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Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention Trainer

Trophies List

1.  Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention Trophies
May 19, 2012
Platinum Trophy (Platinum)
Objective: Congratulations on getting all the trophies!

Secret Trophies

10 Piece Combo Meal (Bronze)

Objective: Destroy your enemies with evil teamwork!

A Single Step (Bronze)

Objective: Welcome to Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention! We welcome new and returning players alike! Enjoy!

All-Pro Receiver (Bronze)

Objective: Let's cross this continent!

As the World Turns (Bronze)

Objective: If it spins, it's only natural to want to spin it.

BGM Lover (Bronze)

Objective: How 'bout buying some music for a change?

Call Me Nacho Cinco! (Bronze)

Objective: We're going to outer space, baby!

Ch.1 Netherworld Honor Student Complete (Bronze)

Objective: I am indeed the No.1 Honor Student!

Ch.2 Mao's Heart Complete (Bronze)

Objective: I was supposed to pour salt and pepper on it, instead of hot sauce!

Ch.3 The Freshmen Leader! Complete (Bronze)

Objective: Boss! Boss! Boss!

Ch.4 Almaz the Hero Complete (Bronze)

Objective: Babuu.

Ch.5 Grand War Complete (Bronze)

Objective: Hot Hot Sensitive Tongue Slash! Kiiiiiaaaaahhhhh!

Ch.6 The Reckoning Complete (Bronze)

Objective: Hmhmhm.

Ch.7 An Eye for an Eye Complete (Bronze)

Objective: Gimme an autograph later!

Combo No. 255 (Bronze)

Objective: I won't stop hitting until you stop getting up.

Commando King (Bronze)

Objective: Now you're the Class World King!

Cross Fists as Friends (Bronze)

Objective: It's a story about a friendship born through fisticuffs.

Demon King: Have It Your Way (Bronze)

Objective: Force your will on them, like the demon your are!

Eryngi Baal Slayer (Bronze)

Objective: I'm not going to get my "a" back?

Finale Complete (Bronze)

Objective: I will...become the Overlord!

Finger Flicking Good (Bronze)

Objective: Mooove! My fingers are on fire!!!

First Setback (Bronze)

Objective: That was just a warm. Now I'm ready to go!

Giga Damage! (Bronze)

Objective: More training! You can do more!

Gotcha! (Bronze)

Objective: Yay! You got a new ally!

Hardcore Gamer! (Bronze)

Objective: Thanks for playing! But we suggest you take a break.

Hop, Step, Jump (Bronze)

Objective: Isn't jumping sooo much fun?

I Got Gummed... (Bronze)

Objective: Why me...?

I Had an Axeldent! (Bronze)

Objective: Axel never stops working! Even in the Item World!

It's Da Bomb! (Bronze)

Objective: Playing with bombs in Homeroom? You're quite an honor student.

Item Spelunker (Bronze)

Objective: Congratulations on reaching the 100th floor! You're on the right track to become a hardcore player!

IWCA Flyweight Champion (Bronze)

Objective: You are the Item World Champ!

Kneel Before Cat God! (Bronze)

Objective: *blush* Oh, you can stand, meow.

Magichangician (Bronze)

Objective: Transform! Yeah!

Majin Academy Complete (Bronze)

Objective: I shall take over this Academy!

Master of the Chain (Bronze)

Objective: Do massive chains! Use your brain to the max!

Mega Damage! (Bronze)

Objective: You gotta train! For starters, a million damage!

Omni Bonus! (Bronze)

Objective: It's only natural for a demon to take everything.

Playing Favorites (Bronze)

Objective: Aren't you happy to be surrounded by your favorite characters?

Puzzle Master (Bronze)

Objective: Erase everything! Train that brain!

Raspberyl Version Complete (Bronze)

Objective: You all graduate, today!

Reverse Pirates! Your Treasure is Mine! (Bronze)

Objective: Reverse Pirates, yeah! All that treasure's just for me!

Shopping Spree (Bronze)

Objective: As a proud demon, I'll buy everything at the store!

Shut Up Already! (Bronze)

Objective: I'll never stop talking!

Super Honor Student (Bronze)

Objective: The HQ at this school is truly amazing.

Survival Class: Passed (Bronze)

Objective: You truly are the Survival Master!

The Shamshank Redemon (Bronze)

Objective: I'm just testing your loyalty.

The Towertastic Ten (Bronze)

Objective: This is the epitome of a tower!

Treasure Hunter (Bronze)

Objective: Don't your legs feel stronger from all that jumping?

Trophy Shopper (Bronze)

Objective: I've been waiting for you in this Mystery Room!

PE Teacher Destroyer (Silver)

Objective: It's always been a dream to defeat a PE teacher...

Reverse Pirates! I Shall Take Your Innocents! (Silver)

Objective: Reverse Pirates, yeah! We're taking all the Innocents with us!

Tera Damage! (Silver)

Objective: Even more training! Good job!

Arcarnageologist (Gold)

Objective: Reaching the 100th floor...in Carnage!

Reverse Pirates! Everything is Mine! (Gold)

Objective: Reverse Pirates, yeah! Nothing is left in our wake...

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