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1.  Legend of Zelda: Majora´s Mask Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints
August 15, 2004
Heal Signs:
Destroy a sign, then play the following notes on the Ocarina (The Song Of Healing): C-Left, C-Right, C-Down.

Double Song of Time:
Get out your Ocarina and press Right-C, Right-C, A, A, Down-C, Down-C.

Super Strong Link:
Once you have defeated the game, start a new game with a file name "LINKMAN". Link will be stronger and faster.

Song of Soaring:
The song of soaring let's you warp from one bird statue to another. Bring out you flute thing and press C-down, C-left, C-Up. Repeat this one more time.

Elegy of Emptiness:
You have to have your Ornicha of Time to play this song. Bring out your insturment and press C-right, C-left, C-right, C-down, C-right, C-up, C-left. Note: Link will have to learn the songs that he can play. For example,to play the Song of Time, Link would have to learn it by rembering when he was given the Ornicha of Time from Zelda.

Sonata of Awakening:
The Sonata of Awakening let's you awake the undead. To do this press C- up, C-left, C-up, C-left, A, C-right, A.

Song of Storms:
Take out your Ocarina and press A, C-down, C-up, A, C-down, C-up.

Epona's Song:
For this you need to take out your very helpful Ocarina and press C-up, C- left, C-right, C-up, C-left, C-right.

Goron Lullaby:
Bring out your Ocarina and press A, C-right, C-left, A, C-right, C-left, C- right, A.

Slow Time:
Play the following notes on the Ocarina (The Song Of Time backwards): C- Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Right. Play the song again to return to normal.

Advance to Nearest 6:00:
Pull out your Ocarina and play C-right, C-right, A, A, C-down, C-down and you'll be advanced to the next 6:00, pm or am.


To get the largest wallet go to the second spider dungeon and defeat it.
(supplied by: shanell)


To get the largest wallet, you must destroy all the spiders in the house next to the fisherman's hut in Great Bay. You must do this BEFORE day 2.
(supplied by: obmit1028)

Get Epona:

Go and defeat the second temple then get a permit from the Goron at the bomb shop in Goron village. He will give you a test if you pass then play the song of time (C-Right, A, C-Down, C-Right, A, C-Down) Then go to the bomb shop at clock town and get a power keg from the goron there. Then you go to the boulderon the first day and he will run once you set down the power keg. Go to ramoni and practice she will give you epona.
(supplied by: shanell)


There is a way to get epona in clock town but before you do anthing else you must make shure you have Epona on both files, there is an easy way to do so just get her on one file and then copy it. Go to clock town and save the game and then on the other file go to milk road and save then go back to the file saved in clock town and if done corectly you will be on Epona. p.s this you can also ride her in the following places, zora hall, snow head mountain and at the lake lab entrance by doing the same thing.
(supplied by: Carsit8)

How to get Fierce Deity outside boss:

First you must follow through Anju/Kafei Quest. Then go to Inkia Canyon when Kafei is there but BEFORE Sakon comes and opens the door. Kafei should be hidden behind a rock waiting for Sakon. Slap on your bunny hood (make sure the Feirce Deity mask is NOT on a C-Button). Now if you look at the door you can see the outline of the door. With your bunny hood on roll right at the the right of the outline.

( )< here

The movie is now playing. When Kafie steps on the swich press start. You will be able to swich your bunny (which you have on) with your feirce deity's mask. resume the game and you will automaticlly take off your bunny hood and put on your feirce deity's mask. Finish the maze and the fights to get the sun mask. And for the rest of the game you will have the ferce deity's link!
(supplied by: jacobPoyo)

Easy 100 ruppes:

Be sure you are on the first day. Go to the inn and talk to the lady in the reception. The lady will give you a key. Go to the upstairs room and open it with the key. You will find a chest in the room. Open it and you will find 100 ruppes! Note: If you play the song of time and if you DIDN'T save your ruppes, they will be gone.
(supplied by: Kirby9021)

Infinite Magic:

Go to the first day. After you get the goron mask go to the bomb shop in west clock town. Put on the goron mask and talk to the goron. Buy a leg bomb from him and blow up the boulder on milk road. On the night of the first day go the romani ranch and wait for 2:30. When the ghosts appear shoot them with arrows to keep them away from the barn. Keep shooting until morning. The next day talk to romani's sister at noon. She will ask if you want a ride. Say yes then fight off the bandits with arrows. If done successfully she will give you romani's mask. On any day at 11 pm go to the bar on east clock town. Talk to the door wearing romani's mask and they will let you in. Go to the guy at the counter and talk to him. Buy the special milk drink it and your magic meter will fill up and turn blue. Your magic meter will not drain and last for three days. This is useful when you need to get around wearing the goron mask and beating majora's mask.
(supplied by: adora200)

How to beat the Temples:

Swamp Temple:
This temple requires logic and quick thinking. You need to pay close attention to your enviroment and try different methods of working out puzzles. I wonder if you can get into the temple by playing the Sonota of Awakening?

Snowhead Temple:
This temple requires logic, quick thinking and pateince. You need to look around and closely examine a problem before acting. It's a lot easier to roll over a gap in the path if you go straight.

Great Bay Temple:
In this temple you need quick thinking, fast reflexes and logic. You should try each option until you get it right. It would be easier if you also tried each item, too.

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