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The Baconing Cheats

Trophies List

1. Trophies
September 04, 2011
Are you not entertained? (Bronze)
Objective: Become the Tournament Champion.

Bashing Success (Bronze)

Objective: Shield Bash 1000 Times.

Blade Ruiner (Bronze)

Objective: Kill 100 Cyborques.

Stay On Target. (Bronze)

Objective: Reach Level 20.

Take a #3 (Bronze)

Objective: Find all 41 Outhouses.

Tea, Earl Grey, hot. (Bronze)

Objective: Program a Replicator.

Who Wants to Live Forever? (Bronze)

Objective: Become a God.

Game Over Man! (Silver)

Objective: Beat the game on any difficulty.

Never tell me the odds (Silver)

Objective: Perform a 10x attack chain.

Predator (Silver)

Objective: Kill 2000 Enemies

Reflectology (Silver)

Objective: Reflect 100 Ranged Attacks.

Death Blossom (Gold)

Objective: Beat the game on Insane difficulty.

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