 1456E788
4CBD9E56 1456E788
4CBD9E5A 1456E788

Max Ammo MIR-2000
1CBD9E60 14DF089C
4CBD9E62 1456E788
4CBD9E66 1456E788

Max Ammo F-14A
1CBD9E40 14DF089C
4CBD9E42 1456E788
4CBD9E46 1456E788

Max Ammo TND-ID5
1CBD9E70 14DF089C
4CBD9E72 1456E788
4CBD9E76 1456E788
4CBD9E7A 1456E788

Max Ammo F/A-18C
1CBD9E80 14DF089C
4CBD9E82 1456E788
4CBD9E86 1456E788
4CBD9E8A 1456E788

Max Ammo F-15C
1CBD9E90 14DF089C
4CBD9E92 1456E788
4CBD9E96 1456E788

Max Ammo MIG 29A
1CBD9EA0 14DF089C
4CBD9EA2 1456E788
4CBD9EA6 1456E788

Max Ammo F-117A
1CBD9EC0 14DF089C
4CBD9EC2 1456E788
4CBD9EC6 1456E788
4CBD9ECA 1456E788

Max Ammo EF-2000
1CBD9ED0 14DF089C
4CBD9ED2 1456E788
4CBD9ED6 1456E788

Max Ammo R-M01
1CBD9EE0 14DF089C
4CBD9EE2 1456E788
4CBD9EE6 1456E788
4CBD9EEA 1456E788

Max Ammo F-15E
1CBD9EB0 14DF089C
4CBD9EB2 1456E788
4CBD9EB6 1456E788
4CBD9EBA 1456E788

Max Ammo F-2A
1CBD9EF0 14DF089C
4CBD9EF2 1456E788
4CBD9EF6 1456E788
4CBD9EFA 1456E788

Max Ammo SU-35
1CBD9E00 14DF089C
4CBD9E02 1456E788
4CBD9E06 1456E788

Max Ammo F-22A
1CBD9E10 14DF089C
4CBD9E12 1456E788
4CBD9E16 1456E788

Max Ammo SU-37
1CBD9E20 14DF089C
4CBD9E22 1456E788
4CBDA126 1456E788
4CBDA12A 1456E788

Max Ammo F-15 Active
1CBDA140 14DF089C
4CBDA142 1456E788
4CBDA146 1456E788

Max Ammo S-37A
1CBDA130 14DF089C
4CBDA132 1456E788
4CBDA136 1456E788

Max Ammo X-02
1CBDA150 14DF089C
4CBDA152 1456E788
4CBDA156 1456E788
4CBDA15A 1456E788

All Aircraft
1CBD8448 61DFB00C
4CBD844C 1456E40C

Extra Paint Schemes
1CBD8450 61DFB00C
1CBD8450 61DFB00C
1CBD8454 61DFB00C
1CBD8458 61DFB00C
4CBD845C 1456B00C

All Weapons
1CBD8468 61DFB00C
1CBD846C 61DFB00C
1CBD8470 61DFB00C

F-4E Inf Ammo-L1
1DBA1810 F5DF089C

F-4E Max Score-L1
4DB810C4 1456089C

F-4E Inf Armor-L1
4DB810C2 1456E76C

F-5E Inf Ammo-L1
1DB97BD0 F5DF089C

F-5E Max Score-L1
4DB77384 1456089C

F-5E Inf Armor-L1
4DB77382 1456E772

F-16C Inf Ammo-L1
1DA51D30 F5DF089C

F-16C Max Score-L1
4DB312E4 1456089C

F-16C Inf Armor-L1
4DB312E2 1456E76F

A-10A Inf Ammo-L1
1DBE4380 F5DF089C

A-10A Max Score-L1
4D8C3B34 1456089C

A-10A Inf Armor-L1
4D8C3B32 1456E797

MIR-2000 Inf Ammo-L1
1DB9E3C0 F5DF089C

MIR-2000 Max Score-L1
4DB7DB74 1456089C

MIR-2000 Inf Armor-L1
4DB7DB72 1456E76C

F-14A Inf Ammo-L1
1DBC43E0 F5DF089C

F-14A Max Score-L1
4D8A3B94 1456089C

F-14A Inf Armor-L1
4D8A3B92 1456E781

TND-1D5 Inf Ammo-L1
1DBC8630 F5DF089C

TND-1D5 Max Score-L1
4D897FE4 1456089C

TND-1D5 Inf Armor-L1
4D897FE2 1456E77A

F/A-18C Inf Ammo-L1

F/A-18C Max Score-L1
4DB3E274 1456089C

F/A-18C Inf Armor-L1
4DB3E272 1456E781

F-15C Inf Ammo-L1
1DA5ED70 F5DF089C

F-15C Max Score-L1
4DB3E224 1456089C

F-15C Inf Armor-L1
4DB3E222 1456E781

MIG 29A Inf Ammo-L1
1DA7A420 F5DF089C

MIG 29A Max Score-L1
4DB59CD4 1456089C

MIG 29A Inf Armor-L1
4DB59CD2 1456E76C

F-117A Inf Ammo-L1
1DBEF040 F5DF089C

F-117A Max Score-L1
4D8CE9F4 1456089C

F-117A Inf Armor-L1
4D8CE9F2 1456E77A

EF-2000 Inf Ammo-L1
1DBA9530 F5DF089C

EF-2000 Max Score-L1
4DB88AE4 1456089C

EF-2000 Inf Armor-L1
4DB88AE2 1456E781

R-M01 Inf Ammo-L1
1DB98E80 F5DF089C

R-M01 Max Score-L1
4DB78634 1456089C

R-M01 Inf Armor-L1
4DB78632 1456E77D

F-15E Inf Ammo-L1
1DA52720 F5DF089C

F-15E Max Score-L1
4DB31FD4 1456089C

F-15E Inf Armor-L1
4DB31FD2 1456E77D

F-2A Inf Ammo-L1
1DA50580 F5DF089C

F-2A Max Score-L1
4DB3FD34 1456089C

F-2A Inf Armor-L1
4DB3FD32 1456E781

SU-35 Inf Ammo-L1
1DA7D1E0 F5DF089C

SU-35 Max Score-L1
4DB5C994 1456089C

SU-35 Inf Armor-L1
4DB5C992 1456E77D

F-22A Inf Ammo-L1
1DB97640 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L1
4DB76FF4 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L1
4DB76FF2 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L1
1DA84060 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L1
4DB63914 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L1
4DB63912 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L1
1DBB1B20 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L1
4D8913D4 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L1
4D8913D2 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L1

S-37A Max Score-L1
4DB7E494 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L1
4DB7E492 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L1
1DA5BB50 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L1
4DB3B004 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L1
4DB3B002 1456E76C

F-4E Inf Ammo-L2
1DA42FC0 F5DF089C

F-4E Max Score-L2
4DB22644 1456089C

F-4E Inf Armor-L2
4DB22642 1456E76C

F-5E Inf Ammo-L2
1DB0C660 F5DF089C

F-5E Max Score-L2
4DBEBEE4 1456089C

F-5E Inf Armor-L2
4DBEBEE2 1456E772

F-16C Inf Ammo-L2
1DAB69C0 F5DF089C

F-16C Max Score-L2
4DB96044 1456089C

F-16C Inf Armor-L2
4DB96042 1456E76F

A-10A Inf Ammo-L2
1DA18F10 F5DF089C

A-10A Max Score-L2
4DBF8694 1456089C

A-10A Inf Armor-L2
4DBF8692 1456E797

MIR-2000 Inf Ammo-L2
1DAF2E50 F5DF089C

MIR-2000 Max Score-L2
4DBD26D4 1456089C

MIR-2000 Inf Armor-L2
4DBD26D2 1456E76C

F-14A Inf Ammo-L2
1DA65690 F5DF089C

F-14A Max Score-L2
4DB44E14 1456089C

F-14A Inf Armor-L2
4DB44E12 1456E781

TND-1D5 Inf Ammo-L2
1DA2D2C0 F5DF089C

TND-1D5 Max Score-L2
4DC0CD44 1456089C

TND-1D5 Inf Armor-L2
4DC0CD42 1456E77A

F/A-18C Inf Ammo-L2
1DAF0170 F5DF089C

F/A-18C Max Score-L2
4DBDF9F4 1456089C

F/A-18C Inf Armor-L2
4DBDF9F2 1456E781

F-15C Inf Ammo-L2
1DAB3900 F5DF089C

F-15C Max Score-L2
4DB93084 1456089C

F-15C Inf Armor-L2
4DB93082 1456E781

MIG 29A Inf Ammo-L2

MIG 29A Max Score-L2
4DBBEA34 1456089C

MIG 29A Inf Armor-L2
4DBBEA32 1456E76C

F-117A Inf Ammo-L2
1DA43CD0 F5DF089C

F-117A Max Score-L2
4DB23754 1456089C

F-117A Inf Armor-L2
4DB23752 1456E77A

EF-2000 Inf Ammo-L2
1DB0E1C0 F5DF089C

EF-2000 Max Score-L2
4DBED844 1456089C

EF-2000 Inf Armor-L2
4DBED842 1456E781

R-M01 Inf Ammo-L2
1DA3A530 F5DF089C

R-M01 Max Score-L2
4DB19DB4 1456089C

R-M01 Inf Armor-L2
4DB19DB2 1456E77D

F-15E Inf Ammo-L2
1DAB72B0 F5DF089C

F-15E Max Score-L2
4DB96D34 1456089C

F-15E Inf Armor-L2
4DB96D32 1456E77D

F-2A Inf Ammo-L2
1DAB5110 F5DF089C

F-2A Max Score-L2
4DB94894 1456089C

F-2A Inf Armor-L2
4DB94892 1456E781

SU-35 Inf Ammo-L2
1DAD1C70 F5DF089C

SU-35 Max Score-L2
4DBB14F4 1456089C

SU-35 Inf Armor-L2
4DBB14F2 1456E77D

F-22A Inf Ammo-L2
1DB0C2D0 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L2
4DBEBD54 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L2
4DBEBD52 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L2

SU-37 Max Score-L2
4DB98774 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L2
4DB98772 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L2
1DA166B0 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L2
4DBF6134 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L2
4DBF6132 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L2
1DAF3B70 F5DF089C

S-37A Max Score-L2
4DBD33F4 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L2
4DBD33F2 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L2

X-02 Max Score-L2
4DBDC684 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L2
4DBDC682 1456E76C

F-4E Inf Ammo-L3
1DB3E630 F5DF089C

F-4E Max Score-L3
4D81DEB4 1456089C

F-4E Inf Armor-L3
4D81DEB2 1456E76C

F-5E Inf Ammo-L3
1DB389C0 F5DF089C

F-5E Max Score-L3
4D848044 1456089C

F-5E Inf Armor-L3
4D848042 1456E772

F-16C Inf Ammo-L3
1DB22820 F5DF089C

F-16C Max Score-L3
4D9023A4 1456089C

F-16C Inf Armor-L3
4D9023A2 1456E76F

A-10A Inf Ammo-L3
1DB75170 F5DF089C

A-10A Max Score-L3
4D8549F4 1456089C

A-10A Inf Armor-L3
4D8549F2 1456E797

MIR-2000 Inf Ammo-L3
1DB6F1B0 F5DF089C

MIR-2000 Max Score-L3
4D84E834 1456089C

MIR-2000 Inf Armor-L3
4D84E832 1456E76C

F-14A Inf Ammo-L3
1DB50E00 F5DF089C

F-14A Max Score-L3
4D830984 1456089C

F-14A Inf Armor-L3
4D830982 1456E781

TND-1D5 Inf Ammo-L3
1DB59520 F5DF089C

TND-1D5 Max Score-L3
4D838CA4 1456089C

TND-1D5 Inf Armor-L3
4D838CA2 1456E77A

F/A-18C Inf Ammo-L3
1DB2B9E0 F5DF089C

F/A-18C Max Score-L3
4D90B064 1456089C

F/A-18C Inf Armor-L3
4D90B062 1456E781

F-15C Inf Ammo-L3
1DB2FB60 F5DF089C

F-15C Max Score-L3
4D90F3E4 1456089C

F-15C Inf Armor-L3
4D90F3E2 1456E781

MIG 29A Inf Ammo-L3
1DB4B210 F5DF089C

MIG 29A Max Score-L3
4D82AD94 1456089C

MIG 29A Inf Armor-L3
4D82AD92 1456E76C

F-117A Inf Ammo-L3
1DB7FE30 F5DF089C

F-117A Max Score-L3
4D85F6B4 1456089C

F-117A Inf Armor-L3
4D85F6B2 1456E77A

EF-2000 Inf Ammo-L3
1DB3A020 F5DF089C

EF-2000 Max Score-L3
4D819BA4 1456089C

EF-2000 Inf Armor-L3
4D819BA2 1456E781

R-M01 Inf Ammo-L3
1DB55DA0 F5DF089C

R-M01 Max Score-L3
4D835524 1456089C

R-M01 Inf Armor-L3
4D835522 1456E77D

F-15E Inf Ammo-L3
1DB23510 F5DF089C

F-15E Max Score-L3
4D902C94 1456089C

F-15E Inf Armor-L3
4D902C92 1456E77D

F-2A Inf Ammo-L3
1DB21370 F5DF089C

F-2A Max Score-L3
4D900BF4 1456089C

F-2A Inf Armor-L3
4D900BF2 1456E781

SU-35 Inf Ammo-L3

SU-35 Max Score-L3
4D82D654 1456089C

SU-35 Inf Armor-L3
4D82D652 1456E77D

F-22A Inf Ammo-L3
1DB38430 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L3
4D847CB4 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L3
4D847CB2 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L3
1DB14E50 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L3
4D8F46D4 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L3
4D8F46D2 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L3
1DB82910 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L3
4D862094 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L3
4D862092 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L3

S-37A Max Score-L3
4D84F554 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L3
4D84F552 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L3
1DB28670 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L3
4D8F7EF4 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L3
4D8F7EF2 1456E76C

F-4E Inf Ammo-L4
1D939920 F5DF089C

F-4E Max Score-L4
4C6190A4 1456089C

F-4E Inf Armor-L4
4C6190A2 1456E76C

F-5E Inf Ammo-L4
1D9330C0 F5DF089C

F-5E Max Score-L4
4C612B44 1456089C

F-5E Inf Armor-L4
4C612B42 1456E772

F-16C Inf Ammo-L4
1D9FD320 F5DF089C

F-16C Max Score-L4
4C6DCAA4 1456089C

F-16C Inf Armor-L4
4C6DCAA2 1456E76F

A-10A Inf Ammo-L4
1D98F870 F5DF089C

A-10A Max Score-L4
4C66F0F4 1456089C

A-10A Inf Armor-L4
4C66F0F2 1456E797

MIR-2000 Inf Ammo-L4
1D9398B0 F5DF089C

MIR-2000 Max Score-L4
4C619334 1456089C

MIR-2000 Inf Armor-L4
4C619332 1456E76C

F-14A Inf Ammo-L4
1D95C0F0 F5DF089C

F-14A Max Score-L4
4C63BB74 1456089C

F-14A Inf Armor-L4
4C63BB72 1456E781

TND-1D5 Inf Ammo-L4
1D953C20 F5DF089C

TND-1D5 Max Score-L4
4C6337A4 1456089C

TND-1D5 Inf Armor-L4
4C6337A2 1456E77A

F/A-18C Inf Ammo-L4
1D916BD0 F5DF089C

F/A-18C Max Score-L4
4C6F6254 1456089C

F/A-18C Inf Armor-L4
4C6F6252 1456E781

F-15C Inf Ammo-L4
1D9FA260 F5DF089C

F-15C Max Score-L4
4C6D9AE4 1456089C

F-15C Inf Armor-L4
4C6D9AE2 1456E781

MIG 29A Inf Ammo-L4
1D945D10 F5DF089C

MIG 29A Max Score-L4
4C625494 1456089C

MIG 29A Inf Armor-L4
4C625494 1456E76C

F-117A Inf Ammo-L4
1D98A930 F5DF089C

F-117A Max Score-L4
4C66A1B4 1456089C

F-117A Inf Armor-L4
4C66A1B2 1456E77A

EF-2000 Inf Ammo-L4
1D934B20 F5DF089C

EF-2000 Max Score-L4
4C6142A4 1456089C

EF-2000 Inf Armor-L4
4C6142A2 1456E781

R-M01 Inf Ammo-L4
1D950F90 F5DF089C

R-M01 Max Score-L4
4C630714 1456089C

R-M01 Inf Armor-L4
4C630712 1456E77D

F-15E Inf Ammo-L4
1D9FDC10 F5DF089C

F-15E Max Score-L4
4C6DD794 1456089C

F-15E Inf Armor-L4
4C6DD792 1456E77D

F-2A Inf Ammo-L4
1D9FBA70 F5DF089C

F-2A Max Score-L4
4C6DB2F4 1456089C

F-2A Inf Armor-L4
4C6DB2F2 1456E781

SU-35 Inf Ammo-L4
1D9186D0 F5DF089C

SU-35 Max Score-L4
4C628154 1456089C

SU-35 Inf Armor-L4
4C628152 1456E77D

F-22A Inf Ammo-L4
1D932F30 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L4
4C6127B4 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L4
4C6127B2 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L4
1D92F950 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L4
4C70F1D4 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L4
4C70F1D2 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L4
1D95D010 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L4
4C63CB94 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L4
4C63CB92 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L4
1D93A5D0 F5DF089C

S-37A Max Score-L4
4C619C54 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L4
4C619C52 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L4
1D913860 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L4
4C6F30E4 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L4
4C6F30E2 1456E76C

F-22A Inf Ammo-L5
1DDE8440 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L5
4DAB7CC4 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L5
4DAB7CC2 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L5
1DDC4E60 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L5
4DAA46E4 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L5
4DAA46E2 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L5
1DDF2920 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L5
4DAD20A4 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L5
4DAD20A2 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L5

S-37A Max Score-L5
4DABF564 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L5
4DABF562 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L5
1DDB5E60 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L5
4DA956E4 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L5
4DA956E2 1456E76C

F-22A Inf Ammo-L6
1DE47D20 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L6
4DF274A4 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L6
4DF274A2 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L6
1DEF4640 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L6
4DFD3EC4 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L6
4DFD3EC2 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L6
1DE62100 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L6
4DF41884 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L6
4DF41882 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L6
1DE4F2C0 F5DF089C

S-37A Max Score-L6
4DF2ED44 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L6
4DF2ED42 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L6
1DEED150 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L6
4DFCC9D4 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L6
4DFCC9D2 1456E76C

F-22A Inf Ammo-L7
1DA76CD0 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L7
4DB56754 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L7
4DB56752 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L7
1DA636F0 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L7
4DB43174 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L7
4DB43172 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L7
1DB910B0 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L7
4DB70B34 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L7
4DB70B32 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L7
1DA7E570 F5DF089C

S-37A Max Score-L7
4DB5DDF4 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L7
4DB5DDF2 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L7
1DA516F0 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L7
4DB31174 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L7
4DB31172 1456E76C

F-22A Inf Ammo-L8
1DD8E3D0 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L8
4DA6DA54 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L8
4DA6DA52 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L8

SU-37 Max Score-L8
4DA1A474 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L8
4DA1A472 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L8
1DAA87B0 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L8
4DA77E34 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L8
4DA77E32 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L8
1DD75870 F5DF089C

S-37A Max Score-L8
4DA550F4 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L8
4DA550F2 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L8
1DD64400 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L8
4DA43F84 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L8
4DA43F82 1456E76C

F-22A Inf Ammo-L9
1DB61BC0 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L9
4D841394 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L9
4D841392 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L9
1DB1E5E0 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L9
4D8FDDB4 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L9
4D8FDDB2 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L9

F-15 Active Max Score-L9
4D86B774 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L9
4D86B772 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L9
1DB69060 F5DF089C

S-37A Max Score-L9
4D848834 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L9
4D848832 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L9
1DB445F0 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L9
4D823DC4 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L9
4D823DC2 1456E76C

F-22A Inf Ammo-L10

F-22A Max Score-L10
4DBB6774 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L10
4DBB6772 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L10
1DAC3610 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L10
4DBA3194 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L10
4DBA3192 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L10
1DAF10D0 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L10
4DBD0B54 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L10
4DBD0B52 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L10
1DADE590 F5DF089C

S-37A Max Score-L10
4DBBDD14 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L10
4DBBDD12 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L10
1DAE5120 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L10
4DBC48A4 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L10
4DBC48A2 1456E76C

F-22A Inf Ammo-L11
1D8C85A0 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L11
4D997D24 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L11
4D997D22 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L11
1D8A4FC0 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L11
4D884644 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L11
4D884642 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L11
1D8D2980 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L11
4D9B2104 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L11
4D9B2102 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L11
1D8BFA40 F5DF089C

S-37A Max Score-L11
4D99F2C4 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L11
4D99F2C2 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L11
1D8A8EB0 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L11
4D888934 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L11
4D888932 1456E76C

F-22A Inf Ammo-L12
1DB86330 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L12
4D865BA4 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L12
4D865BA2 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L12
1DB32D50 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L12
4D8125C4 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L12
4D8125C2 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L12
1D8A0410 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L12
4D88FF84 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L12
4D88FF82 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L12
1DB8D9D0 F5DF089C

S-37A Max Score-L12
4D86D044 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L12
4D86D042 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L12
1DB54C50 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L12
4D8344C4 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L12
4D8344C2 1456E76C

F-22A Inf Ammo-L13
1DC0AC00 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L13
4D8EA784 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L13
4D8EA782 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L13
1DBE7620 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L13
4D8C71A4 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L13
4D8C71A4 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L13
1DB150E0 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L13
4D8F4B64 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L13
4D8F4B62 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L13
1DBF25A0 F5DF089C

S-37A Max Score-L13
4D8D1D24 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L13
4D8D1D22 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L13
1DC05130 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L13
4D8E49B4 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L13
4D8E49B2 1456E76C

F-22A Inf Ammo-L14
1DAA4950 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L14
4DA841D4 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L14
4DA841D2 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L14
1DD51370 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L14
4DA30BF4 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L14
4DA30BF2 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L14

F-15 Active Max Score-L14
4DBAE5B4 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L14
4DBAE5B2 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L14

S-37A Max Score-L14
4DA8B674 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L14
4DA8B672 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L14
1DD7DB70 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L14
4DA5D3F4 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L14
4DA5D3F2 1456E76C

F-22A Inf Ammo-L15
1DADA320 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L15
4DBB9AA4 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L15
4DBB9AA2 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L15
1DAB6C40 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L15
4DB964C4 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L15
4DB964C2 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L15
1DA24700 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L15
4DC03E84 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L15
4DC03E82 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L15
1DB018C0 F5DF089C

S-37A Max Score-L15
4DBE1344 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L15
4DBE1342 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L15
1DAD1410 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L15
4DBB0F94 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L15
4DBB0F92 1456E76C

F-22A Inf Ammo-L16
1DDFC060 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L16
4DADB8E4 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L16
4DADB8E2 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L16
1DDE8A80 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L16
4DAC8204 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L16
4DAC8202 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L6
1DD46440 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L16
4DA25CC4 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L16
4DA25CC2 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L16
1DD23600 F5DF089C

S-37A Max Score-L16
4DB03184 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L16
4DB03182 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L16

X-02 Max Score-L16
4DAAE504 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L16
4DAAE502 1456E76C

F-22A Inf Ammo-L17
1D007E10 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L17
4DCE7994 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L17
4DCE7992 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L17
1DFB4B30 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L17
4DC943B4 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L17
4DC943B2 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L17
1DF222F0 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L17
4DD01D74 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L17
4DD01D72 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L17
1D00F7B0 F5DF089C

S-37A Max Score-L17
4DCEEE34 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L17
4DCEEE32 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L17
1DFC4B30 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L17
4DCA43B4 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L17
4DCA43B2 1456E76C

F-22A Inf Ammo-L18
1DB8A620 F5DF089C

F-22A Max Score-L18
4D86A154 1456089C

F-22A Inf Armor-L18
4D86A152 1456E77D

SU-37 Inf Ammo-L18
1DB67340 F5DF089C

SU-37 Max Score-L18
4D846B74 1456089C

SU-37 Inf Armor-L18
4D846B72 1456E77D

F-15 Active Inf Ammo-L18
1D894A00 F5DF089C

F-15 Active Max Score-L18
4D874534 1456089C

F-15 Active Inf Armor-L18
4D874532 1456E77D

S-37A Inf Ammo-L18
1DB71FC0 F5DF089C

S-37A Max Score-L18
4D8517F4 1456089C

S-37A Inf Armor-L18
4D8517F2 1456E77D

X-02 Inf Ammo-L18
1DB83B40 F5DF089C

X-02 Max Score-L18
4D863374 1456089C

X-02 Inf Armor-L18
4D863372 1456E76C

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