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July 03, 2006
Easy Win:
In any of the Dash modes, take two players. When the race starts, one of the players can turn around and crash on the opponents while the other player can race.

Get the secret demo of Spyro:

Year of the Dragon at the opening screen where the guy starts talking and hold R1, L1, Square and press start. Don't do it at the Sony Computer Entertainment America screen, or the game will freeze. Do it at the Universal Studios or the Eurocom screen.

Beat the Bearminator:

When versing the Bearminator you need to knock the mini polar bears off the ice and then grab the missle. The Bearminator shoots bombs that break the ice. BE CAREFULL!!! Make sure your player doesn't get hit by a bomb or else you'll probably die. Hit the Bearminator 3 times and you'll be on your way to defeating Big Bad Fox.
(supplied by: matthew27)

Polar Push levels easy wins:

In all of the "polar push" levels (exe. Tilt Panic) on the regular or crystal level you can avoid all of the action by running around, away from other players and letting them kill each other! NOTE: YOU SHOULD NOT RUN AWAY FROM AN ENEMY THAT HAS THE LIGHTNING BOLT POWER-UP! (this shocks all players and paralizes them which will allow the holder to push everyone off the edge).
(supplied by: treir)

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