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1. NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
December 17, 2002
Enter one of the following initials and PIN numbers to unlock the different players.

Atlanta Hawks mascotHAWK 0322
Chicago Bulls mascotBENNY 0503
Hornets mascotHORNET 1105
Houston Rockets mascotTURBO 1111
Indiana Pacers mascotBOOMER 0604
Minnesota Timberwolves mascotCRUNCH 0503
New Jersey Nets mascotSLY 6765
Phoenix Suns mascotGORILA 0314
Utah Jazz mascotBEAR 1228
Kerri the Female PlayerKERRI 0220
Kerri in Alternate UniformKERRI 1111
Lia the Female PlayerLIA 0712
Lia in Alternate UniformLIA 1111
Retro RobRETRO 1970
Pinto HorsePINTO 1966
White HorseHORSE 1966
Small AlienSMALLS 0856
Large AlienBIGGY 0958
Nikko the Devil DogNIKKO 6666
Old ManOLDMAN 2001
ClownCRISPY 2084
PumpkinJACKO 1031
WizardTHEWIZ 1136
RefereeTHEREF 7777
FrankensteinFRANK 1931
The MummyMUMMY 1932
The Bride of FrankensteinBRIDE 1935
The Wolf ManWOLFMN 1942
The Creature From The Black LagoonCREATR 1954
Mark Turmell: Midway Lead Programmer TURMEL 0322
Rob Gatson: Midway Programmer GATSON 1111
Mark Guidarelli: Midway Programmer GUIDO 6765
Dan Thompson: Midway Programmer DANIEL 0604
Jeff Johson: Midway Programmer JAPPLE 6660
Jason Skiles: Midway Programmer JASON 3141
Sal DiVita: Midway Lead Artist SAL 0201
Jennifer Hedrick: Midway Artist JENIFR 3333
Jennifer Hedrick: Alternate Uniform JENIFR 1111
Eugene Geer: Midway Artist E GEER 1105
Matt Gilmore: Midway Artist MATT G 1006
Tim Bryant: Midway ArtistTIMMYB 3314
Jim Gentile: Midway Artist GENTIL 1228
John Root: Midway ArtistROOT 6000
Jon Hey: Midway Sound and Music JONHEY 8823
Andy Eloff: Midway System Hardware ELOFF 2181
Mike Lynch: Midway System Hardware LYNCH 3333
Paulo Garcia: Midway Game Tester PAULO 0517
Brian LeBaron: Midway Game Tester GRINCH 0222
Alex Gilliam: Midway Game Tester LEX 0014
Jim Tianis: Midway Creative Media DIMI 0619
Dave Grossman: Midway Creative Media DAVE 1104
Tim Moran: Midway Creative Media TIMCRP 6666
Larry Wotman: Midway Creative Media STRAT 2112
Chris Skrundz: Midway Creative Media CMSVID 0000
Beth Smukowski: Midway Creative Media BETHAN 1111
Paul Martin: Midway PC Support STENTR0269
Shawn Liptak: Programming ConsultantLIPTAK 0114
Isiah Thomas: NBC Sports AnnouncerTHOMAS 1111
Tim Kitzrow: Midway Sports AnnouncerTIMK 7785
Willy Morris: Motion Capture ActorWIL 0101
Greg Cutler: Motion Capture ActorCUTLER 1111
Chad Edmunds: Motion Capture ActorCHAD 0628

Cheat mode:

At the match-up screen, press Turbo, Shoot and Pass the indicated number of times. Example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press Turbo, Shoot, Shoot, Pass, Pass, Pass, Left.

Snow on (outdoor)1-2-1 Left
Blizzard on (outdoor)1-3-1 Left
Fog on (outdoor)1-2-3 Up
No power-ups1-1-1 Down
No replays3-3-1 Left
Midway uniform4-0-1 Right
No goaltending5-5-5 Left
Swamp fog on (outdoor)1-2-3 Right
Night fog on (outdoor)1-2-3 Left
Home uniform4-1-0 Right
Rain on (outdoor)1-4-1 Left
Big head mode2-0-0 Right
Show shot %0-0-1 Down
Away uniform4-2-0 Right
No tip off4-4-4 Up
ABA Ball2-3-2 Right
Unlimited turbo4-1-1 Up
Alternate uniform4-3-0 Right
Show Hotspot1-0-0 Down
Thick fog on (outdoor)1-2-3 Down
Unlimited fouls 2-2-2 Right

A tip to winning a basketball game:

Create a player, make him as tall as possible, make his three point shooting a perfect 20. This doesnt mean he will make them all, but he will be good. Then make his two pointers 20. This can make a basketball game easy.
(supplied by: Kobe Bryant)

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