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October 11, 2003
All codes are case-sensitive.
To unlock the bonus players, you have to enter the Hidden teams code first.

vcUnlock hidden teams
heliumbrainBig Head mode
alienbrainMonster players
tvirusInfected players
sohappyTaunting players
whatamisayingAlternate commentary
betheballBe the Ball
the70sliveRetro uniforms
radicalCool looks
Not so happySigh mode
The cure!The Cure! mode
SartorialReset cheats

Bonus players:

Marrinson"We're screwed" player
Stricker"Yo" player
Dobson"The Doctor is in!" player
Aynaga"I am Seaman" player
Arnold"It's a library thing" player

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1. FAQ
October 11, 2003
FAQ v2.6.
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2. FAQ (PS2)
October 11, 2003
FAQ v1.90.
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